Sunday, December 22, 2013

A sad day indeed . . .

The kingdom of God is rejoicing today as one of its most decorated soldiers came 'home' . . . our friend C.A.M. lost his battle to cancer early this morning . . . at the age of 42.  He most definitely fought the good fight . . . five years he battled this disease.  

C.A.M. had Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, a very rare form of aggressive leukemia . . . cancer of the dendentric cells of bone marrow. So rare that there have only been about 100 documented cases of it. 

C.A.M. remained faithful, determined and positive throughout his journey . . . an inspiration to us all.   He was an amazing friend, husband and father.  He always wanted to pray for others . . . and he always gave the glory to God.

He was such an amazing man that Getzy asked him to be in our wedding as one of his groomsman. 
And C.A.M. asked Getzy to be a groomsman in his wedding the year after we were married.  It was a beautiful affair and a memorable day.  I even scrapbooked it because both of our weddings were back before digital pictures.
We asked C.A.M. and Becky to be Kyle's godparents when we was born, and they happily agreed.  We know they have faithfully prayed over Kyle throughout the years.

My heart breaks for his beautiful wife, Becky. 
She is such an incredible woman . . . and mom.  Yes, they have three beautiful children . . . all just a bit younger than each of my three children . . . two girls and a boy.  She is an amazing woman of faith and has been C.A.M.'s best advocate over the years.  We all know she was his rock, and I can't imagine her pain right now. 

Our family has prayed a lot for C.A.M. and Becky and their family.  Today we pray for peace and understanding for each of them . . . our hearts are sad for the loss of our friend, but we are grateful that he is cancer and pain free in heaven.  Please lift up a prayer for Becky and their family . . . and hug your own family a little tighter tonight.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

What goes on?

Hello party people . . . it's been a hot minute.  Seriously.  Who's got the time?  For all the things.  Uh, not me.  So exercising and blogging get cut . . . which are two of the things I most enjoy.  Ok, I can't say I love exercising, but I do love the way I feel after I've done it.  I think I have my priorities out of whack.  Well . . . shit.  That's a harsh reality that I just faced.  Oh, and the princess said I was always on my computer . . . I don't agree, but I can't discount her perception.

So what's been going on around here?  Well, Christmas shopping and decorating for sure.  I think I'm done.  With both. Basically I need to not go into any more stores because I keep finding all these cool gifts and then keep trying to even out the "piles" amongst the kids . . . as if they will even notice.  They won't.  They're good like that.  

In other news, the online shopping has produced some decent boxes . . . which Amanda deems perfectly useful for sleeping.  And yes, she slept the entire night . . . in a box . . . by a Christmas tree!

Hashtag hobo.
And the decorating . . . I may, or may not, have a Christmas tree and ornament addiction!  I have decorated 11 trees of all sizes and have several boxes of unused ornaments . . . because I don't have enough trees.  Need.  More.  Trees.  Ok, maybe not need.  But want for sure.  Getzy, not so much.  I'm definitely a "more is more" person, and he errs on the opposite side. Booorrrriiinnnggg.

Speaking of ornaments, I started a Maine themed tree at the suggestion of our Aunt Debbie . . . it's a little sparsely decorated at the moment, but it will fill up over the years.  Especially when fabulous cousins send me L.L. Bean boot ornaments, or key chains (which fashion nicely into ornaments) . . . love it!
Feel free to send Maine ornaments for needy tree.
And I enjoyed a holiday dinner out with my poker ladies last week, and we did an ornament exchange.  I'm pretty sure I got the best ornament(s) of the night . . . a trifecta of awesomeness. 
Nothing says Christmas like a poker playing bear and
some smiling wine glasses . . . I enjoy!
Ok, everybody was happy with theirs . . . because these ladies are just like that.  Always fun and full of great conversation.  So thankful to be a part of the group!
Love all these ladies . . . friends make life much better!
I took my brood to see the Santa at the mall . . . every year we go to the same mall, and I think it's the same Santa!  The boys weren't jazzed to go, but I asked them to please do it for me.  Since I didn't get all fussy with their clothing choices, they happily went along.  While they all want mini-ipads, the agreed to not ask for those so they didn't seem greedy.  That pretty much melted my heart.  So Ryan asked for a lava lamp (groovy), Kyle for an airsoft sniper rifle (yes, he's that kid that likes to shoot stuff) and Amanda for a Baby Alive (because what could be more fun than a baby that poops).  I think Santa will be able to manage these requests.  
And not an hour before we were leaving, Kyle's foot connected with Ryan's lip on the trampoline . . . and then there was blood.  Ryan comes up the back steps with his hand cupped under his chin catching the drops . . . he looks at me and says, "I'm ok . . . it doesn't hurt too bad."  No tears.  Geez, that kid is tough. 

I was about to freak out on Kyle but Ryan vouched for him and said he didn't mean to kick him in the mouth . . . it was an accident.  Later Ryan fessed that while it was true, Kyle didn't mean to kick him in the mouth, he did mean to kick him . . . Ryan swiped his Santa hat and was messing with him.  Ah, boys . . . still, the rule is use your words, not your hands and feet.  I told Kyle he better thank his brother for having his back . . . I had cooled off enough not to go all crazy on him, but he got a fine lecture.
Really mom? 
My ladies and I managed to sneak away and see the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker at the Fox Theater!  It was a rainy and dreary day made better by good company and some holiday cheer!
Whoa . . . that puffy vest looks extra puffy. 
Coincidence that it's after a cruise?  I think not. 
We started with brunch at Murphy's in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta . . . the don't serve alcohol until 12:30 p.m. on Sunday's in Georgia so we ate, and then sat around until it was time . . . then this . . . salad in a glass!
So my Mom comes this week which makes me uber happy . . . she will be here to enjoy the chaos of class parties, last minute running around and general fun with the anticipation of Christmas.  I cannot wait. 

And there you have it . . . happenings in the Getz house of late.  Hope life is treating you right, yes YOU . . . until next time . . . be well!
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Where have I been? Oh, you know . . . Just cruisin' around

On the Disney boat, The Fantasy!  Booyah, no turkey cooking for me!
Our home for seven days . . . all five of us in one room.  Cuddles.
It was pretty swag-tastic . . . except for all the people and kids . . . because I'm so friendly like that.  It's super big.  And I sailed it.  Ok, sailed on it.  Whatevs.

We did a 7-day cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida on Saturday, November 23rd.  We were at sea on Sunday; Grand Caymans on Monday; Costa Maya, Mexico on Tuesday; Cozumel, Mexico on Wednesday; at sea on Thanksgiving day; and Castaway Cay on Friday, the private Disney Island in the Bahamas.  We had private excursions planned at each port but sometimes the weather changes things . . . more details on that later. 

First things first though . . . Getzy and the boys drove down on Thursday so they could enjoy a charter fishing trip with the two other dads near Port Canaveral, Florida on Friday.  Our friend Norm did the Internet sleuthing and found Captain Greg from Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters.

This was Ryan and Kyle's first major fishing excursion, and they were on fire . . . check out their first catches!
The one on the left is a Snook and the one on the right is a Crevalle Jack . . .
it's like they're from Jersey!
According to the dads, Captain Greg was awesome with the boys.  I even got videos of the boys reeling in their catches, and Captain Greg was so encouraging and patient.  He knew they were tired, but made them finish the job until the fish was on board.  Love that. 
Ryan gets major motion sickness.  They tried to go out into the open water, but there were 5-6 feet swells and once they anchored, none of Ryan's food stayed anchored . . . if you know what I mean.  And neither did Kyle's for that matter.  So they came back in near the port, and the fishing was just fine. 
Ryan was feeling pretty puny so when they hooked a big one, naturally the captain said Ryan should real him in (or maybe her) . . . sort of to clear his mind.  Ryan worked hard and bam, BIG fish. 
Rally, fish, boot and rally . . . in that order!
Getzy said it was like a Hollywood photo finish because as soon as Ryan smiled, and the photo was snapped, boom . . . empties his stomach over the back of the boat.  Chumming the water according to Captain Greg.  Too funny!  And mostly gross.  Last time though . . . he held it together after that . . . so proud.

And not to be outdone, Kyle comes in for the big win.  And I mean BIG.  Like bigger than him, big.  These biggun's were red fish . . . too big to keep so they threw them all back . . . after a hug, of course!
When in doubt, hug a fish.  And then pack away the dirty laundry for a week. 
And not to be out done with an adventure, my ladies and I all got spray tans on Thursday morning!  My first time . . . I was legit worried I was gonna end up like this . . .

You know you're signing their song in your head right now . . .
I show up all freaked out, but figured what the hell?  YOLO, am I right?  (Does YOLO bug you?  Maybe a little?)  The whole process was pretty easy . . . you're supposed to put barrier cream on your palms and bottoms of your feet so you don't look like you've been staining furniture.  Some of us are better at it than others . . . true story. 
You aren't immediately tan . . . which would be awesome.  The color has to sort of develop over the next several hours . . . it's a giant crap shoot as to what you might end up looking like.  We were told to rinse off in the shower, no soap, after 6-7 hours to make sure we didn't over do it.  I was definitely getting my color on by the evening . . . and life is clearly better with supportive bitches friends.  Yes, I gave them stupid names to protect their identity . . . it's late and the creative juices weren't flowing.  Suck it.  I'm the blue texts below . . . and for the record, spelling and grammar don't count on texts.   I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere . . . 
Ok, we crack ourselves up . . . every damn day.  Those ladies are my wolf back.  My people.  My bitches . . . said with love.
And that's how it's gonna be . . .
So the mamas and the little ladies head out on our road trip to Florida before 6 a.m. on Friday . . . can you tell we were excited?  I rode halfway with one friend, and then shared the love and road the rest of the trip with my other friend.  I'm a giver.  I sang so hard to the tunes I was spinning, I was hoarse by the time we got to Florida.  I was meant to be a DJ . . . if it wasn't for the crappy hours and pay . . . I'll settle for doing it for my friends.  They are welcome.

We catch up with the fellas at the hotel pool and download about all the fun things!  Then it's time for our pre-cruise meal tradition at Fishlips!  It's fun for all . . . the parents get to relax, and the kids get to work the stage . . . they call them up to perform.  Funny stuff. 

After dinner we make a trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach for some new gear . . . Amanda got new flops and the boys each got new swim trunks.  Getzy and I opted out . . . we for sure have enough stuff.  And then it's back to the hotel to get some sleeps before boarding the mouse boat the next morning . . . exciting stuff ahead!

My friends and I agree that perhaps a nudist vacation is in order because I have spent the last two days doing laundry, and I'm still not done.  Ok, I kid about the nudity because eeeewww, but seriously, anyone else feel me on this?

I sure hope everyone had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving last week . . . did you do anything exciting?  Tell me all the stuffs!

And I thought this song was sort of in keeping with the fishing theme . . .
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random feel goods . . .

I decided this week that I had one to many houseplants . . . I'm pretty sure normal people don't really dwell on this stuff, but I can't be sure. 
I took some photos of the two adoptable plants and posted them on a neighborhood Facebook page with a quippy caption about them needing a good home because houseplants deserve a chance too.  They were free, but I still wondered if I'd get any takers.  Low and behold, a lovely gentleman said he would love to have them, and he promised to give them a good home!  

I'm running like a crazy bat so I tell him I'll put them on my porch, and he can pick them up anytime that evening!  You know what?  He and his wife left me the loveliest note thanking me for the plants.  Oh my gosh, made me so happy. 
Btw, I think the art of WRITING an actual note, not typing an email or a text message, is lost in this day and age, and that's a damn shame.  Nothing makes me happier than receiving a note via the USPS (or at least in my mailbox).  On the flip side, I love to write notes to people telling them thank you, thinking of you, whatever really.  Try it sometime . . . it bet it would make someone's day!

I sent him a nice FB message about how sweet it was that he and his wife left me a thank you note . . . I felt like we were kindred plant spirits now so I told him about two peace lilies my father gave me in 1996 for my apartment.  He passed away that same year, and I've kept them alive and well ever since in memory of him.

We had exchanged cell phones in case something went wrong . . . he sent me this the next day . . .

Seriously people . . . this is so trivial yet it seemed the exchange made both of us feel good about life . . . and that is awesome. 
And then . . . there's more happy . . . hug yourself.  A friend dropped off a surprise cupcake in my mailbox!  Boom.  Face rocked.  It was a little treat for helping her with carpool.  She thinks it's a big deal, and I think it's not.  But I'll take her cupcake anyway.  Shout out SA!
Ok, ok . . . one more and then I'm done.  I received not just one, but TWO, handwritten (swoon) thank you notes in the mail from friends on the SAME day as the other goodness noted above.  "Can you feel the love tonight . . . ?"  All Lion King up in here . . .

So the point is really this . . . do nice things . . . and take the time to write something and tell people that you care!

And your feel good song of the day . . . "may your hearts be full like your dreams tonight . . ."
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fives!

Meh, I'm just not feeling it this week . . . but I do love my Five on Friday so here goes!
Sometimes I wish we could freeze time and keep them young . . .
1.  My oldest and I went to Starbucks this morning for a breakfast date . . . his choice of location.  On the way there he reminded me he'd never been to Starbucks.  I rarely drink coffee out . . . mostly when I'm traveling . . . so it was fun to take him for his first experience!  He chose a Decaf White Chocolate Mocha . . . well, I chose the decaf part for him.  That was the coffee I used to drink on special occasions before I was a coffee drinker.  It really melted my heart this afternoon after school when he told me how much he enjoyed our "date" together.   
Why yes, my butt was vibrating!!
2.  This little stinker has learned the art of a selfie . . . at least she has some manners . . . and a sense of humor.  Cracks me up! 
Neon yellow is his color . . . his knee socks match . . .
he's clearly walking on sunshine!
3.  It's the little things . . . I had Kyle all to myself for about 30 minutes yesterday, and I wanted to do something special with him.  Knowing my child, I told him to follow me to the basement.  I picked up two empty wrapping paper tubes (Christmas wrapping has begun FTW) on the way, and we headed out the basement door to the trampoline.  We had a jumping sword fight until I told him if I didn't stop, I was going to pee my pants.  He was so happy and told me he wished we could do this every day . . . as a family. 
4.  I like to take random pictures of myself with any and all animals I can find and send them to my ladies or Getzy.  I always confidently declare I'm keeping them, which is clearly BS.  What cracks me up is that they still sometimes believe me!  One of my latest was Dixie Pig . . . she belongs to my hairdresser's daughter . . . shout out ladies!!  She was very cuddly and tucked her snout up under my arm and fell asleep.  She also wags her tail when she's happy and squeals if you pick her up under her belly . . . so adorable.
I bring home the bacon . . . fry it up in a pan . . .
5.  Cast iron . . . I love to cook in these old skillets, and I love to fry bacon, which is a love language for my sons.  The big pan there was my grandmother's and the medium one in the background was my great-grandmother's.  How cool is it to think it's been passed down through the generations and still going strong?  They are a bit of work to maintain, but it's worth it for how they cook and their legacy! 

And to round out a Friday of fun, I'm participating in a new link up that seriously has my name written all over it . . . ok, not literally, but it's about music.  Happy dance.  Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants created this little gem and I love it!
Here are a couple of the songs I downloaded this week . . . iTunes is, in fact, an addiction.  
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

100 Posts and the Rockettes

Let's celebrate 100 posts Sue Sylvester style!
Can you believe it?  This is my 100th post!  Seriously, have I really had that much to say?  Ok, don't answer that.

I am pretty proud of myself actually.  I tend to start all kinds of awesome stuff and then get bored and move onto more awesome stuff.  Not this time sucka!  I'm here to stay.  

This is my scrapbook of life, if you will.  And you know what, I have moments of panic when I think, "What happens to all my fabulous stuffs when I'm gone?"  I'll have to look into that . . . another day.  Moving on . . .

The princess and I joined our friends and kicked off the Christmas season early this weekend . . . with the Rockettes! 

And you know what?  It was spectacular!  Magical even.  And we all looked our Sunday best which just adds to the fabulousness of it all!
Why yes, animal print is all the rage.  Duh.
And our littles together . . . I love them one and all.  And they also know that if they cross one mama, they cross all three so they better keep their crap straight.
Our sweet girls . . . learning the fine art of a fabulous adventure.
If you've never treated yourself to this show, it's a must see!  It brings about such holiday spirit and cheer . . . I found myself literally wiggling in my seat with joy. 

Getzy and I saw it in New York City in 2000.  I have such fond memories of it, and apparently so does he . . . says it was the best nap he's ever had.  For shame.  My only complaint about the Atlanta show at the Cobb Energy Center is that they did NOT have live animals at the nativity.  Rip off indeed.  Otherwise, totally worth the ticket price.

Here are some highlights . . . that I borrowed off the internets because pictures were not allowed.  Rude.
Do the Rockettes make totally fabulous reindeer or what?  Makes me want to prance around and get myself some lighted antlers, or Getzy, because he'd probably like that . . . he's kind of a show off.  And the sightseeing in New York bit . . . love it and wish it were me right now!  The showgirl look was fancy, but the Toy Soldiers are for sure a favorite . . . how they fall so gracefully is like magic.  I never look that good when it happens to me. 

Oh my gosh . . . look at us together.  Adorbs. 
Except you see that cute little thing there . . . no, not me.  Shucks.  The mini me.  Well, she's about to get voted off the island for her behavior.  I don't know who she thinks she is me, but there's only room for one Queen.  C'est moi.  That's a post for another day, but shit's about to get real around the hizzous.

And here's some music that was belted out by all on the ride to the show . . . the clean versions of course!  Nothing like Eminem and Pitbull to get you in the holiday spirit!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Pumpkin Run 2013

The Getz family participated again this year in the Big Pumpkin Run with our Cross Country team.  It's a super fun run with an easy course.  It was freezing . . . like Arctic tundra cold, but we made it!
A family that runs together . . . stays together.  Oh, we pray too!
I would love to take credit for the speed of my children, but it would be a big fat lie.  Some of it is their genes, but we also run them like Kenyans at practice . . . you know what they say, practice makes faster. 

I obviously started at the back of the pack . . . well, since faster runners are up front.  My lack of actual training and not running a full three miles EVER wasn't exactly going to work in my favor.  Yes, while I've walked, jogged, fire jumped or fat lady bounced a 5K, I've never actually run, 'like a runner' run, a whole 3.1 miles before . . . hey, there's a first time for everything!  I did it this year!  I was actually pretty proud of my final recorded time online at 30:21!  Booyah! 
Why do all race photos suck?
And my ear buff is around my hand . . . it got too hot!
Getzy came in 45th overall with a time of 21:32 . . . get it done!  And 5th in his age group . . . bam! 
I die.  I think his legs are so freaking hot.  True story.
Ryan did awesome at 23:07 . . . and I'm pretty sure the socks made him run faster!
He gets his legs from his father . . .
Side eye.
Kyle won his age group again at 22:44 . . . his last year in the 10 and under crowd.  So proud!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner . . . his mouth
is full of the free beef jerky from the give away tents!
And little Getz Girl ran by herself this year . . . she started running in her kitty hat because she was so cold, but a fellow club member took it from her later!  She also ran in not one, but two, pair of pants and a couple of shirts.  She had no plans to freeze, but I think it all slowed her down.  Still pretty impressive for an eight year old girl to complete the 5K in 29:47. 
 Best race hair ever. 
Big hair, don't care.
Last year Getzy ran with Amanda because it was her first 5K.  It made my heart smile because he would rather run like the wind and be done with it, but he stayed with her the whole time.  Why didn't I?  Oh, because she was a lot faster than me.  Sucka.  Her time last year was 27:57.  Dayumm! 

Here is a picture of my Kenyans from last year . . .
We definitely liked the long sleeve shirts they gave away last year . . .
much better than the t-shirt this year!
We should shout out some members of our club . . . we had first place winners in the men's 40-44 age group, boy's 11-14 age group and girl's 11-14 age group!  We were so proud of all the kids and parents who came and ran a great race.  Looking forward to next year!

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