Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a way to end an average day!

So I planned for a pretty calm Monday evening . . . a low key meeting and early to bed for boot camp on Tuesday . . . that was until I get a text from a friend asking me to go to the Rihanna concert . . . the Diamonds World Tour at Phillips Arena.  Uhm, yes please!  My ears are still ringing!

So a couple of middle aged mamas, with seven (yes 7) kids between us, headed to downtown Atlanta to get our freak on . . . to be clear, we did not bring the kids.  Although some other not so smart parents thought it was a good idea.  And technically, we weren't freaky either in comparison to the rest of the crowd.  Well, maybe a little . . .
I must say, I've never experienced better people watching in all my life.  It was no holds barred on the outfit and shoe choices.  And I saw enough boobs, butt cheeks, midriffs and back fat to last me a lifetime.  Work it ladies.

I had no idea where our seats were but lucked out with floor seats . . . second section, third row, four seats from the center aisle.  Uh, hello . . . amazing! 

I knew going into this concert that I was not sitting down . . . my friend would call me all sorts of names if I tried to rest my feet.  I contemplated sneakers but went with a boring flat in hopes that I wasn't the least cool person there.  And in true form, from the time the opening act began until we got in the car to go home, I was on my feet, most of the time dancing!

Now about that opening act . . . the 'group' was called ASAP Rocky and all I know is that's 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.  They sucked such major ass . . . I can't even hate it enough.  Let me summarize their set . . . fist pump, grab their junk, MF this . . . first pump, grab their junk, MF that.  Plus a whole lotta other naughty that I can't even discuss because I'm so delicate . . . their mamas would NOT be proud, and I felt like I needed to wash their mouth out with soap.

Then around 10 p.m., our girl Ri Ri hits the stage!  Overall I'd say it was a pretty awesome show!  I love all the lights and pyrotechnics.  She can shake her booty with the best of them and her backup dancers were pretty awesome! 

She has a great voice but sometimes she would stop singing and the song would still be going . . . what wha??  And she lurves Atlanta . . . she said that A LOT! 
She wore some crazy get-ups but she definitely rocked them . . . those 'white pants' are really boots!  Get it gurl!

Rihanna is also a bit of a dirty girl . . . she was rubbing all up on herself . . . like all that was missing was a pole.  I felt like maybe I shouldn't be watching, but I couldn't look away! 

And the craziest part of all . . . the wafting scent of smoke . . . the kind I am afraid to inhale, if you know what I mean.  I am for reals . . . there was some naughty bidnizz going on somewhere around us.  I was on the look out but couldn't find the culprit . . . I wanted to see who had that kind of nerve. 

Overall it was a great time . . . my friend is crazy fun company, is always up for an adventure and can dance her ass off . . . just my kind of girl!  Shout out SO!

If you would like a more official review (but why would you?), check it out here . . . I'd say it's a pretty good summary of the show!       

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