Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getz Girl on Fire

Getz Girl on Fire . . . pretty bad ass, wouldn't you say?  I mean, check out my fire jumping - that's no joke!  That was REAL fire, and I jumped it.  True story.  Why might you ask?  Because forty is creeping the hell up on me, and I'm not gonna take it sitting down, lit'trally!  

So we've already established I'm a bad ass, but as it turns out, I'm also a smart ass!  Wha???  Yes, sarcasm is an art form, and I've nearly perfected it.  I'd like to think that I'm more smart than ass, but probably not. 

Lazy ass!  That probably should have come first, but I was hoping bad ass would kinda suck you in - did it work?  I can definitely get some crap done but really I'd rather take a vacation, or a nap, basically anything OTHER than what I NEED to do . . . so now I blog - BRILLIANT! (refer back to 'smart' ass note above and hear me say "toldcha!") 

I'm totally adventure-ass, however contrary to lazy ass that may be!  I can't say no to something new and different (as long as that shit's legal), and of course I need a place to document the 'cray-cray' that's been known to happen.  I love a road trip, tackling a new challenge (blog - hello?) or re-working an old challenge . . . which brings me to my next point . . .

I've kinda got a big ass . . . now we aren't talking HUGE, just bigger than really it should be - health wise and fashion wise . . . so I should probably work on that, if my plan is to tackle 40 with a vengeance!  I'm going to get outside of my comfort zone (read: couch) and try some new things that sound fun and hope that sucker shrinks (fingers crossed)!

Finally, I LOVE to shake my ass!!  Woot, woot!  I am seeerrr-e-ous!  I will drop it like it's hot as soon as a big, bassy beat hits the sounds waves!  Boom!  It's like you're re-living Flashdance, and I'm the show!  I may have heard a time or two that I have some serious moves for a fluffy white gurl . . . my favorite compliment coming from my Virginia BFF's Vietnamese mother, "Amy dance good!"  Word.  Fact.  And true story.

The bottom (pun intended) line . . . Ima work on getting a smaller ass (and surrounding territory) and classin' my ass up!  Clearly that's not necessary (wink, wink), but I did say I love a challenge!  Perhaps I should start with my language . . . nah!  So it's on . . . let the adventures begin! 


  1. Kick ass blog name. Good luck with it Getz!

  2. Well 12vtman, you should know that I pink puffy heart you! This was my first comment and a 'kickass' one at that - so thank you! I hope I can live up to the name! Rock on!