Monday, April 22, 2013

Hunger Games Fiesta

How do you prepare for the state standardized testing with your kids?  Well duh, you wear them out at your friends "Hunger Games Fiesta!"  What is that you ask?  A darn good time.

The Evite indicated it was a Mexican Fiesta with a Hunger Games theme . . . BYOW.  Wha?  Bring Your Own Weapon.  Nice.

This sign was on the door . . . what a great start!
If you haven't read the Hunger Games book series, then you have no idea what I'm talking about here.  The books are great for the tween/teen age group . . . I read them before my oldest and totally enjoyed.
We walk into the tempting smells of Moe's Southwest Grill . . . nothing like making a party easy by having it catered.  And just like that, FIESTA!  Ole!
Now onto the weapons . . . others brought Nerf guns, Nerf swords, Silly String, water guns, etc.  Not the Getz family.  We brought an arsenal . . . bull whips, sling shots, bows, arrows and Airsoft guns.  Oh, and lots of protective eye wear . . . safety first.  To be fair, we are the only ones with older boys.
Getzy, being the super awesome scout leader/dad that he is, helped the girls try out all the weapons.  Surprisingly they seemed to enjoy and 'feel the power.'  Girls rule!
We announced that the 'games' were going to begin at 4 p.m. so everyone needed to fuel up on Mexican and get ready!  We had the following rules . . . you break 'em, you're OUT!
     No making others bleed.
     No puking.
     No crying.
     No saying "That's not fair!"
Sounds reasonable, right?  The kids sorted out their own "teams" and the games began.  It was a wet mess but the kids had a blast!  And all the Getz weapons were safely stowed away to prevent harm. 
The adults had a birds eye view from the deck!
And the girls were definitely not afraid to get in there and 'fight!'  In the end, it turned out to be all the girls against the boys . . . just the way they like it!  The funniest part was the boys dumping out the coolers of water the girls had stowed to re-load their water guns . . . a super stealth attack.
Things worked out just as planned.  We came home, everybody showered and hit the sack, exhausted!  Ready to kick some standardized test butt this week!  

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