Thursday, May 9, 2013

TMI? Probably.

Oh . . . a linkup with some Blogger Superstars . . . fun!  I'm all about hanging with the cool kids . . . I never got to do that in school!  And I get to talk about me . . . bonus points.

Unlike my siblings(s) (that I love very much) . . . I am the youngest and only girl.  Seriously, it didn't get much better for me as a child.
My best friend says . . . my turtlenecks will never be in style, and that she'd cut a b!tch to have my back.  She is mine, and no, you can't have her.  My other BFF says, "I KNOW" kinda loud like a lot and occasionally, "I got another speeding ticket."
People call me . . . maybe?  Come on, you know that's a catchy tune . . . and now it's stuck in your head.  Loud or crazy . . . I hear that a lot.
I most often dream . . . about not studying for a final exam or that snakes are in my house.  I haven't been in school in 20 years, and I loathe snakes . . . is there a stronger word than loathe?  Hate?  Detest?  Yeah, all of that.
The best part of my day . . . is when my workout is OVER.  I feel like a freaking rock star . . . not like physically, but mentally.  I also like when I first lay down in bed . . . Getzy calls our bed quicksand.  It's true . . . our mattress is the bomb.
I really don't understand . . . people without common sense.  Is that mean?  I suppose when you are common 'sensical,' it just doesn't compute that folks "don't get it."  Sucks for them.
I get really annoyed . . . when people chew with their mouth open or smack their lips while eating.  WTH?  Nobody wants to see, or hear, what you are eating.  Gross.
There's nothing like a . . . taking a hot, relaxing bath.  It's the best way to end a day, especially with a good book and a glass of wine . . . oh, and some peace and quiet.  Life gets easier as your kids get older!
Lately, I can't get enough . . . water.  No seriously.  I'm just not a thirsty girl, but I know the health benefits of drinking lots of water.  If I can get in like 6-8 cups a day, I'm calling it a win.
One thing I am NOT is . . . indecisive.  Make a freaking decision people.  Go with your gut . . . it's usually right.  And I'm not tan.  That sucks a big one.
I spent too much money on . . . my wedding.  Getzy would agree . . . it was fabulous and all, but if we had invested that money . . . damn, when did I get so practical?
I want to learn . . . to speak French fluently.  I was getting close back in my early twenties, but you know what they say . . . if you don't use it, you lose it.  Ain't that the truth.
If I ever met Oprah in real life, I would . . . scream and go into the ugly cry.  Then I would just sit quietly, for once, and wait for the ah-ha moment.

I can't stop . . .  believing.  In myself, in God, in mankind, in Santa, in love at first site . . . life would suck without all those things.

Never have I ever . . . kissed a random person in a bar or on a dance floor.  Is that too much?  Am I over sharing? 

Reese Witherspoon . . . needs to go back blond and get her sh!t straight for her chirren.  And call a freaking cab.

And there you have it folks . . . more information than you ever wanted.  It's what I do!

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  1. Love!! And I totally agree about Reese! She's cray cray right now. :)