Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doughnuts and crap!!

Do you know what these represent . . . besides an obscene amount of calories? 

The freaking brilliance of my children.  Yep.  It's true.  You're going to thank me for this tip . . . are you 'hot now?'  (Eeewww . . . )

The delightfulness that is Krispy Kreme offers a FREE doughnut for each 'A' or '3' (for the younger grades) on your kid's report card, up to 6 free doughnuts.  That's four times a year where we live!  Score. 
And yes, it is an effective tool to encourage your children to get good grades, at least for the Getz children.  They've had to hang their heads in shame as they handed their report cards over and received less than six doughnuts returned across the counter . . . and it's not because I snatched one first.  Geez, you're kinda harsh . . .
I do require each child to select a doughnut for Dad, kinda like a doughnut toll.  Krispy Kreme doughnuts are like kryptonite for Getzy (and the chirren), but I do not enjoy . . . they make me feel like my mouth is wearing a sweater . . . I'm thinking it's from all that hot glaze. 
However, do you see that middle box . . . the doughnut at the top right?  Well that one was the Mom toll.  Yeah, I pretty much threw my camera down as soon as I heard the 'click' and shoved that sucker in my mouth.  I could not get it in fast enough.  It was a 'Cookies & Kreme' cake doughnut made with Oreos, which could be my kryptonite.  Know what?  It was nothing like an Oreo and my mouth still felt like it was wearing a sweater.  Craptastic.   I'm pretty sure I ate it so fast the calories didn't count anyway . . .  
And speaking of craptastic . . . check this out . . . and you'll thank me later . . . because I'm going to gross you out now and save you from the doughnuts . . .
I exit my basement and see this . . . and I swear to you in my head I said, "Are you sh!tting me?"  And then I giggled.  Alone.  And left this for Getzy to find on his own and clean up.  And you wonder where my kids get their brilliance?   

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