Thursday, March 21, 2013

Junk in the Trunk!

No, seriously . . . check it out!  I'm on a cleaning spree which basically means if it's not nailed down, it may end up in my swagger wagon to get donated! 

Yes, donated.  We all know if the plan is to save it for a yard sale or repurposing, you will find it again . . . in a few years . . . under a pile of more crap.  Get rid of that stuff NOW! 

I'm convinced that decluttering your ass is somehow related to decluttering your home, which extends to you life.  That's deep . . . I know.   

Way back in the day, I checked out for some inspiration.  My favorite piece of advice is to clean your kitchen sink . . . something about a messy kitchen just doesn't feel right and if things are out of control, I always start with my sink and work my way out.  Brings me back to center, so to speak.  And keeps the bugs away . . .

I also love the idea of blessing others . . . meaning what I can't use, or just don't want, may be a total treasure to someone else.  If you look at getting rid of things that do not make you happy . . . like it doesn't fit, was from someone no longer in your life, or it's just not your style anymore . . . kinda makes it easier to let it go!

It's also a good lesson for your children.  I never get rid of "their" things without their permission . . . toys, clothes, video games, whatevs.  No sneaking it out here . . . I want them to own the same principle of blessing others and really just knowing when you have too much, it's time to share.  I ain't raisin' no hoarders!

And speaking of junk in the trunk, mine is getting just a wee bit smaller, or my pants are growing . . . it's debatable.  Check out my butt - photograph credit to Getzy!

Now I know y'all are 'super jelly' that your butt doesn't look this hot in some brown corduroy pants.  I know brown cords are totally stylin' Mom wear . . . I only rock the best!  I think it may be time to put these in the donate pile.  Or maybe they will end up temporarily in the 'I better save these just in case I get fluffy again and don't want to buy a bigger size' pile.  What?  These will never look good, you say?  Damn, you're harsh.  Ok, ok - I'll donate them! 

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  1. Not only raises her own hand, but the hand of others too. thanks Coach Amy.