Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I love a Broadway show . . . the singing, the dancing and the oh so amazing sets.  I especially love sitting in a grand old 'theater' (said with a British accent), and I want Amanda to love it with me!

And since I adored Mary Poppins as a child, it seemed like a perfect show for my GBFF and our girls.  We are trying to teach our kids to embrace the fine art of an adventure and planned our night of fun . . . on a school night.  Meh, we are giving them a real life education, right?  Right.

The show was at the Fabulous Fox Theater in the heart of Atlanta.  It was designed during the roaring 1920's and is gloriously opulent inside.  Check it out . . . beautiful!
So of course we do a little 'freestylin' for dinner . . . that's what we like to call doing something cool and new!  We circled the block around the Fox and scoped out some options.  We 'google up' a couple restaurants and decided on Baraonda, a fancy pizzeria!

Of course there is a wait . . . so like the patient ladies we are, we beeline it to the bar!  Shirley Temples for the little ladies . . . and the signature drink for the mommies! 
We had a delightful meal of pasta and pizza and left the restaurant just in time to make it to the show!
We bought a few souvenirs, got some boosters for the little ones and took our seats!  It was opening night, which is always exciting!
It was definitely one of my favorite shows of all time . . . it was reminiscent of my childhood so I wonder how much of a role that plays in my loving it so!  The sets were delightful, there was a lot of well timed humor and the singing was amazing!  It was a long one so we scurried out just as the curtain went down!  The girls (and the moms) stayed awake and gave it a big thumbs up! 

And my kids don't find it annoying at all that I keep saying, "Best foot forward.  Spit spot."    

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