Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have a teenager!

My very first baby happens to be furry and adorable and a little stinky sometimes . . . but I LOVE him.  LOVE.

Let me introduce you to Petey Rascals . . . handsome little devil!  Can you freakin' stand it? 

He's 13 today so I guess that makes him 91 in dog years.  Dang, he looks good!  He's going deaf but that doesn't affect his beauty!

Here's the story of how he came into our life . . .


I grew up with dogs and cats (and a few other random farm animals from the fair), but they were all outside animals.  So naturally I wanted an indoor pet when I moved into my first house.  Getzy, not so much.  He didn't grow up with a dog so he thought he was more of a cat person.  I'm severely allergic to cats but kept trying to convince myself I wasn't.  But I am.  Aaaa-choo! 

Since I wanted this to be the perfect pet for my non-dog wanting husband, I took one of those on-line tests that determine the best type of dog for your lifestyle.  I can't remember what they recommended, except of course a Boston Terrier.  And I think a Daschund.  Those are my least favorite dogs . . . maybe because the only two times I've been bitten by a dog, it was a wiener dog.  Yuck.

I wanted a Bichon Frise but Getzy flat out refused to walk a little white fluffball.  As you can see, Petey is always dressed in his tuxedo and looks quite dashing.  Here's how the dog negotiations went down . . . well, if you get a new dog, what do I get?  Let's just say I really wanted a dog . . . because he got a new car.  I've since learned better negotiating skills.   

Petey was 11 weeks old when he arrived on June 18, 2000.  I wanted to call him Mr. Lewis after my neighbor growing up who always had Boston Terriers.  Matt declared him to be Petey because he reminded him of the Little Rascals dog.  Look at this little love . . . so presh.  His ears didn't stand up tall until he was almost a year. 

And here are my Top 10 favorite things about Petey, in no particular order:

1.  He was great practice on keeping something alive before we actually had children. 

2.  He farts a lot so if you are gassy, Pete's always around to blame it on!  Totally wasn't me . . .

3.  He loves to ride in the car . . . occassionally I let him drive.

4.  Vacumming and sweeping are optional . . . Petey's the original Hoover.

5.  When you are sick, there is no better companion to lay around with all day. 

6.  He's taught the kids about kindness and compassion and patience, especially in his old age. 

7.  He knows how to play hide and seek.  You tell him to stay, go run and hide, then yell out "free" and he comes running to find you . . . the treat might help with his motivation. 

8.  Over the years, he's helped me teach neighborhood children not to be afraid of dogs . . . there is no kinder animal than Petey. 

9.  He's taught Getzy to love dogs . . . a huge accomplishment. 

10.  He sleeps in the bed, under the covers, so you never have to worry about your feet getting cold. 

Petey still acts like a puppy . . . he jumps and 'talks' and gets super excited whenever we come home or any one comes to visit.  So being the competitive girl that I am, I'm trying to find the oldest living Boston Terrier on record.  There isn't one.  So it's on . . . he already eats better than my children and takes a bunch of supplements.  Here's to many more years with our sweet boy! 

Sidenote:  I did find a Boston Terrier with the world's biggest eyeballs.  You can check him out here if you're so inclined.  We're not going for that record . . .

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