Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner

You know the rules . . . a fever has to be gone for 24 hours before you're "allowed" to send your kids back to school.  Since the Princess' fever broke sometime yesterday, she got to play hookie today! 

Kyle did ask for the thermometer this morning.  I said, "No.  Look at my face."  He says, "Smugger."  That's right.  Love that kid.

We were cooped up all day yesterday so I told Amanda we were getting out today.  We lunched at the Chick-Fil-A . . . did any of you get the memo that they were changing their salads?  Yeah, me either. 

I'm all for some change . . . until you jack with my food.  Apparently the new menu happened yesterday and no, the nice counter folks had not tried the salads.  Figures.  I tried the Asian one . . . it was pretty tasty.  Seemed smaller than my standard Southwest Grilled Chicken from days gone by, but I didn't leave hungry since I ate Amanda's fries

I happen to swing into the Shoe Carnival to pass the time.  My daughter is a serious shoe addict so this was total entertainment for her. 

She tried on what seemed like EVERY pair of high heels in the place and mentioned a few times how she wished she were a grown up . . . because in her mind I apparently wear hooker heels all the time.  Except I don't.  Ever.  Not that there's anything wrong with that . . .
I went ahead and got her these because they seemed to fit and would be serviceable for things like school and church and street walking. 
So we are browsing and all of a sudden a voice comes over the loud speaker announcing that the first two people to come to the front of the store with a picture of their pet would get to SPIN THE WHEEL OF PRIZES.  Is he for freaking real?  OhhMyyGawd! 
Luckily for me I was still in my workout wear from boot camp with my hair slicked back in a ponytail and my BIC Band . . . perhaps unlucky for those having to look at me.  Anyway, like a streak of white lightning, completely aerodynamic, I hurdled over Amanda, knocking shoe boxes near and far, leap frogging tables and customers and slid to a halt right in front of the announcer and the two other ladies pathetically digging around for their photo.  Track coaching is paying off, literally.
Bam.  I shoved a picture of Abby in his face since all you have to do is press my iPhone button, and she's my screen saver.  What?  Yours is your kids?  So mainstream.

Uh, we have a WINNA!  I may, or may not, have a slight competitive streak.  Did I mention we won?  Those other ladies were still looking for their photos . . . I thought about asking if I could show Petey's picture and get to spin twice but held back because I'm classy like that.
I let my 'mini me' spin because she's awesomesauce, and I'm kinda a cool mom.  Duh.  It was like we were on the Price is Right and I'm yelling BIG MONEY and NO WHAMMIES . . . wait, wrong show.  She wasn't nervous at all . . . secure in her skillz.  Fact. 
So, what'd we win you ask? 

It really was our lucky day because our prizes (yes, plural) were . . . wait for it!  A $2 off coupon!  And a plastic cup!  And a chip clip!  And the crowd goes wild . . . so jealous, I know. 
Ryan just asked what we won as he's reading over my shoulder.  I announce it like it's a bucket of gold.  He says, "Word.  That's some quality stuff right there."  I know, right?  He gets me.  Sucka.
Shoe Carnival really knows what they are doing to entice the shopping on a random Tuesday during the day crowd.  I didn't see any shoes that I loved but after my big win, I felt like I had to buy something.  Shhh.  Don't tell Getzy.
So I found these little lovelies on clearance.  Ohhh, Python.  Hiss and slither.  Too bad they didn't have any cougar . . . ba, bam.
They were originally $39.99 . . . pricey, right?  I don't think I need to mention how classy I am again, do I?  They were marked down to $20 and when I got to the register, whaddya know?  Another $5 off.  These people LOVE me.  And then of course I slammed down my $2 off coupon like it was a lottery ticket and walked outta there with new shoes for around $13!  To quote Ryan, "Word."
And just to be fair to Getzy, I bought him his 2,840th pair of khaki cargo shorts from Old Navy . . . because he's cray like that.  I used a 20% off coupon on my iPhone so technically I think I should get to upgrade to the iPhone 5, given all my winning and couponing and saving and such.  It's just what I do. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Extension for some . . .

Welcome Monday!  The day when stay-at-home moms get to send their kids off to school and clean up from the tornado that is called a weekend and enjoy some peace and quiet . . . wait, this isn't school.  Somebody must be trying to punk me. 
My rule for skipping school is simple . . . if you can walk and you don't have a fever, out the door you go!  Buh, bye.  And I guess I'll give you a skip day if you wake up with your eye(s) glued shut.  Eeeewwwww.
As a result, taking your temperature in our house is the equivalent to band-aids for toddlers . . . you just let them do it to make them feel better.  You know they are fine and should go to school but will humor them. 
This morning Amanda was still sleeping because I knew she was literally a hot mess that needed a doctor's visit.  Wait, what?  Amanda doesn't have to go to school. 
Kyle starts it first, "Mom, can I take my temperature?"  Sure baby, here you go . . . I hand him the thermometer with a smug look on my face.  Wait, what?  You have a low grade fever?  I give him the 'are you for reals' look and tell him to take it again.  Uh, yep.  Same. 
So with a gleam in his eye . . . no, I'm serious, Ryan thinks he's funny . . . he asks for the thermometer.  So I wipe it down and pass it along with the 'you know you're obnoxious' look.  He's smug.  I'm 'smugger.'  And I'll be damned, same low grade fever.  Shizam.  Three strikes and you're out. 
So I'm all like 'what hurts?'  General sore throats and feeling blah.  A friend was over last week and then diagnosed with strep . . . so I'm thinking that might be what's on tap.  
So I call Getzy to warn tell him all three kids are staying home with Mom.  He tries to argue that they are fine but then I throw the 'thermometer doesn't lie' results on him.  He pipes down. 
Turns out all strep tests are negative.  Red throats and a virus is suspected.  Amanda's fever was much higher than the boys and she had a touch of the wheez so she got some meds. 
Here's a fun Amanda fact . . . she cannot swallow nasty liquid medicine.  She's 7 and pops a pill like a boss.  Should I be proud? 
I taught her, so I say yes.  My pill popping tip of the day for kids . . . put it in your mouth but don't 'find' it with your tongue.  Take a swig, again don't 'find' it and swallow.  Boom.  Down the hatch.  I was the same way as a kid . . . just the thought of swallowing thick pink medicine still makes me gag. 
So since we are all lazy and sorry, we played a game of Sorry!  This version was mine when I was a kid but it's been around for awhile since it's from 1964.  Kickin' it old school . . . mama won, fair and square.

And then the King and Queen of Lazy got sidetracked with Abby so Kyle and I had to bang out their moves for a bit . . . and that did not contribute to my win.  I can't blame them though . . . she really is distracting.  Love.
And then it was movie time.  I rented Here Comes the Boom, made nachos (for the kids . . . you know, feel better food) and everybody ate in front of the TV.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie but it kept the kids entertained . . . I got sidetracked and bored. Meh. 

The sun finally made an appearance so I sent them all out back for some fresh air and sunshine . . . and so I could pick up around here!  Thankfully everybody seems to be on the mend . . . and while I did miss the peace and quiet of Monday, I feel blessed to have the extra day with my babies.  

Workout Round Up April 22 - 28

Weekly Workout Round Up . . . because it's Monday!

Mon, Apr 22: Couch to 5K, Week 4 Day 1

Tue, Apr 23:  REST (after Rihanna!)

Wed, Apr 24: Couch to 5K, Week 4 Day 2

Thu, Apr 25: 5:30 a.m. HIIT Boot Camp

Fri, Apr 26: REST

Sat, Apr 27:  Couch to 5K, Week 4 Day 3

Sun, Apr 28:  REST

A new revelation for me . . . I'm embracing a rest day without guilt.  There it is . . . it feels so good to say it.

My body needs it.  I'm not a spring chicken and things don't always recover as easily anymore.  

And yes, things are going to hurt when you push your body.  I've learned the difference between sore and hurting.  Push through sore . . . take a break if it hurts.  And by break, I mean like a day or two off to see how it feels and then TRY AGAIN!  A day or two break is better than an injury. 

So I'm embracing this philosophy . . . run while you can and run for those who can't.  Check out my post from earlier this week here to help understand. 


Thursday, April 25, 2013


I. DID. NOT. WANT. TO. RUN. on Wednesday.  It was Day 2 of Week 4 on my Couch to 5K plan!  Funny enough, those runs are getting longer.  Dang it.
I was coming up with a million excuses . . . my ankle hurts (for some unexplained reason), I had 'stuff' to do (like important chiz . . . laundry, emails, nothing), I could run later (like next year?) . . . blah, blah, blah. 

I'm a master at talking myself out of working out . . . it's a gift really.
I missed my Boot Camp on Tuesday because I was out late on Monday (Holla Rihanna!).  I now realize that for me, once I skip one work out, even for a sorta legit reason, it seems to make it a lot easier to continue skipping them.  So naughty.
Maybe it's the deep down perfectionist rearing it's ugly head . . . you're already off track, may as well blow it out!  I've done that for so long and it's a real mind game to break the cycle. 
But I did it today.  And a particular song got me through it . . . I listened to it several times during my 30 minutes . . . and the crazy idea that I'm running for those who can't. 
What do I mean?  As I'm pounding the pavement . . . sweating . . . hoping my heart doesn't explode . . . wondering why the hell I think running is a good idea . . . I realized I need to just shut the eff up.  Not only am I running for my health . . . I'm running because I can. 
I'm running for my friend who just broke her foot (shout out TB) . . . for those injured folks in Boston . . . for those in wheelchairs . . . for those too sick to get up and move around . . . for anyone who wishes their legs worked when they don't. 
My whining and complaining is ridiculous.  I'm running to get heart healthy, to keep up with my kids and to basically feel alive.  It was a very emotional run and honestly one of the better ones for me.      
My running advice . . . find 'your song.'  It will change . . . often.  This one is mine for right now! 
I didn't link up to the YouTube video because it sucked, like for reals.  If you just watched the video you wouldn't 'get it.'  That songs kicks such ass and the video is so lame.  So click on #thatpower above and scroll down to play the song.  You will love it.  Or you should.  I want you to love it for me.  Because Getzy DOES NOT, but his musical tastes are questionable (read: uncool) anyway.
Now don't hate because it features the Biebs.  Will.I.Am rocks the house, and we all know Bieber can sing.  But seriously, what's up with his pants?
These lyrics are what hit me and made me feel alive . . . and made we want to run . . . because I can. 
And oh, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive
And oh, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly
And oh, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive
And I’m loving every second
Hell to the yes people.  I'm alive, and I'm loving every second . . .
I hope you are too!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a way to end an average day!

So I planned for a pretty calm Monday evening . . . a low key meeting and early to bed for boot camp on Tuesday . . . that was until I get a text from a friend asking me to go to the Rihanna concert . . . the Diamonds World Tour at Phillips Arena.  Uhm, yes please!  My ears are still ringing!

So a couple of middle aged mamas, with seven (yes 7) kids between us, headed to downtown Atlanta to get our freak on . . . to be clear, we did not bring the kids.  Although some other not so smart parents thought it was a good idea.  And technically, we weren't freaky either in comparison to the rest of the crowd.  Well, maybe a little . . .
I must say, I've never experienced better people watching in all my life.  It was no holds barred on the outfit and shoe choices.  And I saw enough boobs, butt cheeks, midriffs and back fat to last me a lifetime.  Work it ladies.

I had no idea where our seats were but lucked out with floor seats . . . second section, third row, four seats from the center aisle.  Uh, hello . . . amazing! 

I knew going into this concert that I was not sitting down . . . my friend would call me all sorts of names if I tried to rest my feet.  I contemplated sneakers but went with a boring flat in hopes that I wasn't the least cool person there.  And in true form, from the time the opening act began until we got in the car to go home, I was on my feet, most of the time dancing!

Now about that opening act . . . the 'group' was called ASAP Rocky and all I know is that's 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.  They sucked such major ass . . . I can't even hate it enough.  Let me summarize their set . . . fist pump, grab their junk, MF this . . . first pump, grab their junk, MF that.  Plus a whole lotta other naughty that I can't even discuss because I'm so delicate . . . their mamas would NOT be proud, and I felt like I needed to wash their mouth out with soap.

Then around 10 p.m., our girl Ri Ri hits the stage!  Overall I'd say it was a pretty awesome show!  I love all the lights and pyrotechnics.  She can shake her booty with the best of them and her backup dancers were pretty awesome! 

She has a great voice but sometimes she would stop singing and the song would still be going . . . what wha??  And she lurves Atlanta . . . she said that A LOT! 
She wore some crazy get-ups but she definitely rocked them . . . those 'white pants' are really boots!  Get it gurl!

Rihanna is also a bit of a dirty girl . . . she was rubbing all up on herself . . . like all that was missing was a pole.  I felt like maybe I shouldn't be watching, but I couldn't look away! 

And the craziest part of all . . . the wafting scent of smoke . . . the kind I am afraid to inhale, if you know what I mean.  I am for reals . . . there was some naughty bidnizz going on somewhere around us.  I was on the look out but couldn't find the culprit . . . I wanted to see who had that kind of nerve. 

Overall it was a great time . . . my friend is crazy fun company, is always up for an adventure and can dance her ass off . . . just my kind of girl!  Shout out SO!

If you would like a more official review (but why would you?), check it out here . . . I'd say it's a pretty good summary of the show!       

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hunger Games Fiesta

How do you prepare for the state standardized testing with your kids?  Well duh, you wear them out at your friends "Hunger Games Fiesta!"  What is that you ask?  A darn good time.

The Evite indicated it was a Mexican Fiesta with a Hunger Games theme . . . BYOW.  Wha?  Bring Your Own Weapon.  Nice.

This sign was on the door . . . what a great start!
If you haven't read the Hunger Games book series, then you have no idea what I'm talking about here.  The books are great for the tween/teen age group . . . I read them before my oldest and totally enjoyed.
We walk into the tempting smells of Moe's Southwest Grill . . . nothing like making a party easy by having it catered.  And just like that, FIESTA!  Ole!
Now onto the weapons . . . others brought Nerf guns, Nerf swords, Silly String, water guns, etc.  Not the Getz family.  We brought an arsenal . . . bull whips, sling shots, bows, arrows and Airsoft guns.  Oh, and lots of protective eye wear . . . safety first.  To be fair, we are the only ones with older boys.
Getzy, being the super awesome scout leader/dad that he is, helped the girls try out all the weapons.  Surprisingly they seemed to enjoy and 'feel the power.'  Girls rule!
We announced that the 'games' were going to begin at 4 p.m. so everyone needed to fuel up on Mexican and get ready!  We had the following rules . . . you break 'em, you're OUT!
     No making others bleed.
     No puking.
     No crying.
     No saying "That's not fair!"
Sounds reasonable, right?  The kids sorted out their own "teams" and the games began.  It was a wet mess but the kids had a blast!  And all the Getz weapons were safely stowed away to prevent harm. 
The adults had a birds eye view from the deck!
And the girls were definitely not afraid to get in there and 'fight!'  In the end, it turned out to be all the girls against the boys . . . just the way they like it!  The funniest part was the boys dumping out the coolers of water the girls had stowed to re-load their water guns . . . a super stealth attack.
Things worked out just as planned.  We came home, everybody showered and hit the sack, exhausted!  Ready to kick some standardized test butt this week!  

Work Out Round Up April 15-21

Weekly Workout Round Up . . . BORING, but it keeps me honest!

Mon, Apr 15:  Couch to 5K, Week 3 Day 1;  50 push ups

Tue, Apr 16:  5:30 a.m. HIIT Boot Camp; 110 push ups

Wed, Apr 17:  Couch to 5K, Week 3 Day 2

Thu, Apr 18:  5:30 a.m. HIIT Boot Camp; 40 push ups

Fri, Apr 19:  REST

Sat, Apr 20:  Dirty Girl 5K!!

Sun, Apr 21:  30 push ups and mostly rest

I met my goals from last week . . . except the push up one.  Boo.  For push ups and not meeting my goal.  Oh well . . .

Ready for my new goal?  It's a lofty one . . .
Ha!  This could take awhile, but (hopefully) I got nothing but time!

For this week I want to basically do the same . . . finish Week 4 of C25K, get in a couple of boot camps and do better tracking my food. 

Set your goals and let's do this!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who's a Dirty Girl?

Talk about a case of denial.  When I wrote out my workout goals for this week, I totally forgot I was running the Dirty Girl 5K this weekend.  So it's fair to say I skipped the C25K Week 3 Day 3 run . . . because I mostly ran a freaking 5K today!  Bam. 
Want to know why I love Getzy so?  Because this morning when I kissed him good bye . . . in the dark . . . trying to sneak out . . . he said, "Be awesome!"  OMG.  Love.  I'm pretty sure he told me he loved me like always, but it was all over shadowed by "be awesome."  What a fabulous send off . . . you should use that sometime.

We are all so clean here!  

Can you figure out which booty is mine??  Duh, the awesome one! 
I ran with my Boot Camp group . . . basically a bunch of super cool ladies! We ran in honor of Cassie . . . a lady in our group newly diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer sucks.  Fact.
We had a muddy blast!  The obstacles weren't too crazy since it's an all female race, but they were fun nonetheless.  The best part was seeing all the 'costumes' and team names.  My favorite had to be shirts that said "Honey Boob Boob" on the front and "You Breast Redneckonize" on the back.  I so wish I had come up with that.  Too awesome.
The kicker was that it was freaking cold this morning . . . around 40 degrees . . . and we started in the 9:30 a.m. wave.  Georgia is wavering between winter and summer and forgetting about spring.  Mother Nature can be a real b!tch.  (Cleverly disguised cuss word.)
Everybody finished with no major injuries and just enough dirt to make us look legit!  Some were more clean than others . . . shout out MD! 
We came, we ran, we got dirty.  Done.  We tied up our shoes, dropped them in the donate pile and no 'dirty' race is complete without a free beer to finish things off! 
When we were driving over an hour to get there . . . at the butt crack of dawn on a freezing Saturday . . . I was asking myself, "What the hell what I thinking?"  But once it was over, I knew why . . . to BE AWESOME! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you give a mouse a cookie . . .

The crap hits the fan after that . . . and he goes all ADD and such.  Same with the moose and the muffin.  No clue what I'm talking about?  Check it out . . .
Anyone ever feel like that in their life?  Yeah, me too.  Here's how the story goes . . .

The princess is bored so she decides to sort and organize our kid book shelves.  There are lots of books on there.  Ridic.  I just loaded over 150 in my car to donate.  No judging.  I do find books to be clutter, but I can justify buying kid books because they'll filter through all three. 

So I say not to re-shelve them, let me move the book shelves to clean them and vacuum the carpet.  The hot water heater is behind these shelves.  I've opened that door a handful of times since we've lived here, thus the shelves in front of it.  So I clean the door and open it to find a couple of inches of standing water in the tray below the heater.  Fabulous.  Except not so much.  Getzy gives it a look see and says call the plumber. 

So yay us, we are now the proud owners of a new hot water heater.  Which turns out to be pretty awesome because who knew the water could get so hot so fast?  Not us apparently. 

I told the princess that she liked saved the whole house, because our hot water heater is literally in the middle of the house on the top floor, and she deserved awards and prizes and buckets of gold.  Except she wasn't getting any because Granny just left, and it was like she hit the lottery while she was here anyway.  Evidence.  And yes, the boys got a crapton of goodies too . . . it's just not a bright and pretty.
So then Getzy says we should probably just get a new dishwasher too because our old one sounds like it's going to drop through the floor everytime you turn it on, and I basically wash the dishes before putting them in their because it mostly works like crap.  So off I go browsing for dishwashers and boom, proud new owners. 

It gets delivered yesterday and once they pulled out the old one, guess what they find?  Are you effing kidding me? 
Can I say that here? Effing, I mean. I didn't drop an actual 'F' bomb . . . gotta watch out for my tween/teen readers.  (Shout out KM and MLx2!)  Using 'effing' is so clever, right? Secret code and all.

So now I have to get the carpenters here to replace the floor . . . thankfully it didn't leak through to the basement, get the hardwoods or inside the cabinet, but really?

Oh, and I saw this the other day?   
The blue screen of death. Yeah, sorry for your eyes  . . . too much flash. 

So I promptly backed everything up, grabbed a hold of that sucker, kicked open the back door, hurled it off the deck, pounded a couple of beers and bought a brand new laptop, all before 8 a.m.  Except all of that really just happened in my head.  I did actually do the back up part, though.  Really I'm just crossing my fingers that my computer doesn't melt like the Wicked Witch of the West . . . cause that would really suck. 

Did I mention that going through the books caused a major emotional meltdown?  Yeah.  It wasn't pretty.  

I think between my Mom going home, the kids going back to school after Spring Break and me piling up over 150 books to donate because my babies aren't babies anymore, I just needed a good cry.  Seriously, when did they get so big? 

Well, I guess things could be a lot worse . . . nothing flooded, melted or fell through the floor. And I have my babies to hug and love so I'm just gonna be grateful and dig around in my happy bag for awhile.  Maybe Getzy hid some booze in there . . . 'cause that would make me happy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Find your happy place

I've been thinking a lot about the Boston Marathon tragedy . . . it makes me sad.  Very sad.  And while I hurt for those involved and continue to pray for them, I need to turn this frown upside down.

Oddly enough, I recently did a lesson with my Girl Scouts while we were working on our 'My Best Self' badge that's just what I need.  Yes, I lead Girl Scouts . . . you know you'd want me for your leader.  Real life lessons, minus the 'sentence enhancers' (read: cuss words). 

We had the girls create a "happy bag."  They decorated a cute little bag, because all lessons are best served with crafts.  Then we had them write a laundry list of items that make them happy, smile or giggle. 

At first is was all like puppies, rainbows and unicorns . . . then my co-leaders and I started listing our own happy ideas, and it got their creative juices flowing.  The point of the bag is this . . . when they are feeling down, have their feelings hurt or are just having a crap (no, I didn't say that) day, they are meant to randomly pull an item from their happy bag and focus on it and not the bad stuff.  Brilliant.  I know.
Well, it's your lucky day . . . I'm going to make my happy list right here, in no particular order.  Let's just skip the whole 'I love my family' stuff because that's a duh, right?  You should make a list too . . . that would make me happy!  Ha!  OK, here goes . . .

*A hot bath, with something to read.  Now if you are taking a bath to get clean, then eeeewwww.  But if you are taking a bath to relax, then aaaahhhh.  And here lately I've been adding Epsom salts to my bath . . . it draws the soreness out of your muscles.  Try it. 

*And speaking of muscles, it makes me happy to watch my body change when I work out.  I am truly grateful that my body is so forgiving . . . if I give it the least little bit of attention with consistent workouts or healthy eating, it starts to reward me with small changes.  Over time those changes are going to add up.

*My dogs.  This is kind of a duh, but I do love them so.  They give such unconditional love and are always happy to see me.  It's so relaxing to just sit and pet a dog.
*A good pedicure . . . with a spa chair.  I love my feet so having them well groomed to show off is a must. 

*And speaking of showing off my feet, I love a pair of flip flops.  I'd wear them year round if it didn't seem weird.

*My backyard birds.  I keep suet cakes out for the wild birds and use my bird guide to figure out which ones are visiting.  I'm gonna make an awesome grandma.

*My covered deck.  That could be one of the best home improvements we've ever done.  It's not screened in or really anything fancy, but it's a delight to sit outside (out of the sun) and enjoy the fresh air. 

*Speaking of sun, I love sunscreen.  And I like to hoard it.  I wouldn't be able to go outside for any length of time without it or I'd be cooked.  I'd love a tan better but that's never gonna happen.

*Our church.  It really feels like we are in the right spot for our family. 

*My friends, especially the funny ones.  You know when you leave them and your stomach hurts from laughing, it's a great thing.  Here are some of my favorites . . . they are funny beotches!
*Blogging.  Who knew?  I thought I'd give it a whirl and bam.  Love it.

*Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I'm a leader for both (along with Getzy for the boys) and it rocks.  True story.

*Hearing from old friends.  I love to catch up with folks from all parts of my life.  I've managed to keep friends from as far back as the nursery at my childhood church.  (Shout out to LBS)

*A good book.  Books are clutter to me so I prefer to get them from the library or borrow from a friend.  I love a book recommendation.  This particular book is some funny stuff . . . NOT for your children!
*Veggies.  Cook, raw, steamed . . . whichever way I can get them.  Odd, I know.  I especially love cabbage (and brussel sprouts - baby cabbages, right?).  My GBFF knows this and will often comment on my choices at restaurants, "They had you at cabbage."  Yep.

*A vacation.  Especially a Road Trip!  And you kinda have to yell it when you say it, "ROAD TRIP!"  Getzy, the kids and I drove from Maine to Georgia in 19 hours straight one time.  But usually I like to drive slightly off track to find that really weird roadside attraction that I simply must see.  I find some of them here

*Being a 'knight in shining armor.'  I like to be needed . . . I love it when folks call me out of the blue for a random need.  The less acquainted we are, the more I'm flattered.  I don't mean like doing your laundry, more like helping you in a bind.  Unless you ask too often, then not so much. 

*A warm fire.  I'm kinda of a pyro . . . I can build a blazing fire.  Didn't know I had this skill until I needed it . . . it came from years of watching my Dad build a fire to heat our home. 

*Christmas trees, well really the ornaments.  I have several themed trees and I LOVE a Christmas ornament.  I also like to see other people's Christmas trees.  Fa la la la la . . .

*Dinner parties - your house or mine, doesn't matter.  I love a home cooked meal, much better than going out to eat.  I love to relax and eat and visit . . . and maybe sip some good wine.

*Bass thumping music and dancing.  Like a lot.  Bose products specifically because nothing else gets the bass right.    

Sick of me yet?  OK, I think I've gotten back to a happy spot!  Phew.

And for your reading pleasure, here's an article on things happy people do differently!  I'm going to work on these . . .

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston . . . WTH?

There really are no words . . . sad, senseless and cruel all come to mind.  I can't even get started . . . the list could go on forever, and I worry I might not stop.

We can't even begin to tackle the why . . . there will never be a logical reason. 

What I can do is focus on the hope . . . I know America will rise up to help those affected. 
And I can pray for all those involved and our country.  May God be with you.

Workout Round Up April 8-14

Weekly Workout Round Up!

I sorta wanted to beat myself up a little this week about my 'lack' of working out but then I remembered this little ditty . . .
And then I gave myself credit for getting in two runs and a boot camp during a week with travel!  Way more than nothing.  Go me!

Mon, Apr 8:  9:00 a.m. HIIT Boot Camp;  80 push ups
Tue, Apr 9:  Nada - drove to Biltmore
Wed, Apr 10:  Walked around Biltmore - does this count?

Thu, Apr 11:  Nada - drove home
Fri, Apr 12:  Couch to 5K, Week 2 Day 2

Sat, Apr 13: Couch to 5K, Week 2 Day 3
Sun, Apr 14:  90 push ups

I'm definitely not going to make the 5,000 push ups this month, but so far I've already done 1,000 . . . which is 1,000 more than last month!  So again, yay!

Let's get it done this week! 

My goals are two Boot Camps, three C25K runs and 500 push ups!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Angel Abby

This is not Abby's favorite time of year . . . my girl has got some fur!  She loves the cool weather of fall and even loves a cold winter day.  She'd sleep outside if I would let her, but I won't. 
Check out those paws . . . they were meant for ice and snow.  I have no idea what breed of dog she is . . . definitely some Golden Retriever.  Maybe some polar bear?
She got her first haircut of the year . . . the first time I had her groomed, I was worried she'd hate it.  Turns out she loves it and literally prances around like a pretty princess . . . because she is. 
Look at my gorgeous girl . . . Petey was trying to photo bomb!
They brought her to me without the ear bows and I promptly sent her back . . . those are my favorite part!  Can you stand her cuteness?
Why is Abby my angel?  Well really, she is Ryan's angel (he's my oldest).  It's kind of a long story . . .
I have a habit of dog rescuing . . . I cannot drive by a stray dog without stopping and trying to help.  I've never had to keep one before . . . I've always found the owner.  Until Abby, that is.
I literally found her in the middle of the road . . . Saturday evening . . . September 13, 2008, to be exact.  The kids and I stopped, and it took me almost an hour to get her to come to me . . . I knew she wanted to but she was scared.  She finally crawled over on her belly . . . so shy. 
I picked her up and put her in my car.  Getzy wasn't home . . . . thank goodness.  I put her in the backyard and figured I'd see if she had a chip the next day.  Needless to say, I was in 'trouble' when he found out what was stowed in the backyard.  Oops.
Here are the first two pictures of her the day after I found her . . . she was wearing Petey's collar and tags.
So of course she didn't have a microchip.  I hung posters and called Animal Control and local humane societies but no missing dogs matched her description.  I refused to turn her over to animal control and convinced Getzy to give her a week . . . maybe the owners were out of town and didn't know she missing.  That was totally possible, right?
After day two, I took her to the vet to make sure it was safe to have her around Petey . . . next thing I know she is fully vetted with her shots . . . at least they gave me the rescue rate.  I didn't mention this part to Getzy. 
The vet estimated her age at 9 months old . . . just a baby. 
I cannot explain why I went to battle over this dog . . . it almost makes me tear up as I write this.  Getzy wasn't interested in a second dog . . . neither was I really, but I just couldn't let her go.  She 'spoke' to me with her eyes . . . I'll never be able to explain it because I can't say I understood it myself.  Don't call me a freak.  Not nice.
I mean seriously, look at her. . .
After two weeks, she went into heat . . awesome.  Except not awesome.  I had her spayed and got her a huge crate to recover in . . . did I mention that she wasn't the least bit housebroken and kept having accidents of all kinds in the house.  Really winning over Getzy with the expense and constant clean up. 
In hindsight I realize how unloved she was when I found her.  She was so kind and gentle it was hard to believe someone could mistreat her.  She was afraid to walk on a leash, afraid to walk through a door into the house, she had terrible mats of hair behind her ears, she was underweight and anytime Getzy or any other man came around, she literally stood still and wet herself with fear. 
Getzy was nothing but kind to her . . . mostly just ignoring her.  Still not a fan, even if she was a sweetheart.  He wanted me to let her go, and I wanted to hold on tight. 
Finally I agreed to let her go on one condition.  Ryan had severe asthma when he was younger . . . like 'emergency room visits' asthma.  I told Getzy that I would have Ryan tested for allergies, and if he was allergic to dogs, I'd give her up . . . Petey was staying no matter what. 
So off we went to the allergist and as it turns out, Ryan wasn't allergic to dogs at all . . . but he was allergic to just about all types of trees and grasses.  Oh, and cats.  We began allergy shots and within six months to a year, Ryan's health improved dramatically and the asthma attacks became fewer and fewer.
Here is Ryan and Abby in December 2009 . . . about a year after he started his allergy shots . . . a much healthier boy.
All because of a kind and fluffy white dog.  I will forever be grateful to her because we never suspected Ryan had allergies.  His asthma was worse in the winter . . . not during pollen season.  He was sick and coughed year round.  Not anymore.  God sent Abby to me . . . a very odd answer to my prayers for a healthy boy.  And that is why she is my angel. 
You should probably know that Getzy really does love her and she adores him . . . more than anyone else.  It's maddening really . . . I want her to love me most!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Biltmore Adventure!

I live for adventures . . . I double dog love to take my kids to new places!  My hope is to instill in them a love for travel and the desire to learn about this amazing world and the treasures it holds.

First road trip for 2013 . . . Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina!  My Mom is turning 70 this year and since we won't be going to 'Downton Abbey' in England, we opted for the next best thing in America to celebrate her birthday!
My Mom is a McDonald's fanatic so we made a stop at the unique 'Biltmore' McDonald's that she's seen on tv!  It's very cool inside, and the grand piano plays by itself.
We had tickets for Wednesday, but you could actually enter the grounds after 4 p.m. the day before to have a little extra time to visit!  The drive through the rolling hills on the estate was amazing . . . the grounds are so well maintained and lush.
We spent the evening in Antler Village!  We watched a blacksmith at work, toured the Winery, visited the animals on the farm and enjoyed a great dinner at Cedric's, named after the favorite Vanderbilt dog.  Love.
The kids spent an unreasonable amount of time running around the maze . . . gotta get the energy out.  I tried to spend an unreasonable amount of time tasting at the Winery . . . but instead I appeased myself by finishing off my Mom's unwanted wine.  Oh, and I got the kids some new pets . . . aren't they cute? 
The next day we rolled up to the family estate early so we could enjoy a full day!  On the advice of a friend, I got us all the audio tour for the house.  Wow, what a difference it made . . . listening to cool facts helped keep the kids interested and made it much more enjoyable for Mom and me!  Well worth the extra fee. 
No photos were allowed inside the home . . . in the end that's probably best as it lets you just enjoy the tour.  Our favorite rooms were the library, the indoor swimming pool and the grand staircase!  Wow.
We enjoyed lunch in the Stable Cafe . . . literally where Mr. Vanderbilt used to keep his prized horses! 
My travel weakness is a themed Christmas ornament from my destination so of course I indulged at the quaint little shops just outside the restaurant.  And every kid should have their own nutcracker ornament!
Next stop, the unbelievable gardens.  Our day could not have been more gorgeous to wander through the beautiful scenery.  The kids had a blast just being able to run around out in the open. 
They made friends with the frogs and fish in the ponds . . . and what's better than running around?  Cartwheeling!
We visited just as the spring blooms were beginning . . . tulips are my absolute favorite so it was fun to see those!  Here is my new favorite picture of my babies . . .
We found the most beautiful tree for the kids to climb . . . the cool part was as you stood under it, you could hear the buzz from all the bees enjoying the tree . . . literally thousands, but they were happily occupied.
The Conservatory had so many beautiful varieties of plants and flowers.  Our favorite was the 'gator.'  Go Gators!
Our final stop for the day was a carriage ride.  My mom loves horses so I thought it would be a fun way to complete her visit.  Our horses were Jesse and Pat!  It was amazing how our driver Cindy got them to move . . . she literally said their names and made a giant kissing sound and off they went.  So cool.
The carriage ride took us through the countryside around to the back of Biltmore . . . what a view!  Jesse and Pat were in perfect step heading to the barn for the night . . .
Our final stop in Asheville was to a trendy restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown.  There was a long wait but there was some 'entertainment' in the park across the street . . . some drummers, dancers and a girl with amazing hula hoop skills.  The food was delicious and a great way to end the night before the kids went swimming in the hotel pool!