Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Turning 40

It's no secret that I celebrated my 40th birthday in July, and I must say, it wasn't too bad! 
If I'm honest, I was kind of dreading turning 40 . . . I mean, is life halfway over for me?  How many people really live past 80?  And FYI, I can't find an accurate answer . . . I tried.  I like the numbers. 
Turns out awesome friends and a pretty cool husband make it a freaking fabulous experience.  So Getzy surprised me with the Fur Bus Fun . . . and I got some of the best presents ever . . . it's like my friends totally know my material love languages!

Honestly presents are just a huge bonus . . . I certainly didn't expect them . . . it really is just awesome to have a birthday since the invention of Facebook (feel free to like my page here), but man did I feel the love.

I'm a sunscreen professional . . . it's really a necessity given my fair skin . . . if you've ever been anywhere near the sun with me, I'm slathering on the sunscreen.  So my two best ladies got me this . . . note the SPF level.  They mock me.  I still love them.  Shout out beotches . . . you know who you are!
Then one of my most favorite friends . . . who left me last year and moved to a land far away . . . sent me a goodie box in the mail . . . really, is there anything better than getting packages at your door stop?  I think not. 

She's the friend that taught me the fine art of coffee consumption . . . in my late 30's.  She had a Keurig and flavored creamers . . . it looked so warm and cozy to sit around with a mug of hot Joe, and all those buttons on the Keurig were so tantalizing!  Some of my best memories are of the two of us sitting on my back deck and chatting with our mugs of coffee.  Her gift meant a lot to me .  . a coffee Pandora charm and a "personalized" wind chime for my deck!  Check it out!  Puts me in a happy place!  Love and miss you DA!
I need music in my life.  I feel it.  And my friends get to benefit from my overuse of the iTunes so sometimes they indulge me with an iTunes gift card.  I literally get so excited and cannot wait to redeem the code to start downloading more music . . . I almost always have a list of songs I need on my phone.
The same awesome friend who's willing to indulge my iTunes addiction also did a little sneaky late night decorating, or maybe it was her ninja like husband?  I woke up to this on my birthday . . . it was too high up for me to "fix" but Lordy, Lordy . . .  you get the picture!  I felt loved . . . an outed!  Shout out LP and the ninja!  

Clearly my friends know I love the Pandora charms . . . each one I add to my bracelet has a special meaning to me, and I love to tell folks about my charms.  My sweet friend secretly texted Getzy to confirm my favorite color . . . and voila, a red poppy Pandora charm with infinity spacers.  It matches a dogwood charm my Mom gave me recently, and I love it.  It's perfect!  Shout out KH!
Another one of my most fun friends surprised me with a "Getz Girlon Fire" cake . . . we had a good chuckle at the cake decorator's interpretation of my moniker! 
I can't remember the last time I received a birthday cake with my name on it . . . how special is that?  I almost felt like a kid again!  So thoughtful!  And as a bonus, she got me a pair of fabulous red earrings . . . she didn't even know red was my favorite color.  Or that I've been wanting a pair of red earrings and haven't found the right pair!  Love her.  Shout out SF!
Everybody is a winner in their own right, but some of us really like to win, no matter what the prize.  So how fun was it to receive some scratch off lottery tickets for my birthday.  I never treat myself to these so it was fun to take a gamble . . . and lookey here, we have a WINNA!!!  Thank you for the fun gift LR!
I love a bracelet . . . my wrists never seem to expand when my waistline does . . . check out this super amazing and awesome Alex and Ani (+) ENERGY bracelet my fabulous friend treated me to for my 40th.   
I had not heard of this company before but fell in love.  Alex and Ani offers "eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit ". . . do you love it?  I thought so. 

But my friend melted my heart when she told me the message behind my bracelet . . .

"In the beginning of a marathon, your head keeps you focused with the notion that all dreams are possible with the right state of mind. As the journey progresses, the sheer will to succeed must move you forward. At the most challenging moments, your heart will undoubtedly take over. Adorn yourself with the It's Not a Sprint Charm as a reminder that life is the ultimate marathon for it's the moments that make up the journey."
. . . and she got it for me because she said that is how I live my life.  OMG . . . she had me at hello.  This makes me so, so happy.  Thank you BM!

And I must send a shout out to one of my long-time friends . . . EVERY year, without fail, I receive a birthday card in the mail from her.  It's to the point now where I would be so disappointed if I didn't get one . . . it's been going on for that many years.  And I've kept every one.  I am a card hoarder . . . if you send me one, you can bet I've kept it for posterity.  Have I been as consistent with sending them to her over the years?  Hell no.  But she doesn't seem to care . . . she is a wonderful and faithful friend and remembers me anyway.  That is true friendship and love.  Thank you AF!   

See what I mean?  How freaking awesome are my friends?  I am so blessed and grateful beyond measure for the kindness and generosity of others . . . thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

OK, so those are definitely some of the ups of turning 40, what could possibly be the down?  Oh, just my now annual mammogram. 

A little "selfie" or "OOTD" (outfit of the day) picture for your viewing pleasure . . . and yes, you're welcome!
These were some fun little colorful "pasties" I got to wear to "mark" my nipples . . . no tassels though.  Disappointing really. 
And let me tell you, this imaging center was swanky . . . I felt like I was at a day spa.  Real robes, fancy changing rooms, lockers to store our belongings . . . but the waiting area was the best part.  It was decorated like a Fifth Avenue apartment and had a snack bar.  Do these people want me to stay?
I had to bring the Princess along for the ride because well, it's illegal to leave her home alone.  She, in fact, thought it was a fabulous trip with her fancy hot chocolate and cheeks full of snacks!
Overall, I'd say the whole mammogram experience was really more of an up than a down . . . I was treated like a queen, spent some time with my Princess, had some free snacks and got felt up.  Not too bad.

Now to all of you out there that are "afraid" to get your mammogram done (I'm talking about you JW), I highly recommend . . . and I'm happy to go with you just to hang out in the waiting room and enjoy the swag!

And the best news . . . my results were clear!  Another day, another victory! 
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Road Tripping

Phew . . . we had a hella long road trip this weekend!  We drove home from Maine to Georgia on Saturday and Sunday . . . the traffic was a hot mess and there was some road construction so suffice it to say, it was not our best trip ever.  Boo. 

However, it was Ah-Maze-Ing to come home and find this . . .
Yeah, my bestest friend snuck into my house with her key and left me a homemade pasta dinner ready to bake, garlic bread, milk, bread, cut up fruit and veggies and a whole pile of salad fixings . . . OMG, can you stand it? 
Seriously, this was like the most awesome and thoughtful thing ever . . . it kills me that I didn't think of it first and treat her to the same thing after her long vacation.  Like I've said before . . . she's mine, and I'm not sharing. 

So last year we rocked the whole Maine to Georgia trip home in 19 hours straight!  The kids were awesome and voted to keep driving until we made it.  It should be noted that Getzy drives the whole way . . . he does not "enjoy" it when I drive because he's OCD and a control freak.  Honestly though, it takes one to know one.
Back to this year . . . we had a great ride on our way to Maine!  I found this little lovely at a Cracker Barrel in New Jersey . . . makes me totally happy combining two of my favorite things . . . road trips and Tervis Tumblers!
We did 15 hours from Georgia to Connecticut the first day and left at the butt crack of dawn the next morning so we could be in Maine at the same time as Getzy's brother's family . . . no competition there.  It should be noted that they flew, like literally, as opposed to what it felt like we were doing on the road. 

So the first thing Getzy must do is enjoy an Italian from Amato's . . . they are pretty tasty . . . just not so healthy.
And said Italians must be eaten at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth right next to the ocean on the rocky cliffs . . .
And here's some proof that Two Lights is a requirement . . . shout out to my sis-in-law for the awesome collage . . .
We then headed to J's Oysters in the Old Port to eat some more . . . raw oysters this time!  Technically the other adults ate the raw oysters . . . I enjoyed a package or two of oyster crackers

Did I mention that I don't eat seafood?  Yeah, I pretty much hate it all, expect maybe an occasional tilapia fillet.  I can't stand the texture of any crustacean.  And that fishy flavor . . . eeeewwwwww! 

So we shop around a bit and enjoy a beer at Gritty's
Getzy loves a t-shirt so he had to "shop" at Gritty's before we head out to another family favorite dining experience . . . Street & Company!
So if I'm honest, this is not my kind of place . . . fresh and overpriced seafood.  I know it's popular as you have to get in line early to get a seat, and it's on all the top lists for dining experiences in Portland . . . but $20 for Fettuccine Alfredo is not my idea of a "worth it."  Everybody else was happy so that makes it worth it!
And I'm embarrassed to even write this . . . we left dinner and treated the kids to ice cream . . . MORE FOOD!  I feel fat just thinking about it . . . but I'm happy to report I did NOT get ice cream.

We finally headed to Freeport for the night to bunk up with the Maine cousins . . . it was so awesome seeing them again, and we were all getting excited for our week at the lake!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outside of my comfort zone . . .

Quick late night post . . . the fabulous Melanie over at 4 Kottez Runs It and Kyra from Nine Months are hosting a Race Day Photo link-up! 
I could not resist joining this one since my favorite race day picture inspired the name of my blog!  The photo comes from a Warrior Dash that I did a couple of years ago with some awesome friends.  Check it out!
Come on . . . that's pretty bad ass, dontcha agree?  I freaking jumped over fire.  Real fire. 
Does that picture show my 'fluffy' bits and crazy hair?  Yep.  Is it my best picture ever?  No.  But it makes me so proud!  It makes me feel accomplished!
I want to embrace life . . . live it to the fullest.  I want to feel on fire with passion and joy . . . be a happy and healthy wife, mom and friend.  Get outside my comfort zone.  Try new things.  Go new places.   
That picture symbolizes those things . . . thinking about doing that race was scary.  Doing it was thrilling.  That's what I'm going for in life . . .
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A little Tuesday check-in . . .
So about those fitness challenges for July . . . well, crunches and push-ups . . . keeping up with this one . . . not too shabby!  I like that there is a rest day worked into the schedule . . . it's a huge bonus when that rolls around! 
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred challenge . . . done, as in "I quit!"  It's not worth wrecking my knee . . . I think I need to just do this video like once or twice a week, but errrrday is not gonna work.  OK, I felt bad and now I'm over it . . . moving on.

Final challenge . . . the #60inSixty . . . so far I've only done 5 miles, but I have until September 2nd so I'm not worried about it.  This challenge makes me happy . . . I don't have to do it everyday but it gives me a goal!
In other news, I really, really like to know the distance when I go walking or running . . . like I obsess over the numbers.  Not sure why I'm like that, but I just need to know. 

So since Getzy likes it when I get myself new things . . . oh wait, that's a lie . . . I crack myself up . . . well, since it's like my birthday month and all . . . I treated myself to one of those fancy Garmin running watches that tells me the mileage, the lap pace, calories, etc.  And you know what?  It's freaking fabulous.  Looks like this . . . me likey the color! 
I'm also the freak that doesn't like anything to move when I'm running . . . I like to be super streamlined.  Holla!  I can't run without my music so I need to carry my phone.  And I'm concerned somebody might catch on to my super sneaky trick of leaving my keys on my car tire so I invested in this little ditty . . . LOVE IT! 
It's an SPIbelt and works like a charm!  It hugs right around your hips and doesn't bounce or slide when you run.  I thought it was fabulous . . . even though some of my friends accused me of wearing a fanny pack.  Which it is not.  I slide it around my back and tuck it up under my shirt so at least it's not so obvious . . . basically I just can't see it or feel it and that makes me happy.
So I'm pretty much going to run like the wind at this point!  Over and out on this fine sunny day . . . go take on a challenge and buy yourself something pretty!    

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five . . .

Linking up with the cute Darci from over at The Good Life Blog for a little "5 on Friday" action . . . basically you get to blog about any five things you want . . . fabulous!
1.  First and foremost, I get to go visit my baby at camp today!  I. can. not. wait!  My oldest went off to his first sleep away camp, and I feel like I'm missing an appendage.  I cannot believe my sweet little boy is going to middle school this year.  Will he be home tomorrow?  Yes!  Am I making the two hour drive there anyway?  Hell yes! 
2.  I seriously have the funniest friends.  My best girl friend was off visiting her grandmother at a nursing home and sent me this lovely little text . . . cracked me right the hell up.
3.  My boys found a diamond at track practice awhile back, and I promised them I'd take it to a jewelry store to see if it was real.  Did I think it was real?  No.  But it looked like it could be and because they were so sweet about it, I thought I'd humor them!
Did you know they have a diamond tester at Jared's?  Me either!  Apparently they can put the tester on the stone, and it indicates diamond or not.  The gentleman at the store was so nice and even though he could tell it wasn't real, he "tested" it anyway.  Sorry the pic is a little dark.
I was very appreciative and told him thanks for showing me, and then he suggested we test my ring so we could see the difference.  It never crossed my mind to ask and for a split second I thought, "What if my ring isn't real?"  But I did see the papers after we were engaged so I knew Getzy was in the clear . . . but here's the proof!  And ignore the sausage fingers.
4.  I love that my Princess asked to go outside to cut some flowers and brought them in for me . . . and I really love her choice of 'vase!'  We are from the south after all . . .
The Princess and her Daddy both love raspberries . . . so much so that a couple of years ago they decided to grow their own.  It has taken awhile, but they are finally getting some actual fruit . . . thus the crazy 'spiderman' scene going on because the bunnies, birds and/or deer appear to love them as much as they do.  Never mind her blue mouth . . . she just enjoyed a bomb pop . . .    
5.  Last but not least, it's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A today . . . the Princess was in charge of my "costume" and Kyle got to wear my cow print apron. 
Funny story about that apron . . . I am NOT a fan of the cow print.  Getzy thought it would be so funny to buy me a cow print apron years ago . . . joke's on him . . . look how useful it is!   
Amanda made her "bellies," otherwise known as udders . . . she asked me if I wanted some . . . I declined politely!  We are a cute crew though . . . 'udderly' adorable.  OMG, that is so bad, but I couldn't resist!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Queen of Laser Hair Removal

Yes, that is an official title, and it's mine.  Y'all know I love me some lasers.  I will pay out the wazoo for organic milk, but I'll laser the crap outta my body . . . at least I'll die hairless.

This is kinda the look I'm going for . . . meow . . . except minus the wrinkles and whiskers.
And I do not recommend you Google "hairless cats" because really . . . well, just don't.

I've decided that since I can't be tan, I'll be hairless . . . like basically from the neck down.  Yes nosey, that does include . . . my arms.  Winky face.

And really, I'm the perfect candidate because I have fair skin and my natural hair color is dark . . . I'm not blond or red, mostly just a mousy brown (therefore, I color my hair religiously).  Basically that means the laser will pick up the color of the dark hair and not the skin pigment (or lack thereof, in my case).  Naaaah Naaaah Nah Boo Boo tan people.  Take that and go be hairy.  I digress . . . 

I had my appointment yesterday for the full body zap . . . it requires some prep work, if you know what I mean.  Oh, you don't?  Let me explain. 

Thankfully I've been doing this for a few months so the time commitment is less these days . . . the first time was a doozy. 

See, you have to shave every area you want 'lasered.'  The hair has to be gone so the laser can zap the follicle . . . otherwise the laser's energy will be absorbed by the actual hair and your results won't be as good. 

And let's just assume that one has areas that have never been fully shaved before, like for example . . . your arms . . . well it takes awhile to get rid of the hair.  Like 'I ran out of hot water in the shower' too long!  I had to go back for round 2 with the razor before my first laser hair removal treatment. 

My next little nugget of info is a big one . . . are you ready?  Yes, it freaking hurts.  People always like to ask me, "Does it hurt?"  Uhm, yes.  Duh. 

Is it as bad as childbirth?  No people . . . nothing is really worse than pushing a bowling ball out of your va jay jay.  I play nice with the questions, I really do.  But yes, it hurts and yes, I live to tell about it.  And yes, I do it again and again and again.  No pain, no gain.  And I always tell the hairy people, "Try it, you'll like it!"  

So due to the "uncomfortableness" of the procedure, I purchased some numbing cream specially formulated by the Med Spa I go to . . . it looks like this . . .
And for the love of Petey, the syringe is just the way they measure it.  It serves no purpose other than to house the cream.  So I squeeze a little out . . . you don't need a lot, I've used it several times now and still have a lot left . . . and you apply it to the more "sensitive" areas.  I do not use it on my legs, arms, or anywhere else you can see, if that gives you a clue.  Insert another winky face.

You need to do this about an hour before you session.  And yes, it really works.  It's like you've had an epidural, and you can walk around.  You can't feel a freaking thing.  It's fabulous. 

And it would be nice if I could rub it everywhere to numb all the pain, but the FDA has deemed that not to be a good thing . . . and I'm basically a rule follower.  Apparently wrapping the areas you want numb in plastic wrap after applying the cream is also dumb . . . let it be noted that I never even considered that an option.  Again, I say, "Duh!"  Some people are just stupid.  Check this article out!

So I arrive at the spa and am promptly informed that my lady Beth no longer works there and that Anya will be taking care of me.  WTH?  Let's just say that Beth and I were old friends since she'd seen every square inch of me . . . it's a little scary to think about having a new esthetician.  But Anya was a delight, and bonus points . . . she had a fabulous Polish accent.  I love accents! 

You can't take antibiotics for two weeks before you have a treatment.  Check.  And you're not really supposed to have sun exposure for several weeks before the treatment because of the laser picking up on the color of your skin.  Check.

However, Anya thinks I have sunburn . . . ah, no, I'm just beet red all the time . . . there hasn't even been any sun in Atlanta for over a week.  I promise I haven't been sunbathing . . . ever.

So I undress and hop on the hot pink table in my little terry cloth wrap.  I put on my goggles and let the games begin . . . zap, zap, zap.   
She basically worked top down to the middle, feet up to the middle and then . . . well, the middle.  Which is actually the easiest part because it's numb!  Bonus. 

She was pretty impressed at how red and bumpy I got after the treatment . . . I told her not to be jealous, that it was a gift really.  When all was said and done, I had to apply hydro cortisone and aloe all over everywhere, basically like you'd treat a sunburn.  Good times.  These are my friends . . .
So now Anya and I are old friends, and I've made an appointment to go back for more laser treatments in August.  See, I told you it wasn't that bad.

On another note, I went with some of my lady friends to see The Heat last night.  Hy-freaking-sterical!  I love a good laugh.  And I really love Melissa McCarthy!   
Now, I don't think it was as funny as the first Hangover movie or Bridesmaids, but it is definitely worth seeing in the theaters . . . unlike Monsters University. 
I suppose it's not fair for me to critique Monsters U . . . best $6.00 nap I've had in awhile!             

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