Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chicken & Waffles . . . Gladys Knight Style

So my b!tches and I set out on an adventure today . . . we've been dying to try out Gladys Knight's restaurant in Atlanta called . . . wait for it . . . Chicken & Waffles.  They call their food "Southern Soul."  Can you stand it?  Love! 

It was totally featured on the Travel Channel's Man V. Food show.  Gladys herself ate with the host Adam . . . perhaps we should have let her know we were coming . . .
Any who, we started with the signature drink, the Uptown, because we're classy like that . . . it was a delightful blend of lemonade and sweetened iced tea, or sugar in a glass.  I was super disappointed that no one had any vodka in their purse . . . I kid, I kid.  But seriously? 
We embraced the fried and started off with a traditional Fried Green Tomatoes appeteaser.  We are in the south afterall.  Tasty. 
Since we wanted IT ALL, we agreed to order a bunch of dishes to share . . . that's why I love these ladies!  We, of course, had to have the headliner, the 'Midnight Train' . . . four southern fried chicken wings and one original waffle.  Note the crevices filled with butter . . . cue singing angels!
Our fabulous waiter recommended his favorite, the Southern Sauteed.  Uhm, yes please.  A sauteed selection of fresh vegetables with grilled chicken served over a bed of rice . . . because we're healthy like that.   
And the 'Grammy Winner,' the smothered chicken - a tender, boneless fried chicken breast smothered in homemade gravy served over a bed of rice.  And to keep our trim figures, we also got collard greens and lima beans . . . our grandmas would be proud.  This was my personal favorite!
As you can image, it was terrible and we barely picked at our food.  NOT!  It was delicious.  You can't eat like this all the time, but it was a fun treat and some quality time with my ladies. 
And speaking of treats, we shared a delightful sweet potato cheesecake for dessert . . . delish!
So in summary, we give it a big ole thumbs up and would go again!  It may be a few years since it will take us that long to work off the calories, but it was so worth it!
On a side note, I tried out my new Spanx today.  Damn.  I'm not normally claustrophobic, but I felt seriously constrained just trying to slide that beotch on . . . like maybe once I got it up, I wouldn't be able to get back down. Definite moment of panic. 
I got the kind that is supposed to hide the muffin top, as in is stretches right up to your bra line.  Very complicated.  Basically I had to hike my shirt over my head to make room to heave that sucker up as far as it would go . . . you know, so I wouldn't have my shirt all accidently tucked in the back (kinda like a skirt stuck in the back of your underwear, which, btw, has never happened to me). 
I also had to be careful that my britches wouldn't fall . . . it sucks you in all skinny like but makes you feel kinda numb.  As in if your shirt was riding up or you pants were dragging, you might be able to feel the draft . . . not with this baby on - I was constantly on guard making sure everything was covered. 
The upside is I felt indestructible and constantly wanted to lift my shirt and tell folks to 'punch my stomach' . . . like a dorky teenage boy!
I think the lesson here is that exercise and diet might be a better option that wearing Spanx . . . dang it, I was hoping for an easy way out . . .

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