Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So here are some things that made me LOL recently, in no particular order!

1.  A PTA friend of mine made a very generous offer on Facebook . . . "Anyone local want some fresh rosemary?  I trimmed my bush today."  Wait for it . . . ok, now you get it.  Funny, uh?

2.  Kyle's amazing teacher, no like seriously . . . she is AWESOME . . . asked me to help with a "Cougar Hunt" in her class.  After I stopped laughing, she explained that it was about prey versus predator but come on, that's some funny stuff. 

3.  Another PTA Mom noted this tag in her daughter's shirt . . . read all the way through!  Great advice. 
4.  The PE teacher at my boys' school asked me to help with Field Day.  She sent out a typed form letter to the parent volunteers about the happenings of the day and reminded parents to wear a school shirt if they had one.  Knowing the smart ass I am, she handwrote on mine, "And don't forget your pants.  And shoes and socks!  :-)"  Gotta love her!

5.  Getzy was putting a new valve thingy in our toilet (dontcha just love a handy guy?) and sent me this text . . . I enjoyed a good chuckle over this one!

Ok, short and sweet!  Happy Day!

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