Monday, March 25, 2013

Running . . .

When I get excited about something, I'm all in and will ask questions later . . . unless it's something I only 'think' I should be doing.  If that's the case, then I need to accumulate the gear, make sure my house is clean, research the best way to get started, wait for the proper moon phase, etc. . . . you get the point. 

Example:  Running.  Just saying it makes me cramp a little.  I'm convinced I should be doing this for several reasons.  

Getzy is a runner from way back.  He's obnoxiously fast, even when he parks it for a month or two, and then he takes off like the wind . . . into the sunset . . . or some sh!t like that. 

My kids have all turned into little runners, and I don't want to be the fat Mom on the sidelines.  They outnumber me and I gotta be quick on my feet to prevent a possible coup . . .

For health reasons . . . I think.  Seems like if you want to burn a crap ton of calories in the least amount of time, running might do the trick.  Since I quit donating to the gym, I don't have any fancy equipment at home to get in some cardio. 

I hear you can get a runner's high.  I've never been high, so this is intriguing.  Am I right?  And does anyone know EXACTLY how far I have to go until this happens.  Hey, I'm a numbers girl.

You can do it anywhere, anytime and at any age, or so I'm told.  All you need is a good pair of shoes . . . blah, blah, blah. 

And finally, I'm convinced I'm going to look like this . . .

So as you can image, I'm still in the gear accumulation phase . . . I got new kicks, some compression pants, and a BIC Band!  What is that you say?  Well . . .

A favorite blogger of mine, Mama Laughlin, recommends these for running.  I'm building your anticipation . . .

And boom! 

A headband that doesn't slip!  Do you love it?  Do you want one?  I know, right?  They had me at their name . . . 'Because I Can' Bands and they donate a portion of their profits to charity.  Love it.  Although I might have named them 'Because I Should' Bands.  Womp, womp!

Now of course I haven't actually RUN with it on yet, but it stayed like glue all day yesterday when I was on the couch

Mine is the "Minnie Sparkle Gunmetal." It's not all crazy big or too bright in color . . . it basically says, 'I want you to look at me, but not too much, because I'm kinda shy . . . and sparkly.'

I've also got a Garmin Forerunner 210 with Heart Rate Monitor in my Amazon cart . . . 'cause I need to know stuff.  Notice I said cart . . . I haven't bought it yet . . . all part of the 'process.' 
I will obsess over how far I've run, how fast I'm going, how many calories I've burned so I can know exactly how much extra I get to eat . . . and other important stuff.   

I've also downloaded the C25K Free 5K Trainer app on my phone . . . that's "Couch to 5K" for all you 'non-runners' . . . duh.  I'm sure it's going to work great . . . when I actually start running.  And I've got lots of music on my phone . . . so that's good too!

I also have some cool Iron Girl sunglasses . . . I love them because they are rimless on the bottom so you can see exactly what you are going to trip over.  I've got light blue eyes so I'm always squinting and screaming about 'the light.' 

Still feels like there's something I'm missing . . . what could it be?  Oh wait, I know . . . MOTIVATION!!!!!  Where do all these runners get it?  I want some of what they are eating (or drinking or shooting).  But I did happen upon some at Pinterest . . . motivation, that is. 

Uh, yep.  I'm a champion 'excuser.'  Suck it.  Or this one . . . 

No, get your facts straight.  I said Monday.  And finally . . .
 Well, maybe they are being chased?  Or have to poo.  We don't know the back story . . . 

So I'll let you know when it happens.  The running.   Not the poo.  I think it'll be soon because I'm running (pun intended) out of excuses.  I'll get there . . . maybe on Monday!


  1. Hey! :) When I "run" ...or sell cookies... I use the app cardio trainer. It tracks you using GPS and shows a cure little picture of where you've been how long it took you, your pace, etc. It "calculates" how many calories you've burned, though I'm curious how.... And it plays the music on your phone while you're going.

    1. Uhmm, I'll have to check that out! It definitely would shorten the accumulation phase for the gear . . .


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