Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Extension for some . . .

Welcome Monday!  The day when stay-at-home moms get to send their kids off to school and clean up from the tornado that is called a weekend and enjoy some peace and quiet . . . wait, this isn't school.  Somebody must be trying to punk me. 
My rule for skipping school is simple . . . if you can walk and you don't have a fever, out the door you go!  Buh, bye.  And I guess I'll give you a skip day if you wake up with your eye(s) glued shut.  Eeeewwwww.
As a result, taking your temperature in our house is the equivalent to band-aids for toddlers . . . you just let them do it to make them feel better.  You know they are fine and should go to school but will humor them. 
This morning Amanda was still sleeping because I knew she was literally a hot mess that needed a doctor's visit.  Wait, what?  Amanda doesn't have to go to school. 
Kyle starts it first, "Mom, can I take my temperature?"  Sure baby, here you go . . . I hand him the thermometer with a smug look on my face.  Wait, what?  You have a low grade fever?  I give him the 'are you for reals' look and tell him to take it again.  Uh, yep.  Same. 
So with a gleam in his eye . . . no, I'm serious, Ryan thinks he's funny . . . he asks for the thermometer.  So I wipe it down and pass it along with the 'you know you're obnoxious' look.  He's smug.  I'm 'smugger.'  And I'll be damned, same low grade fever.  Shizam.  Three strikes and you're out. 
So I'm all like 'what hurts?'  General sore throats and feeling blah.  A friend was over last week and then diagnosed with strep . . . so I'm thinking that might be what's on tap.  
So I call Getzy to warn tell him all three kids are staying home with Mom.  He tries to argue that they are fine but then I throw the 'thermometer doesn't lie' results on him.  He pipes down. 
Turns out all strep tests are negative.  Red throats and a virus is suspected.  Amanda's fever was much higher than the boys and she had a touch of the wheez so she got some meds. 
Here's a fun Amanda fact . . . she cannot swallow nasty liquid medicine.  She's 7 and pops a pill like a boss.  Should I be proud? 
I taught her, so I say yes.  My pill popping tip of the day for kids . . . put it in your mouth but don't 'find' it with your tongue.  Take a swig, again don't 'find' it and swallow.  Boom.  Down the hatch.  I was the same way as a kid . . . just the thought of swallowing thick pink medicine still makes me gag. 
So since we are all lazy and sorry, we played a game of Sorry!  This version was mine when I was a kid but it's been around for awhile since it's from 1964.  Kickin' it old school . . . mama won, fair and square.

And then the King and Queen of Lazy got sidetracked with Abby so Kyle and I had to bang out their moves for a bit . . . and that did not contribute to my win.  I can't blame them though . . . she really is distracting.  Love.
And then it was movie time.  I rented Here Comes the Boom, made nachos (for the kids . . . you know, feel better food) and everybody ate in front of the TV.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie but it kept the kids entertained . . . I got sidetracked and bored. Meh. 

The sun finally made an appearance so I sent them all out back for some fresh air and sunshine . . . and so I could pick up around here!  Thankfully everybody seems to be on the mend . . . and while I did miss the peace and quiet of Monday, I feel blessed to have the extra day with my babies.  

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