Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eastergiving or Thankseaster

Easter is such an important holiday in the Christian faith, but it's hard to reign in it for kids when they are inundated with Easter candy and egg hunts.  Seriously though, what's not to love about a holiday where bunnies crap candy eggs?  I mean, how else do they get them? 

Our children joined us for the Easter Service in 'big church' on Saturday evening. Our church does an amazing job of making things easy to understand so I wanted them to experience the service.  And when the rock band plays an old hymn, I start to cry so I'm pretty sure the kids found it meaningful . . . or at least thought they should since Mom was crying.  She's a freak.

Any who, we did catch a glimpse of the Abby Easter Bunny this weekend . . . in case you were wondering what the Easter Bunny really looks like.
My little princess Amanda insisted on decorating Easter eggs. this weekend.  You should check out my Easter board on Pinterest . . . it's fabulous with loads of creative and crafty Easter ideas.  So being the craftastic Mom that I am . . . I bought this at Wal-Mart and let her have at it!
It's got this little tray that you squirt dye into and then roll that mess up on those eggs.  She was all like, "Thanks Mom, this is awesome!"  And I was all like, "Well you're welcome . . . but don't get used to this kind of high quality crafting."
She was pretty proud of her handy work, until about the eighth one . . . then the fun of 'rolling' color on the eggs was over.
Since I boiled wasted a dozen eggs and there were still four left, she looks at me with a gleam in her eye and says, "It's time for an 'experiment'."  That's code for 'I'm going to make a freaking mess, all in the name of science.'  Here's the concoction . . . yum.
So errbody found their Easterbaskets on Sunday morning and their color coded eggs for the family egg hunt . . . dang OCD Easter Bunny.  Our Easter Bunny is also pretty sharp and leaves things like bathing suits and such, since the kids need those anyway.   
So what is Thankseaster?  Well, my ladies and our families were on vacation at T'giving last year so we didn't get to eat our traditional T'giving dishes (like Sweet Potato Casserole, Watergate Salad and Pumpkin Pie).  We agreed to combine the foods for both holidays and call it Eastergiving or Thankseaster, both sounded good.
I was sad that our middle child, Kyle, woke up with a low grade fever and sore throat on Easter morning . . . Getzy volunteered to stay home from the Easter celebration with friends.  He's not a huge fan of the home cooked ham and Thanksgiving side dishes so he and Kyle had McDonald's for Easter . . . a win for everybody.  The rest of us shoved our faces full of this deliciousness!  Delightful!
Hope your Easter was blessed and full of laughter and good food. Thanks Easter!

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