Friday, April 5, 2013

I need more makeup . . .

I'm so not a 'girly girl.'  I really want to be. . .  but I'm just too damn lazy.  Sad.  I really love to 'look pretty' . . . I generally just can't be bothered with all the prep work.  And let's face, when you're pushing 40, it really is work.

I went to Ulta today because I need an "eye makeover."  Like I'm scraping the barrel with my last purchases and it's time.  Overdue, in fact.  I've been eyeing (pun intended) this one lovely lady there who I was convinced was going to make me look like a million bucks. 

I seriously stalked her today.  I saw her going in the "Employee Only" door my first time.  Did some other shopping, checked back and convinced myself she was at lunch.  Mom and I ran some more errands, came back and finally, I asked for her specifically.  Boo-yah!

I have the (in my own head) guru!  I tell her I need a new eye look  . . . she sits me down, pulls out this tri-color pallet from PUR Minerals and 'makes over' one eye.  I look at it and . . . BLAH!  I'm nice but I tell her . . . not so much.  (Mom agrees, I was totally nice.)  So kinda snotty like, she asks me what I do like as she waves her hand over the eye colors, not even making eye contact with me . . . I politely tell her that I don't know, I need some help but would prefer more shimmer.  So guess what?  She pawns me off.  It feels like I've been waiting my whole life for her and just like that . . . it's over.  Ugg. 

This other nice lady really tries (until she has to go work the register), but if I'm gonna blow some cash on make-up (we all know how expensive that crap is), I need to LOVE it.  I need to feel 'pretty.'  Yeah, not so much. 

So I'm all frustrated and call Getzy to tell him to make sure the kids get off the bus . . . I'm a girl on a mission.  Mom and I truck it over to Sephora . . . at the mall!  Note . . . I haven't been to the mall since I took the kids to see Santa.

Can I tell you how much I loved my Brittany at Sephora?!?  She was some serious awesome sauce!  She was totally bossy in a way that I needed and I gotta say, she made me feel pretty.  

I didn't take a 'before' picture today . . . I didn't necessarily feel a blog post in the works.  But the after gave me inspriration!  

You're in luck though . . . I took a 'selfie' last week to mock the OOTD posts.  What are those you ask?  "Outfit of the Day!"  Now, I say 'mock' but really I'm super nosey and love it when people posts pics of themselves.  

And by mock, really it's me making fun of the fact that, as stated, I'm not so girly and never really have an outfit that I'm super stoked about posting . . . but I'm working on it!  

So behold the lovely Mrs. Getz . . . dressed to take her chirren to school (via car line) . . . I was 'fancy' this day since I wore sneakers instead of my slippers . . . 
That's correct.  Those are my lovely, vertically striped pajama pants.  Whoever said vertical strips are slimming is a 'you know what.'  I've got on the fleece to mask the 'girls' since I'm braless and in my pj top!  And I 'did' my hair . . . I pulled it back in a pony tail and put on my BIC band (which is FABULOUS, btw).  Again, Getzy is a lucky guy!

So here's my face after the make over . . . actually it takes a bit for me to post it since I'm not usually one who loves a picture of myself . . . here goes . . .
I make it home in time to go to pick up my 7 year old and a few of her friends from art class . . . they are all my Girl Scouts and know me really well!  I walk in and they ALL stare at me and ask me why I'm wearing so much make up.  Leave it to the 7 year olds to keep it real.  They were really super cute about it but it's so funny to see them look at me like I'm a freak.  I think it was the mascara . . .
So here's all my loot . . . I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it but I'm excited and . . . I feel pretty! 
It includes an eye shadow pallette, eye liner, a new eye brush, make up primer, a foundation/powder, mascara, eye make up remover and my favorites . . . my new Buxom lip glosses. My ladies have these and always dangle them in front of me when they re-apply . . . now they don't have to share! 
And there's a part of me that wants to go back and see that lady at Ulta and go all 'Pretty Woman' on her . . . "Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  I have to go shopping now . . ." as I prance off . . .
And if you can't view the video, click here!


  1. You look MAHVELOUS! How pretty you are! Of course, I think you are pretty hot stuff without all that make-up :-)

  2. Loving your blog! I just laughed beer out of my mouth reading about taking the kids to school outfit! I've gone in my robe before!