Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jack Daniel's and a Corvette

Roadside America . . . one of my passions!  I love 'touristy' stops and will drive out of my way for a roadside attraction.  Case in point . . .

On the way to Chicago last week, we made a stop at the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Now don't go gettin' all uppity . . . I 'googled' it before I left to make sure it was appropriate for children . . . and it got great reviews!  

I thought it would be just off the Interstate, and we'd zip through and get back on the road . . . not so much!  It was about 30 minutes off the Interstate . . . mostly small back roads.  No matter though . . . I was committed!  It was surprisingly lovely when we pulled up to it . . . very lush and green and well manicured. 
So the tour was free . . . that's was a huge bonus.  I was a little shocked when our tour guide announced it was about an hour and 15 minutes, but it was worth every second!
And is it wrong that I kept singing Ke$ha, ". . . brush my teeth for the night with a bottle of Jack . . ."  My Mom was all like, "What are you talking about?"  We rocked it out in the car later . . . she may wish she never asked!
"What have you gotten us into Mom!?!"
Honestly, the visit was top notch . . . we were in a small group with our own tour guide.  Her name was Jenny and she was great . . . she had a fabulous Tennessee accent too!  We got a thorough history of the distillery and learned a lot about the process of making whiskey . . . you know, in case this stay at home Mom thing doesn't work out. 
Here are the kids hangin' out with Uncle Jack . . . they were NOT a fan of the smell throughout the tour but did think it was cool! 
Guess what we got to sample at the end?  Wait for it . . . Lemonade!!  Ha!  The distillery is in a dry county so no free samples. 
The kids thought it was THE BEST lemonade . . . probably Country Time or something!
That's fine by me because I despise whiskey, especially Jack.  Wanna know why?  I thought so . . .
OK, so my dad was a mechanic and while he didn't drink, ever, customers would bring him gifts of alcohol at the holidays.  He kept them in the garage and usually my uncle would claim them. 
Anyway, one day I asked him if I could take a drink out of a bottle of Jack . . . I was a teenager.  Do not think that is so terrible . . . I asked, didn't sneak it, he was right there and he obviously knew the effect it would have on me.
So, I take a big swig from the bottle, because I was cool like that, and for the love of all that is holy . . . I thought I was going to die.  Like seriously.  I ran to the bathroom in our garage (what, you didn't have a bathroom in your garage?) and spit it out in the sink.  I tried to run water in my mouth but my head wouldn't fit under the faucet.  It. Was. Awful.
To this day, I can not, will not, drink Jack Daniels or any other whiskey.  Not even in my crazy college years or single days bar hopping.  I don't really even like the smell of it . . . all because my Dad let me have a swig when I was a stupid kid.  1 Dad.  0 Amy.
Getzy does not show the same aversion to the Jack that I do . . . here was his loot from the distillery.  Apparently they can sell it if it's in a special bottle.  Nice.
Souvenirs for Getzy . . .
So we are back on the road for our next stop . . . the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky!   
Honestly, this stop is really more for the actual Corvette owners/enthusiasts.  It was cool and all, but I wouldn't tell you to go out of your way for it!  There were two highlights from there . . . getting to hang out in a Corvette . . .  
Heeyyy . . . old lady in a hot car!  Bam!

And the bathroom signs . . .
Corvette butts . . . cracks (pun intented) me up!
OK, our final stop for the day was an obscure one . . . I found it on . . . my spot for locating random sites to see!  
In Munfordville, Kentucky, someone has built a replica of Stonehenge, like the one in England.  Now I knew it was in their private yard, but the website said they were friendly.  I figured what the hell, why not?  I may, or may not, have had to turn around in a private drive to get myself outta there but no one called the cops so it's all good!
Look kids, "Big Ben, Parliament . . . I mean Stonehenge."
OK, so that was enough for one day . . . we settled in for the night in Scottsburg, Indiana . . . adventures to be continued!


  1. Fun!!! I'll have to check that site out for when we drive to Florida!

  2. Favorite line - "you know, in case this stay at home Mom thing doesn't work out." :-D

    Recently, I was telling my mom recently about all the neat factory tours and stuff you take your kids to. I really need to start taking mine to things like that.