Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time for some LOL's

I think it might be time to highlight some things that truly made me laugh out loud lately.  Now my sense of humor is a little off, but maybe you'll get a kick out of this stuff too!

So I'm embracing the color and got myself these cute nautical crop pants from Old Navy . . .
So I'm talking to one of the boys (I cannot remember which one) and he totally interrupts me, points at my 'ship inspired' pants and yells, "I ship my pants!"  OMG, I died.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please check out this video . . . it's short and hysterical.
Speaking of 'shipping your pants,' the kids and I were on the interstate, and I see something flapping in the breeze . . . oh wait, it's toilet paper unraveling out of a port-a-potty!  It would get too long and then break . . . but that kept happening!  Disclaimer - one of the kids took the photo because well duh, I was driving. 
Being the numbers girl that I am, this new restaurant name really caught my eye and made me giggle . . . eat my 'pie' was a bonus . . . I think you have to say it in a funny voice in your head to really make it work!
So Petey is pretty much the elder statesman at our house and could literally get away with anything . . . I mean he is 13 and loves us like no other.  He loves to ride to school in the morning . . . most of the time he's all like 'safety first' and settles down in a booster seat asking for more coffee.
But sometimes he's all like 'move over kid, that's my seat.'  So I pretty much tell Kyle to make room and buckle up . . . I won't let him shove him off the seat.  Petey usually takes a hint and goes back to his booster!
I like to pride myself on a pretty tidy home, and I regularly clean out the pantry and fridge.  Apparently I tend to neglect the freezer.  I was making punch for Kyle's class and needed some frozen concentrates.  I knew I had a few stashed, but I couldn't remember when I bought them . . . at least I thought to check the expiration date.  I laughed and then was mortified.  I call it my OJ shame.
The boys play some online game involving clans . . . sometimes they set up their own clan with their own rules.  Another disclaimer:  Getzy monitors this stuff so it's not like they are all free to check out porn on the Internet.  Anyway, I see Kyle typing, and I'm all nosey like 'whatcha doin'?'  Just making some clan rules he says . . . well son, you have to have standards . . . or at least 'minimum' ones.  And yes, we got some clarification (their idea of swear words are a little lighter than mine), and we suggested no trashing talking at all as a rule. 
OK, last one . . . I hesitate to even put this one on here because I don't want you to think I live in the ghetto . . . I don't live in a gated community or anything, but we do have pretty good HOA standards.  So I'm driving home during the day and see a bright neon sign on a door in my neighborhood . . . I'm thinking it's going to be a fun birthday message or something, except no.  Not fun at all.
Let me get that a little closer for you . . . I did edit the photo to try and make it easier to read . . . let me assure you it was very clear when I drove by.  I don't know these folks, and I've never even seen a woman at this house.  I'm just going to assume the 'd' in husband is on the back of the sign . . . like she ran out of room or something.  Definitely not a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . 
And there you have it folks . . . a little twisted humor to brighten your day.



  1. That sign at the end. Perfect. LOL! He wasn't worth the D anyway. HA!

  2. I die! That was HILARIOUS!! All of it! My favorite is Petey in the seatbelt with Kyle!

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