Thursday, April 4, 2013

Swan Coach House

I promise I do more than 'luncheon' with my ladies . . . my salads at home just don't seem noteworthy enough to share . . . although I do make a mean salad. 

Exciting times for me . . . my Mom arrived from Virginia and will be here for almost two weeks!  I always try to take her someplace new when she visits, and she's always up for the adventure.

My GBFF and MFFF asked their moms to travel in from out of town to make this a proper ladies luncheon.  To sweeten the deal, our friend was celebrating her birthday today, so we treated her to a fancy lunch with our mamas.

We wanted to do something to make our mamas feel special so we chose Swan Coach House.  It's an Atlanta tradition and located right near the Governor's Mansion in Buckhead. 
It's so elegant inside . . . it has that old style floral wall paper and proper table settings . . . all the dishes have little swans on them.  It really is so lovely and feminine . . . the husbands would have hated it!
The food was delicious . . . Mom tried the crab cakes and I ordered the chicken curry . . . both were delightful.  The best part coud have been the pitchers of champagne punch that were enjoyed by everyone, including the mamas!  Lots of laughs and good conversation . . . a great way to spend a cold and rainy spring day in Georgia.   

Alas we had to head home . . . to make it in time for the bus stop.  The kids see me dressed up and automatically want to know where I've been . . . I guess it's good to get out of workout clothes every once in awhile!

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