Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who's a Dirty Girl?

Talk about a case of denial.  When I wrote out my workout goals for this week, I totally forgot I was running the Dirty Girl 5K this weekend.  So it's fair to say I skipped the C25K Week 3 Day 3 run . . . because I mostly ran a freaking 5K today!  Bam. 
Want to know why I love Getzy so?  Because this morning when I kissed him good bye . . . in the dark . . . trying to sneak out . . . he said, "Be awesome!"  OMG.  Love.  I'm pretty sure he told me he loved me like always, but it was all over shadowed by "be awesome."  What a fabulous send off . . . you should use that sometime.

We are all so clean here!  

Can you figure out which booty is mine??  Duh, the awesome one! 
I ran with my Boot Camp group . . . basically a bunch of super cool ladies! We ran in honor of Cassie . . . a lady in our group newly diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer sucks.  Fact.
We had a muddy blast!  The obstacles weren't too crazy since it's an all female race, but they were fun nonetheless.  The best part was seeing all the 'costumes' and team names.  My favorite had to be shirts that said "Honey Boob Boob" on the front and "You Breast Redneckonize" on the back.  I so wish I had come up with that.  Too awesome.
The kicker was that it was freaking cold this morning . . . around 40 degrees . . . and we started in the 9:30 a.m. wave.  Georgia is wavering between winter and summer and forgetting about spring.  Mother Nature can be a real b!tch.  (Cleverly disguised cuss word.)
Everybody finished with no major injuries and just enough dirt to make us look legit!  Some were more clean than others . . . shout out MD! 
We came, we ran, we got dirty.  Done.  We tied up our shoes, dropped them in the donate pile and no 'dirty' race is complete without a free beer to finish things off! 
When we were driving over an hour to get there . . . at the butt crack of dawn on a freezing Saturday . . . I was asking myself, "What the hell what I thinking?"  But once it was over, I knew why . . . to BE AWESOME! 

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