Monday, May 27, 2013

Ruby, the Home Wrecker

Look at this innocent little face . . . what's not to love?  That's what I thought anyway . . .
Hi, I'm Ruby.  Can we be friends?
Ruby was the 5th grade classroom pet.  She was there the first day of school in 2012 along with Leopold, the Gecko.  Each student would have the opportunity to take home the class pet, of course with parental permission.  Ryan had a great first week and was offered the guinea pig as a sort of reward . . . of course I agreed to have her. 

I thought it would be hysterical to bring her home on Friday and act like I had gotten the kids a new 'back to school' pet.  I knew Getzy would be mad at the thought of a new pet, but I was certain that as soon as he learned Ruby was just a weekend visitor, then surely he'd think I was hysterical.  The kids and my best girlfriends were in on the joke . . . although in hindsight they were more apprehensive than me . . .   

A little back story . . . in August 2011, I thought it would be fun to get each child a new pet for the beginning of the school year.  Getzy not so much.  We compromised . . . I got a blue parakeet I named Marty McFly, and Getzy got a new big screen TV.  I should mention here that the parakeet was $19.99 at Petsmart.  Clearly there was a 'winner.' 
I should also remind you of how I found Abby in the street and refused to give her away once we couldn't find the owner (see story here), against Getzy's wishes. 

Also, I may, or may not have, snuck in another parakeet one cold January day . . . this one was a pretty green, and I named him Friday since I got him on Friday, January 13, 2012.  I didn't mention getting a new bird to Getzy . . .  it just sort of happened.  Marty didn't get trained properly . . . mostly because every time I accidentally hit the cage with my elbow, Abby would come running with her mouth open hoping to catch a bird snack.  So one day when my Mom was visiting, she declares Marty to be lonely, and we just 'fixed' it . . . with a new friend.  It took Getzy over 24 hours to notice . . . it would have taken longer if Amanda didn't stand next to the cage and keep rolling her eyes towards it.
In case you haven't guessed, I love pets . . . anything really, except reptiles.  When I was a child, getting a new pet was tantamount to other kids getting new shoes.  My dad would bring home puppies people dropped off at his work . . . we'd go to the fair, and I'd get a new pet . . . we go to the feed and seed, and I'd get a new pet . . . you get the drift.  My pet repertoire growing up consisted of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, hamsters, birds, hermit crabs, fish and once before I was born, my parents let my oldest brother get a pony . . . they weren't allowed to keep him in our neighborhood though.  Sad.

Ok, back to our first visit with Ruby . . . so Getzy gets home from work and once he sees Ruby, he absolutely flips his lid.  I let him in on my 'joke' within 30 seconds but it didn't matter . . . he was mad.  Like crazy mad.  Freak show mad.  So I take the kids and Ruby to the basement to let him cool off.  I start texting my girlfriends about how my joke didn't go down like I planned and my most fabulous friend immediately texts back . . . "Ruby, the Home Wrecker" and that's how she got her moniker. 

Apparently the anger was because Getzy would prefer I ask him before bringing any pets, temporary or permanent, into the house given our shared pet history.  OK, fine.  Lesson learned . . . finally.

So Getzy has reluctantly agreed to host Ruby a few other times throughout the school year . . . of course with the prerequisite warning.  I was at school the Friday before the last weekend of the year . . . so after a quick text that served as his warning, Ruby came 'home' for a visit.   
Having been 'trained' by 30 5th graders, she's the most tame little girl.  Amanda loves her as much as I do and decided Ruby needed a little fun.  She's playing video games, working a puzzle, wearing my hat, blowing her nose and fighting crime with her sword.  What can I say . . . she was busy with her diverse talents. 

So when I took her back to school on Monday morning and expressed my love for her (again) to the teacher . . . she gave me a sly look and asked me if I wanted her for the summer.  What?  Duh, of course . . . but I had the Getzy obstacle. 

So I wait until the perfect moment to drop the bomb . . . I threw the whole 'the kids will take care of her and then they will never ask for one of their own' line at him.  I also reminded him that my pets were pretty tame compared to the new pet of my hairdresser's daughter (shout out RS and CB) . . .
Meet Fancy, the fancy goat!

Getzy tried to play tough, but he's really a softy and loves me a lot because he left it up to me . . . to make a pet decision?  Here's what I told him . . .
So much to my delight, Ruby is on summer vacation chez Getz.  The boys like her just fine, but Amanda and I are in our happy guinea pig place!  And Getzy is warming up to her but still calls her 'the rat!' 

And I'll leave you with this final little gem . . . my favorite guinea pig video!  What?  You don't have one?  Well, now you do!

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