Thursday, May 9, 2013

Somebody has a screw loose

My ladies and I love an adventure so we got all kinds of crazy and signed up for a cooking class . . . on a Monday night . . . gasp! 
Just recently Getzy and I had a date night with another couple (which included the lovely lady in red) at The Iberian Pig, a tapas restaurant near Atlanta.  Wouldn't you know, the head chef at that restaurant was facilitating the class.  We loved the food at the restaurant . . . it's like Spanish cuisine with a southern flair.  
The class was hosted through the Cooks Warehouse.  The entire class fee was donated to the Atlanta Food Bank because everyone involved donated their time and talent.  Even the food and wine were donated.  How awesome is that?

There were prizes . . . and of course one of my ladies won.  Yes, I was happy for her . . . it was almost like I should have won.  We felt super safe walking to our car later in the dark.
There were some serious 'foodies' there . . . and it wasn't us.  People were taking notes and asking legitimate cooking questions . . . we were all like "Is there more wine?" 

It was pretty fancy.  We were seated at tables near the chef, but they had a huge mirror, tilted at just the right angle, so we could get a birds eye view of the food prep . . . very profesh.
Now about the food . . . it was tasty and fresh.  The chef's philosophy is to use only what would be in season at the farmer's market.

Here a basic rundown of what was served . . .
The 'classic basque' or bread was served with a white anchovy, orange slice and olive.  I'm not a fair critic as I loathe 'fishy fish.'  And it was.  It 'fished' up my orange and olive so this was a bust for me.

The Gazpacho brought it back home for this veggie lovin' girl . . . it was delicious.  It was so fresh and light . . . I would have happily had seconds. 

Clearly a favorite of the night was a homemade churro with a warm chocolate ganache.  It was a cinnamon and sugar delight.

The skirt steak with a Spanish style chimichurri sauce was a bit too rare for me . . . Getzy would have loved it as he prefers his meat to greet him with a moo.  The sauce was very tasty and the succotash was a clear winner for me until . . . dun, dun, dun. 

My friend shouts out "screw you" because she finds this little crunchy bit in her succotash.  Let me get that up close for you.  The shading around it is the oil from the succotash.
And yes, I'm serious . . . as a heart attack . . . which we all almost had . . . that there was a screw in her food. But no, she did not yell at anyone.   I might have, but she didn't.  Quite the shock.  Really, we have no idea how it got in there . . . the folks in the kitchen were doing an amazing job, and we watched the chef make the food. 

But as you know, we are classy beotches.  And since we knew all the proceeds were being donated to the food bank . . . we kept it to ourselves.  No need to make a scene . . . at least in this case.  Would we go back?  For sure.  Sh!t happens . . . nobody broke a tooth, right?  To be clear, that's right.

We knew we were going to be tired the next morning so like the awesome moms we are, we stopped and picked up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the chirren for breakfast.  Winning all around!

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