Thursday, May 23, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

I cannot get those song lyrics out of my head today . . . give it a listen here!  But I'm really more of a Will Smith Summertime kind of girl . . . definitely my era!  Yes, shut up.  I'm kinda old.
Seriously Mom?  It's 7 a.m.
Obviously the kids are celebrating today . . . I'm super happy to have them home for the summer until they start fighting with each other!  We all need a break from the routine and constant running from place to place. 

We have been so blessed this year with a trifecta of amazing teachers . . . I hope they know how much the Getz family loves each one of them. 

But seriously, when did I get a middle schooler?  This cute boy is off to 6th grade next year.  He says he's ready . . . mom, not so much. 
Hamming it up on the 5th grade walk today! 
And can you stand it?  Look at my middle baby . . . he just finished 4th grade!
Amanda finished 2nd grade and moves to a new school next year.  She was practically leaping off the bus! 
Oddly enough, no tears today.  I think we are all  looking forward to a safe summer of fun and adventure! Here's hoping!

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