Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boy meets girl . . . in a bar

The year was 1997 . . . back when Seinfeld was the hottest show on TV and Titanic was the popular movie . . . and we all wanted to be Kate Winslet on the bow of the ship.  Am I right?  Well, I walked into a bar, met the man of my dreams and the rest, as they say, is history. 

OK, that sounds ridiculous, even to me . . . but it's mostly true! Certainly nobody is perfect, but sometimes you find the person that is perfect for you! It takes a special man to put up with my crazy, and Getzy has done a bang up job so far!
Our 1st photo together . . . at his brother's wedding in
Florida . . . and probably the hottest day ever!
Here's how the story goes . . .

I have two great friends with today as their birthday (shout out AF and KH)!  Back in 1997, both were having birthday happy hours at the same bar, Old Ebbitt Grill, in Washington D.C. 
The scene of the magic!
I get all fancy and head to the bar.  I still have the dress I was wearing . . . hoarder!  I kid, but it was very sentimental to me so I still have it.  I remember I also had on some awesome wooden platform Candie's shoes . . . and yes, they were cool back then!
Didn't believe me?  Here's the evidence.  It was cute on!
It still seems like yesterday when I was walking to the bar that night in the June heat, before the sun went down.  I have such fond memories of my days spent in Washington D.C. . . . I could go on and on about the fun I had, but I digress.

I remember my friend Liz was sitting at that very bar pictured above, and I was standing near her.  We were  enjoying the atmosphere and chatting it up like always.  She was engaged at the time, and I remember asking her if she was planning on taking the guy's last name. 

Being the independent girl that she was, the answer was no.  This cute guy, wearing a business suit, leaning back against the bar chimed in and said, "You're not going to take the guy's last name?"  And she confirms that no, she wasn't interested. 

I speak up and say that it would depend on the name as to whether I would take it or not.  I said I was dating a guy with the last name Smith, and I didn't want such a plain last name given my unusual maiden name.  I also mentioned that I had briefly dated a guy with the last name Slappey, and I sure as heck didn't want to be Amy Slappey. 

I look at the cute guy in the business suit and say, "So, what's your last name?"  He says, "Getz."  I smirk back and say, "Well, that's a take-able last name."  Bam.  I love to tell that story!

So my friend Kim and I are going to another bar in Arlington, Virginia.  We make an open invitation for everyone to join us.  The cutie in the business suit says that's he lives near that bar.  I negotiated with him saying if he would walk me to my car, I would drive him home. 

As we are leaving Old Ebbitt Grill, the cutie thinks he's funny and says, "Do you always offer to drive random guys home from bars?"  I look at him and snark back, "Only when I know their friends and can find them and prosecute."  He laughs and says, "Prosecute.  Not a word I was expecting to here!"  Ha!

At the time, I drove a rocking red hot Saturn (does rocking red hot and Saturn even go in the same sentence?) . . . such a girl car.   

Not my actual car . . . but what it looked like, spoiler and flip lights included!!
As we are walking to my car from the bar, I see this beat up old Honda civic parked right behind me. I walk up to the driver's side door and make like the crusty old civic is my ride.

As he's looking at it all funny, I laugh and say no, it's the red one in front.  Then, he kinda looks around a little and ducks inside my car.  I ask him what he was doing and he says, "I just didn't want anyone seeing me get into a Saturn."  Smart ass. But I liked it.

We are heading to Virginia out of the city, and I make a wrong turn . . . into the Vice-President's home.  And yes, I'm serious. 

Al Gore's home, at the time of my wrong turn.
Cut me some slack, I was all distracted by the cute guy in my car and it was dark.  I ask the Secret Service agents manning the gate how to get back to the Key Bridge, and we make it to the other bar, finally. 

We hung out and chatted with everyone for awhile, but I had to get home for work the next day.  It was a Wednesday, after all.  So I tell the cutie I'm ready to go and drive him to his apartment.  We exchanged business cards and said our polite good nights.  Damn, we are old!  Do people still have business cards?  And technically here's where the story ends . . . but really it was just the beginning. 

I loved that Getzy didn't play any games.  He emailed me the next day, and we ended up chit chatting via email for a couple of weeks.  Just so you know, I'm not a "cheater."  I broke up with the Smith guy before I ever agreed to go out on a date with Getzy.  That was a leap of faith, and I'm sure glad I took the jump. 

Throw back photos from the '90's . . . I love his smile!
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I never heard the full story - very entertaining! I am doing several of the exercises that your Tabata ladies taught me - so thanks for that!

    -- Ashlee

  2. Aw, tht is a cute story. Happy anniversary of the day you met!

  3. Love this story!!!!!

  4. Love that story! And the dress...... Hmmmm you sure he wasn't mesmorized by the legs it was showing :)

    1. Ha! I'm sure . . . I'm pretty sure my wit and charm would win over my legs any day!!! But thanks!