Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Too much stress . . . over a guinea pig

So lots of things are happening that I want to write about . . . but it's the odd stuff that I just have to share . . . guess where Ruby went on a field trip this week?

Uhm, yeah, that's the vet's office.  Well, to be more specific, not my usual vet for the dogs, but an exotic pet vet.  Didn't know there was one of those now did you??

A little history . . . it's no secret Getzy is not in the Ruby Fan Club (of which I am the President).  He dutifully changed her food and water and gave her carrots every day while we were gone to Chicago . . . he just never got her out and cuddled her.  So when I returned and noticed she wasn't eating or drinking as much, naturally I thought she was depressed.  Guinea pigs get depressed . . . didn't know that either, right?

So Amanda and I held her all last week like it was our job . . . the boys helped out when they weren't too busy playing video games. 

I cleaned her cage and put her bowl, water bottle and plastic house through the dishwasher in case it was dirty.  A little known fact about me . . . basically everything I own is fair game for a run through the dishwasher.  I like things clean and sanitized.  Things like plastic stools, toys, pet dishes, toothbrushes, and even the potty chairs when my kids were little (by themselves of course because eeewwww) . . . my deep seated need to kill germs knows no bounds. 

Ok, back to Ruby . . . I googled favorite guinea pig foods and served them up . . . I went to PetSmart and got her Timothy Hay, vitamin drops and a hay manger . . . for the baby Jesus . . . I mean Ruby.

I emailed the teacher to see if she had any advice . . . Ruby had her stumped.  I asked a question about sick guinea pigs on my neighborhood Facebook page.  We even prayed over Ruby at dinner, and I had a good cry about her to Getzy on Sunday.  She wasn't just depressed . . . something was seriously wrong.  And for the love of St. Francis . . . no class guinea pig is dying on my watch . . . at least not without a fight. 
So after a long day at Cub Scout Camp on Monday (yeah, me with 12 rising 5th grade boys for 8 hours . . . be jealous), I came home long enough to find an exotic pet vet, and the Princess and I loaded her in the car for our "adventure."
They were super lovely at the vet . . . very knowledgeable about guinea pigs . . . except the didn't really know what was wrong.  I guess that was mostly because I opted out of having her X-rayed or put under anesthesia to check her back teeth, which could be a problem. 
I basically felt like an ass for "not going the distance," but seriously?  So the cheapest route to cover all our bases was this . . .
And yes, I nearly "shipped my pants!"  You know what I was thinking . . . Getzy is going to kill me.  So I start texting my best friends while I'm waiting for all Ruby's medications to get ready.  I've just told my MFFF about the bill, and how I think Getzy will react . . .
And to make sure I can see the laughter in all situations, by GBFF offered her support . . .
And yes, they show me how to give Ruby her medicine but apparently the exam and dropper fed medicine were just too much and she had a seizure.  And I cried.  They told me it was normal after so much handling, but it was hard to watch.  I was grateful it was over quick. 
So after receiving subcutaneous fluids at the vet (thankfully in the back office), she came home with antibiotics, pain medication, an anti-inflammatory, Vitamin C and critical car food . . . that needs to be dropper fed to her . . . the food every 4 to 6 hours.  Did I mention I have a life?  Yes, one currently dedicated to a guinea pig. 
Yep, that's a mortar and pestle that I use to grind up her Vitamin C, and then I put it in the green food and dropper feed her . . . she's actually loving it . . . she's a sucka! 
Here she is ready to get her medicine . . . she's much perkier today! 
I need to give Getzy credit . . . he just quietly nodded at my declaration of the bill amount . . . at some point he just admits defeat and knows the pets always win.  After all these years together, he deserves endless beers and buckets of gold to pay for the pets

So all my Internet friends . . . say a quick prayer that Ruby makes a full recovery, and I don't get the reputation as the killer of the class pet. 

And Ms. G, if you're reading . . . I might just be getting you a new class guinea pig because no one will ever love Ruby as much as me!



  1. Getzy is a true sport! My Hubby would have catched and released! Amy- I hope that if I am ever found quivering in a cage that you will try to save me! :)

  2. I will, I will!

    And you're right, Getzy is pretty awesome . . . I think I'll keep him!

  3. You are officially the funniest person I know.

    1. Why thank you! Too bad I don't know who thinks I'm so funny . . . I'm keeping track, you know!

  4. I like how it is the "High Total"... Why didn't they give you the "Low Total"? Would have been easier to show Getzy!

    1. I know right? I was all like, "But it's the class pet . . . she's not even mine. Do I get a discount?" Uh yep, $4.60. Thankyouverymuch. Not.