Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to pick your friends

Yes, your family is super important in life, that's a duh, right? But your friends are the ones you get to choose, so do so wisely!
I've managed to keep friends from so many different times in my life . . . it's truly a blessing.  So I've decided I'm an expert friend picker (eeewww, not a fan of the word picker but 'chooser' sounds weird) . . . let me know if you need help, and we can interview some new friends for you together.

This text came a couple of weeks ago from my BFF in Georgia and really just highlights so many of the things you should look for in your friends. 
The invite came well in advance of Mother's Day.  Basically that translates to me being Plan A, and not her backup.  Nobody wants to be on the bench waiting to get called up when the top string players are busy.  Fact.
I also love the irreverence of optional husbands and kids for a Mother's Day gathering . . . oh the irony!  She teases, but you and I both know that gatherings with the girlfriends are ultimately easier, less work and less stress that bringing in the hubs and chirren.  
I'm thinking it would be 'fun' to have a cookout . . . which implies the husbands would be grilling and such.  She knows it would really fall on us women folk to organize, cook and clean up so she talks me down from the ledge.
While we are both moms who run around like fools . . . because we make up an unreasonable amount of errands for ourselves and volunteer for way more shit than we should . . . she's reminding me to take advantage of this Hallmark holiday, plant my ass and let Getzy wait on me.  Why didn't I think of that? 
She knows drinks are important for the event, even if it is on a Sunday and revolves around the fact that we gave birth! 
She's obviously very worldly with her use of the Italian . . . I like a cultured friend . . . one that is always willing to travel and try new things and drinks.
Finally, I like a little bossy in my friends.  You need someone to stand up to you sometimes and call you out on your crazy.  And to that note, someone who can match your crazy if necessary. 
And there you have it folks . . . an easy, yet decisive list of qualities to look for in your friends! And don't forget . . . you have to give as good as you get in the friendship department . . . don't be a sucky friend.


  1. Ha ha - love it! BTW, you're always Plan A in my book. :-D

  2. You really need to do a weekly column for the paper!! JEA

    1. Ha! I'd for sure get writer's block if I HAD to write! I appreciate your vote of confidence . . . I do love my opinion! ;-)