Friday, March 8, 2013

My ladies!

So I texted "my ladies" that I need to get my 'hooves' tended because here in the south, flip flop season is really year round.  I didn't want to go it alone and was double crossing my fingers they would join me.  In true keeping with their awesomeness, immediately I get responses that they, too, were desperate for a toe touch-up.  Appointments were made and off we went today for some well deserved pamperin' - de-lux pedis for all! 

So here's the before picture . . . can I get a collective "eeeeeewwwwww!" 

And when you see "eeeeeeewwwwww," here's how I want you to hear it in your head!  So freakin' funny!!


And the after pedi . . . color is OPI "Danke-Shiny Red!"

So let's discuss feet . . . starting with my own gorgeous ones!  Everyone has areas to keep under the wraps, but I will dance these piggies across the runway any day of the week.  Now they look a bit jacked up in this picture, but who knew it was so tricky to take a picture of your own damn feet - I had to 'tilt' my toes up 'cause you know you wanted to see the polish - it's fab-u-lous!  I love my feet because they don't change size when the rest of me does and they are better than my hubby's.  End of story.  He's got that taller second toe 'problem' and mine are perfectly symetrical from biggest to smallest, like they should be.  Duh. 

Sidebar:  What's up with a French manicure on the toes?  Really?  Are people trying to accentuate the length of their TOEnails?  Eeeeeeeewwwwwww!

I love a day-to-day flop and just picked these cuties up at DSW . . . with my coupon they were only like $15 bucks - score!!!  They are my new favorite brand, Roxy.  I picked up a pair at the beach last year and fell in lllluuuvvv!  They make me feel skinny . . . I can't explain it, so I just go with it.

Oh, what's that?  You love my new swanky anklet?  Why thank you!  Me too - it's a great accent to draw the eye down from my ass!  Here's how the anklet arrived into my life . . .

My most fabulous friend (MFF) texts and says we are bringing back the anklet, stat.  No, like, right now.  So immediate plans were made to anklet shop and of course, luncheon (for the Downton Abbey fans).  We didn't want to go all low budge because we were committed - anklet haters be damned!  So we found ourselves at James Avery on the prowl for the perfect anklet.  It's all the craze, for reals, because they had a total of one style available. 

So said silver anklet is around $40 bucks and surely we should window shop first, since this idea arrived all of like 5 minutes ago.  We head over to Kay Jewelers (because sh!t begins there . . . whatever) and find an anklet display - booya!  Oh, we are liking these - fancy, plain, multi-metaled (is that a word?  I mean like white and yellow gold all mixed together).  We are all in on trying these babies on until the lovely sales lady points out that the one we like is $299.  Uhhhmmm, not. 

Ok - window shopping is over because frankly, we are getting hungry - back to James Avery and now that $40 seems cheap, so we add a charm for some extra sass.  We decided on a cute little heart and bam - proud anklet owners! And of course we all three got the same one - it makes me think of Rowley from Diary of A Wimpy Kid yelling "Matchers!"  If one is good, then three is freaking AWESOME!  Fact.


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