Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fur Bus and a Surprise 40th

Getzy deserves serious props and accolades for pulling off a grand caper this past Saturday night . . . a surprise 40th birthday party for me!  Here's to my fabulous husband . . .
My favorite cocktail . . . 1800 Margarita!
I could not have been more clueless . . . it's not typically easy to pull things over on me.  Here's what I usually tell Getzy and the kids . . .
But after two weeks of scout camp and another Ruby incident, my sleuthing skills were kind of lax.  It also helps that my actual birthday isn't until July! 
I knew the plan was to go out with our friends on Saturday night to attend a rescheduled brewery tour.  I was whining to Getzy about going . . . not because I don't love to hang out, but because I was just so tired and worn down. 
He was all like just get up and get ready . . . we're going.  Thankfully I decided to put on some make up and a mostly cute outfit.  I put on flats because I was feeling so dang lazy.  I had to pull my hair back because I fell asleep after my shower with a wet head.  Nice.
So our friends come to pick us up . . . they had devised a story about why there were coolers and bags in the back of their car, but I didn't even notice.  The only time I started to question things was when we drove a different way than I thought we should be going. 
Getzy said he forgot something at a friend's house but then took the long way there.  Two things Getzy never does . . . leave stuff behind or drive the long way any where.  Suddenly my suspicions were raised.
We drove into our neighborhood pool parking lot and guess what I found there??  The legendary Atlanta Fur Bus.  I have heard about this crazy ride on the radio and have even seen it around town a few times, but . . . 
Oh yeah . . . who doesn't love an Extreme Limousine!
Imagine my delight when I realize the Fur Bus was dedicated to me for the night!  I get on the bus to find some of the greatest friends a girl could have . . . I was so shocked I was shaking!   
My chariot and my prince . . .
My best girlfriend mixed up some party drinks to go . . . the SPF 40, a delightful coconutty mix that tasted like the beach . . . and had the cups, straws and little umbrellas to complete the effect!
We headed to dinner at this fun Cajun restaurant called Henry's!  The owner is from Louisiana and loves to wander about the restaurant and flirt with the ladies . . . and pass out beads! 
He was also very generous in the shot department . . . he brought me a special birthday shot and then one for each of the ladies . . . they were a delightful cherry flavor!
Shots for the ladies . . . we love us some Chef Henry!
Then he made a restaurant announcement about my birthday and brought their famous bread pudding . . . so tasty!
I wished for . . . duh, so not telling!
So it's back on the Fur Bus, and we head out to a fun dancing spot . . . Johnny's Hideaway.  It's a well known fact that I LOVE to dance.  Getzy and I used to go out to the clubs in Washington D.C. and dance the night away.  It's no secret that his dance moves were a huge part of my attraction to him . . . and his cute face. 
Now it's hard for the married and in their late 30's/40's crowd to find their dancing niche.  Johnny's is more of an older divorcee crowd, but the alternative was a young wild club.  Our motto is always to opt for the spot where you're going to be the youngest and most fun, so Johnny's it was!
We danced like it was the only way into heaven . . . so much fun!  And I feel like I should apologize for the randomness of the photos, but in all honesty . . . I'm sorry I'm not sorry! 
I should probably be embarrassed . . . but I'm not.  You can still have fun at 40!
My only regret from the night is that I wish I had more and better photos of each person who joined me.  It just wasn't in the cards given the alcohol, moving vehicle and cover of darkness. 
Each and everyone of the folks who celebrated with me should know just how much I love them. Like pink puffy heart them.  
And I hope Getzy knows that he could not have arranged a more perfect 40th birthday for me . . . and it was such a bonus that it was a TOTAL surprise!  He just nailed it . . . and made me so happy!  Talk about pink puffy 'hearting' someone. 
And one last photo. . . these two crazy ladies make my life better . . . I love them.  A lot.  And bonus points to Getzy for the photo bomb! 
My ladies . . . they are 'klassey' with a "K"!
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  1. Sounds like a VERY, VERY fun night ... glad you had such a great time!!

    1. Aww, thanks! It was awesome . . . a night to remember!

  2. This sounds AWESOME! :) Happy early birthday and glad you had a blast!