Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Angel Abby

This is not Abby's favorite time of year . . . my girl has got some fur!  She loves the cool weather of fall and even loves a cold winter day.  She'd sleep outside if I would let her, but I won't. 
Check out those paws . . . they were meant for ice and snow.  I have no idea what breed of dog she is . . . definitely some Golden Retriever.  Maybe some polar bear?
She got her first haircut of the year . . . the first time I had her groomed, I was worried she'd hate it.  Turns out she loves it and literally prances around like a pretty princess . . . because she is. 
Look at my gorgeous girl . . . Petey was trying to photo bomb!
They brought her to me without the ear bows and I promptly sent her back . . . those are my favorite part!  Can you stand her cuteness?
Why is Abby my angel?  Well really, she is Ryan's angel (he's my oldest).  It's kind of a long story . . .
I have a habit of dog rescuing . . . I cannot drive by a stray dog without stopping and trying to help.  I've never had to keep one before . . . I've always found the owner.  Until Abby, that is.
I literally found her in the middle of the road . . . Saturday evening . . . September 13, 2008, to be exact.  The kids and I stopped, and it took me almost an hour to get her to come to me . . . I knew she wanted to but she was scared.  She finally crawled over on her belly . . . so shy. 
I picked her up and put her in my car.  Getzy wasn't home . . . . thank goodness.  I put her in the backyard and figured I'd see if she had a chip the next day.  Needless to say, I was in 'trouble' when he found out what was stowed in the backyard.  Oops.
Here are the first two pictures of her the day after I found her . . . she was wearing Petey's collar and tags.
So of course she didn't have a microchip.  I hung posters and called Animal Control and local humane societies but no missing dogs matched her description.  I refused to turn her over to animal control and convinced Getzy to give her a week . . . maybe the owners were out of town and didn't know she missing.  That was totally possible, right?
After day two, I took her to the vet to make sure it was safe to have her around Petey . . . next thing I know she is fully vetted with her shots . . . at least they gave me the rescue rate.  I didn't mention this part to Getzy. 
The vet estimated her age at 9 months old . . . just a baby. 
I cannot explain why I went to battle over this dog . . . it almost makes me tear up as I write this.  Getzy wasn't interested in a second dog . . . neither was I really, but I just couldn't let her go.  She 'spoke' to me with her eyes . . . I'll never be able to explain it because I can't say I understood it myself.  Don't call me a freak.  Not nice.
I mean seriously, look at her. . .
After two weeks, she went into heat . . awesome.  Except not awesome.  I had her spayed and got her a huge crate to recover in . . . did I mention that she wasn't the least bit housebroken and kept having accidents of all kinds in the house.  Really winning over Getzy with the expense and constant clean up. 
In hindsight I realize how unloved she was when I found her.  She was so kind and gentle it was hard to believe someone could mistreat her.  She was afraid to walk on a leash, afraid to walk through a door into the house, she had terrible mats of hair behind her ears, she was underweight and anytime Getzy or any other man came around, she literally stood still and wet herself with fear. 
Getzy was nothing but kind to her . . . mostly just ignoring her.  Still not a fan, even if she was a sweetheart.  He wanted me to let her go, and I wanted to hold on tight. 
Finally I agreed to let her go on one condition.  Ryan had severe asthma when he was younger . . . like 'emergency room visits' asthma.  I told Getzy that I would have Ryan tested for allergies, and if he was allergic to dogs, I'd give her up . . . Petey was staying no matter what. 
So off we went to the allergist and as it turns out, Ryan wasn't allergic to dogs at all . . . but he was allergic to just about all types of trees and grasses.  Oh, and cats.  We began allergy shots and within six months to a year, Ryan's health improved dramatically and the asthma attacks became fewer and fewer.
Here is Ryan and Abby in December 2009 . . . about a year after he started his allergy shots . . . a much healthier boy.
All because of a kind and fluffy white dog.  I will forever be grateful to her because we never suspected Ryan had allergies.  His asthma was worse in the winter . . . not during pollen season.  He was sick and coughed year round.  Not anymore.  God sent Abby to me . . . a very odd answer to my prayers for a healthy boy.  And that is why she is my angel. 
You should probably know that Getzy really does love her and she adores him . . . more than anyone else.  It's maddening really . . . I want her to love me most!

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