Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A little Tuesday check-in . . .
So about those fitness challenges for July . . . well, crunches and push-ups . . . keeping up with this one . . . not too shabby!  I like that there is a rest day worked into the schedule . . . it's a huge bonus when that rolls around! 
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred challenge . . . done, as in "I quit!"  It's not worth wrecking my knee . . . I think I need to just do this video like once or twice a week, but errrrday is not gonna work.  OK, I felt bad and now I'm over it . . . moving on.

Final challenge . . . the #60inSixty . . . so far I've only done 5 miles, but I have until September 2nd so I'm not worried about it.  This challenge makes me happy . . . I don't have to do it everyday but it gives me a goal!
In other news, I really, really like to know the distance when I go walking or running . . . like I obsess over the numbers.  Not sure why I'm like that, but I just need to know. 

So since Getzy likes it when I get myself new things . . . oh wait, that's a lie . . . I crack myself up . . . well, since it's like my birthday month and all . . . I treated myself to one of those fancy Garmin running watches that tells me the mileage, the lap pace, calories, etc.  And you know what?  It's freaking fabulous.  Looks like this . . . me likey the color! 
I'm also the freak that doesn't like anything to move when I'm running . . . I like to be super streamlined.  Holla!  I can't run without my music so I need to carry my phone.  And I'm concerned somebody might catch on to my super sneaky trick of leaving my keys on my car tire so I invested in this little ditty . . . LOVE IT! 
It's an SPIbelt and works like a charm!  It hugs right around your hips and doesn't bounce or slide when you run.  I thought it was fabulous . . . even though some of my friends accused me of wearing a fanny pack.  Which it is not.  I slide it around my back and tuck it up under my shirt so at least it's not so obvious . . . basically I just can't see it or feel it and that makes me happy.
So I'm pretty much going to run like the wind at this point!  Over and out on this fine sunny day . . . go take on a challenge and buy yourself something pretty!    

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  1. Don't worry, I can only do Jillian 2-3 days per week so I don't burn myself out. And awesome watch!! I want one, but I have to listen to music when I run so I just use my phone for both. I also need so e kind of belt, but one that holds water. Do they have those in spi too?

  2. So how's that Garmin. Will Getzy get mad if you buy me one? Since Christmas is like oh 5 months away... ;)

  3. I have Garmin envy, but I beat you to the SPI-belt. Love mine! I am still rockin the fitbit, which communicates with my digifit running app on my phone. One day I will suck it up and go Garmin like the cool kids!

  4. I love my Garmin!!! I know want a SPI-belt, but I need to find something for the half that will help me carry some water!! :)