Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner

You know the rules . . . a fever has to be gone for 24 hours before you're "allowed" to send your kids back to school.  Since the Princess' fever broke sometime yesterday, she got to play hookie today! 

Kyle did ask for the thermometer this morning.  I said, "No.  Look at my face."  He says, "Smugger."  That's right.  Love that kid.

We were cooped up all day yesterday so I told Amanda we were getting out today.  We lunched at the Chick-Fil-A . . . did any of you get the memo that they were changing their salads?  Yeah, me either. 

I'm all for some change . . . until you jack with my food.  Apparently the new menu happened yesterday and no, the nice counter folks had not tried the salads.  Figures.  I tried the Asian one . . . it was pretty tasty.  Seemed smaller than my standard Southwest Grilled Chicken from days gone by, but I didn't leave hungry since I ate Amanda's fries

I happen to swing into the Shoe Carnival to pass the time.  My daughter is a serious shoe addict so this was total entertainment for her. 

She tried on what seemed like EVERY pair of high heels in the place and mentioned a few times how she wished she were a grown up . . . because in her mind I apparently wear hooker heels all the time.  Except I don't.  Ever.  Not that there's anything wrong with that . . .
I went ahead and got her these because they seemed to fit and would be serviceable for things like school and church and street walking. 
So we are browsing and all of a sudden a voice comes over the loud speaker announcing that the first two people to come to the front of the store with a picture of their pet would get to SPIN THE WHEEL OF PRIZES.  Is he for freaking real?  OhhMyyGawd! 
Luckily for me I was still in my workout wear from boot camp with my hair slicked back in a ponytail and my BIC Band . . . perhaps unlucky for those having to look at me.  Anyway, like a streak of white lightning, completely aerodynamic, I hurdled over Amanda, knocking shoe boxes near and far, leap frogging tables and customers and slid to a halt right in front of the announcer and the two other ladies pathetically digging around for their photo.  Track coaching is paying off, literally.
Bam.  I shoved a picture of Abby in his face since all you have to do is press my iPhone button, and she's my screen saver.  What?  Yours is your kids?  So mainstream.

Uh, we have a WINNA!  I may, or may not, have a slight competitive streak.  Did I mention we won?  Those other ladies were still looking for their photos . . . I thought about asking if I could show Petey's picture and get to spin twice but held back because I'm classy like that.
I let my 'mini me' spin because she's awesomesauce, and I'm kinda a cool mom.  Duh.  It was like we were on the Price is Right and I'm yelling BIG MONEY and NO WHAMMIES . . . wait, wrong show.  She wasn't nervous at all . . . secure in her skillz.  Fact. 
So, what'd we win you ask? 

It really was our lucky day because our prizes (yes, plural) were . . . wait for it!  A $2 off coupon!  And a plastic cup!  And a chip clip!  And the crowd goes wild . . . so jealous, I know. 
Ryan just asked what we won as he's reading over my shoulder.  I announce it like it's a bucket of gold.  He says, "Word.  That's some quality stuff right there."  I know, right?  He gets me.  Sucka.
Shoe Carnival really knows what they are doing to entice the shopping on a random Tuesday during the day crowd.  I didn't see any shoes that I loved but after my big win, I felt like I had to buy something.  Shhh.  Don't tell Getzy.
So I found these little lovelies on clearance.  Ohhh, Python.  Hiss and slither.  Too bad they didn't have any cougar . . . ba, bam.
They were originally $39.99 . . . pricey, right?  I don't think I need to mention how classy I am again, do I?  They were marked down to $20 and when I got to the register, whaddya know?  Another $5 off.  These people LOVE me.  And then of course I slammed down my $2 off coupon like it was a lottery ticket and walked outta there with new shoes for around $13!  To quote Ryan, "Word."
And just to be fair to Getzy, I bought him his 2,840th pair of khaki cargo shorts from Old Navy . . . because he's cray like that.  I used a 20% off coupon on my iPhone so technically I think I should get to upgrade to the iPhone 5, given all my winning and couponing and saving and such.  It's just what I do. 


  1. So, she'll be sportin' those at the graduation celebration, right? Lol

  2. Laughin' out loud!! - JEA

    1. What up JEA! Glad I'm keeping you entertained! Move to GA - it would be more fun in person! Give Mr. DA a shout out!