Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you give a mouse a cookie . . .

The crap hits the fan after that . . . and he goes all ADD and such.  Same with the moose and the muffin.  No clue what I'm talking about?  Check it out . . .
Anyone ever feel like that in their life?  Yeah, me too.  Here's how the story goes . . .

The princess is bored so she decides to sort and organize our kid book shelves.  There are lots of books on there.  Ridic.  I just loaded over 150 in my car to donate.  No judging.  I do find books to be clutter, but I can justify buying kid books because they'll filter through all three. 

So I say not to re-shelve them, let me move the book shelves to clean them and vacuum the carpet.  The hot water heater is behind these shelves.  I've opened that door a handful of times since we've lived here, thus the shelves in front of it.  So I clean the door and open it to find a couple of inches of standing water in the tray below the heater.  Fabulous.  Except not so much.  Getzy gives it a look see and says call the plumber. 

So yay us, we are now the proud owners of a new hot water heater.  Which turns out to be pretty awesome because who knew the water could get so hot so fast?  Not us apparently. 

I told the princess that she liked saved the whole house, because our hot water heater is literally in the middle of the house on the top floor, and she deserved awards and prizes and buckets of gold.  Except she wasn't getting any because Granny just left, and it was like she hit the lottery while she was here anyway.  Evidence.  And yes, the boys got a crapton of goodies too . . . it's just not a bright and pretty.
So then Getzy says we should probably just get a new dishwasher too because our old one sounds like it's going to drop through the floor everytime you turn it on, and I basically wash the dishes before putting them in their because it mostly works like crap.  So off I go browsing for dishwashers and boom, proud new owners. 

It gets delivered yesterday and once they pulled out the old one, guess what they find?  Are you effing kidding me? 
Can I say that here? Effing, I mean. I didn't drop an actual 'F' bomb . . . gotta watch out for my tween/teen readers.  (Shout out KM and MLx2!)  Using 'effing' is so clever, right? Secret code and all.

So now I have to get the carpenters here to replace the floor . . . thankfully it didn't leak through to the basement, get the hardwoods or inside the cabinet, but really?

Oh, and I saw this the other day?   
The blue screen of death. Yeah, sorry for your eyes  . . . too much flash. 

So I promptly backed everything up, grabbed a hold of that sucker, kicked open the back door, hurled it off the deck, pounded a couple of beers and bought a brand new laptop, all before 8 a.m.  Except all of that really just happened in my head.  I did actually do the back up part, though.  Really I'm just crossing my fingers that my computer doesn't melt like the Wicked Witch of the West . . . cause that would really suck. 

Did I mention that going through the books caused a major emotional meltdown?  Yeah.  It wasn't pretty.  

I think between my Mom going home, the kids going back to school after Spring Break and me piling up over 150 books to donate because my babies aren't babies anymore, I just needed a good cry.  Seriously, when did they get so big? 

Well, I guess things could be a lot worse . . . nothing flooded, melted or fell through the floor. And I have my babies to hug and love so I'm just gonna be grateful and dig around in my happy bag for awhile.  Maybe Getzy hid some booze in there . . . 'cause that would make me happy!

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