Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother Trucker and a Liebster

I'm a mother trucker because I just drove from Chicago to Atlanta yesterday . . . like a boss.  Bam.

Let me map that out for you . . . a mere 700ish miles and 11 hours . . . 13 if you occasionally stop to pee, fuel up and grab some noms, which we did. 
I'm like a total profesh when it comes to road trips . . . love them.  My kids love them too . . . are you ready for my double secret road trip formula for happy kids? 
Come closer . . . a little closer . . . CANDY AND SODA!!!!!  Boom, there you have it!  Throw in some movies and fast food, and you can go anywhere!  Kickin' it old school on the movies . . . the kids enjoyed them, especially The Goonies!
Now don't be all 'judgy.'  The key is to not offer these 'treats' on a regular basis so when you throw them in the car for hours, their sugar highs prevent them from complaining. 
Getzy stayed home to work so he can afford my road trips.  My Mom flew in from Virginia to make the trip with me . . . she's awesome on the road as long as I make sure she has a full cup of ice cold Diet Coke! 
The trip was going along swimmingly until I had to call 911 last night to report a crazy ass fuel tanker . . . that's definitely who you want messing with you on the interstate . . . a truck full of fiery explosives!  It was no joke . . . he ran up on several cars, mine being one of them, flashing his lights and left less than a car length between him and anyone else . . . at 75 mph . . . in the dark.  Uhm yeah, don't jack with a mother driving her children . . . she will set the cops on you.  Talk about a mother trucker . . . except substitute a letter or two.   
OK, more on my trip to come later this week . . . but onto some more exciting new! 
I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Amy @ The Diary of a Fat Mom!  More on that tomorrow!
So much to say and share so I've got some blogging to do this week . . . I need a laptop (shout out to Getzy) so I can blog while I'm away . . . I'm sure y'all missed me, right?  Right!  I'm glad to be home!

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