Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, Funday

I love me some Jesus and it's Sunday, so off to church we go on this beautiful (almost) spring day, being very proud of ourselves for remembering to 'spring' the clocks forward last night.  Win!  We generally have plans to go to church EVERY Sunday . . . so it's really a shame that we haven't been since Christmas - don't judge. 

You'll never guess what the message was about this morning . . . are you ready?  Can you stand it?  CHANGE!!  I'm sitting there all like, did the pastor read my blog?  Oh sh!t, I better clean my language up if he's going to be following me.  I know it's new and all, but I've practically gone viral with 78 page views (mostly spammers and my own damn self, but I'm counting them anyway) - talk about a Girl on Fire!  Woot! 

So the message is all about how change is really God's job, we just have to surrender to Him.  The pastor had a great Jesus quote (paraphrase, whatevs), "You're worth what your change is going to cost ME."  As in Jesus gave his life for us . . . wow, that's pretty powerful stuff.  And it seemed like he was speaking directly to me . . . it was an Oprah "aahhaa" moment - I'm worth the effort.  I need to make some changes to improve myself and some might be difficult, but it's not like I'm having to die for anyone, right?  I can do this.  Careful, I almost detoured into the serious there for a second . . . 

In other church news, the couple in front of us were all 'grab ass' when the lights went down for some singing.  No, like seriously . . . and they knew we were behind them because we did the whole, "Good morning, nice to see you" meet and greet.  His hand shake was a little weak (wait, I can't think that because I'm in church so in true Willy Wonka fashion, 'scratch that, reverse it'), but there was nothing weak about his rubbin' all up on her booty and hips . . . I guess she wanted in on the action so she did a full 'cupped hand' ass grab and then slid it up his back.  Sexy time up in church.  Can I get an Amen?  So I do what any classy gurl would do, I start giggling and my husband gave me his 'now that was funny' smirk.  Thankfully the music was blaring so they couldn't hear me.  Phew!   

And like any reverent family going to lunch after church, we take our kids to HOOTERS, where their motto is "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined!"  Classy, I know.  

Getzy (the husband) has a chicken wing obsession (it's serious) and he says that Hooters has the best hooters wings.  Today on the way home from gettin' some God up in us, he announced he wanted wings.  And let's face it, what he wants, he 'getz!'  Badum ching!  He's passed this unhealthy love of the chicken 'wang' on to our chirren.  I prefer my chicken OFF the bone in the form of a (all the gross stuff cut off) skinless breast.      
We started with the fried pickles . . . uhmm delish!  That should count as my kids' veggie serving for lunch, right?

Errbody order their wings, but I am so super healthy (I only ate like half of the pickles, so yes, healthy it is) that I got the Cobb Salad - the menu had a big puffy "NEW" next to it so of course I'm all into trying something 'new' these days.  Cray, I know.  

Once Getzy finishes off a wing, he likes a plate dedicated to the remains - it's called the "graveyard" and all the kids were instructed to put their 'remains' there too.  It's like he's in a competition to see how big the pile gets, except no one even cares, at all.   

And no, I did NOT contribute but I figured I'd take my own 'graveyard' picture.  Behold . . .

And a final note about our Hooters experience . . . we had THE BEST waitress EVER.  Her name was Suzette and I LOVED HER!  We are practically BFF's anyway because we both HATE root beer.  Eeeeeewwwwww.  She was so sweet and friendly to our kids . . . and she was gorgeous.  And I don't want to hear anybody hatin' on a Hooters Girl - this is her second job and she pays her own damn mortgage . . . sounds like she's a girl on fire!  Holla!



  1. I can hear your voice through your posts! Damn, you're funny. I wouldn't have thought you could transcribe your speech into words, but you've done it, and you dun done it well!

    Keep it coming - I will be reading!!

  2. Tears running down my face!!

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