Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Airing our Dirty Laundry . . . uh oh!

So I say to Getzy tonight, "Will you please take a picture of my butt?"  He's all like, "Uhhmm, why?"  And I look at him like he's an idiot and say, "My blog, duh."  So in his true supportive fashion he says, "I don't want to be complicit to this."  He takes the picture anyway . . .

To his credit, I did make the announcement that I thought I should blog about life's happenings when he arrived home from work one day and by the time we were ready for bed, I made the announcement that I was, in fact, a blogger - first post was up and ready for the world to see.  (Yes, I'm rather indecisive . . . part of my charm.)  I think he was concerned that perhaps I would air our 'dirty laundry' for all the world to see . . . what?  I'm totally not that girl . . . I keep my thoughts and feelings all bundled up inside.  I'm sensitive. 

For me, blogging is like opening yourself up to the world and putting it out there . . . "owning it," if you will.  So I took what I perceived as his concerns about our privacy and shot them a virtual bird.  Sucka!!  This is my own damn blog, and I'll put whatevs the hell I want on it.  I'm not ashamed of our 'dirty laundry' . . . errybody has some . . . ours just happens to currently be jeans. 

So my kids are mostly super supportive of the mommy blog!  Here's a real coversation with the Princess (my 7 year old girl), via text, un-spell checked . . . while we were sitting in the same room (she was allowed to read the chicken wing/Hooters post).  I know, I'm an awesome Mom!
7 year old:  Blogger!!  Hooters holla!!
Me:  {a pinky heart icon}
7 year old:  Getzy has an obsessin!!  mom thinks are what truss is Cute  Ewwwwwww!!  How's the graveyard doin
Me:  Full.  This is fun and you are cray cray.
7 year old:  No you are
Me:  No you
7 year old:  Cray Cray blogger. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
So I'll take that as a yes, she loves it. 
I find it also to be an effective tool to keep the kids in line . . . like tonight, when I was folding a load of whites and took note that my oldest did not have enough underwear in the clean pile . . . as in it would appear he didn't see the need to change them all that often this past week.  So I say to him, "If you can't change your undies at least once a day, I'll put it on my blog."  I sensed immediate compliance but really, it's too late for that, he knows the "don't be a dirty butt" rules in my house.  Also a sucka . . .
And then there is my middle, sweet little darlin' that he is.  He just yells out "Blogger" everyone once in awhile at me . . . I pink puffy heart him! 
And it turns out Getzy really is a fan.  Sometimes he gets a little mouthy and I have to kick him in the teeth, but usually he knows just what to say!  Awwww . . .



  1. You might be on to something. Maybe I need to start a blog just to keep the kids in line.

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