Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Find your happy place

I've been thinking a lot about the Boston Marathon tragedy . . . it makes me sad.  Very sad.  And while I hurt for those involved and continue to pray for them, I need to turn this frown upside down.

Oddly enough, I recently did a lesson with my Girl Scouts while we were working on our 'My Best Self' badge that's just what I need.  Yes, I lead Girl Scouts . . . you know you'd want me for your leader.  Real life lessons, minus the 'sentence enhancers' (read: cuss words). 

We had the girls create a "happy bag."  They decorated a cute little bag, because all lessons are best served with crafts.  Then we had them write a laundry list of items that make them happy, smile or giggle. 

At first is was all like puppies, rainbows and unicorns . . . then my co-leaders and I started listing our own happy ideas, and it got their creative juices flowing.  The point of the bag is this . . . when they are feeling down, have their feelings hurt or are just having a crap (no, I didn't say that) day, they are meant to randomly pull an item from their happy bag and focus on it and not the bad stuff.  Brilliant.  I know.
Well, it's your lucky day . . . I'm going to make my happy list right here, in no particular order.  Let's just skip the whole 'I love my family' stuff because that's a duh, right?  You should make a list too . . . that would make me happy!  Ha!  OK, here goes . . .

*A hot bath, with something to read.  Now if you are taking a bath to get clean, then eeeewwww.  But if you are taking a bath to relax, then aaaahhhh.  And here lately I've been adding Epsom salts to my bath . . . it draws the soreness out of your muscles.  Try it. 

*And speaking of muscles, it makes me happy to watch my body change when I work out.  I am truly grateful that my body is so forgiving . . . if I give it the least little bit of attention with consistent workouts or healthy eating, it starts to reward me with small changes.  Over time those changes are going to add up.

*My dogs.  This is kind of a duh, but I do love them so.  They give such unconditional love and are always happy to see me.  It's so relaxing to just sit and pet a dog.
*A good pedicure . . . with a spa chair.  I love my feet so having them well groomed to show off is a must. 

*And speaking of showing off my feet, I love a pair of flip flops.  I'd wear them year round if it didn't seem weird.

*My backyard birds.  I keep suet cakes out for the wild birds and use my bird guide to figure out which ones are visiting.  I'm gonna make an awesome grandma.

*My covered deck.  That could be one of the best home improvements we've ever done.  It's not screened in or really anything fancy, but it's a delight to sit outside (out of the sun) and enjoy the fresh air. 

*Speaking of sun, I love sunscreen.  And I like to hoard it.  I wouldn't be able to go outside for any length of time without it or I'd be cooked.  I'd love a tan better but that's never gonna happen.

*Our church.  It really feels like we are in the right spot for our family. 

*My friends, especially the funny ones.  You know when you leave them and your stomach hurts from laughing, it's a great thing.  Here are some of my favorites . . . they are funny beotches!
*Blogging.  Who knew?  I thought I'd give it a whirl and bam.  Love it.

*Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I'm a leader for both (along with Getzy for the boys) and it rocks.  True story.

*Hearing from old friends.  I love to catch up with folks from all parts of my life.  I've managed to keep friends from as far back as the nursery at my childhood church.  (Shout out to LBS)

*A good book.  Books are clutter to me so I prefer to get them from the library or borrow from a friend.  I love a book recommendation.  This particular book is some funny stuff . . . NOT for your children!
*Veggies.  Cook, raw, steamed . . . whichever way I can get them.  Odd, I know.  I especially love cabbage (and brussel sprouts - baby cabbages, right?).  My GBFF knows this and will often comment on my choices at restaurants, "They had you at cabbage."  Yep.

*A vacation.  Especially a Road Trip!  And you kinda have to yell it when you say it, "ROAD TRIP!"  Getzy, the kids and I drove from Maine to Georgia in 19 hours straight one time.  But usually I like to drive slightly off track to find that really weird roadside attraction that I simply must see.  I find some of them here

*Being a 'knight in shining armor.'  I like to be needed . . . I love it when folks call me out of the blue for a random need.  The less acquainted we are, the more I'm flattered.  I don't mean like doing your laundry, more like helping you in a bind.  Unless you ask too often, then not so much. 

*A warm fire.  I'm kinda of a pyro . . . I can build a blazing fire.  Didn't know I had this skill until I needed it . . . it came from years of watching my Dad build a fire to heat our home. 

*Christmas trees, well really the ornaments.  I have several themed trees and I LOVE a Christmas ornament.  I also like to see other people's Christmas trees.  Fa la la la la . . .

*Dinner parties - your house or mine, doesn't matter.  I love a home cooked meal, much better than going out to eat.  I love to relax and eat and visit . . . and maybe sip some good wine.

*Bass thumping music and dancing.  Like a lot.  Bose products specifically because nothing else gets the bass right.    

Sick of me yet?  OK, I think I've gotten back to a happy spot!  Phew.

And for your reading pleasure, here's an article on things happy people do differently!  I'm going to work on these . . .

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