Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five . . .

Linking up with the cute Darci from over at The Good Life Blog for a little "5 on Friday" action . . . basically you get to blog about any five things you want . . . fabulous!
1.  First and foremost, I get to go visit my baby at camp today!  I. can. not. wait!  My oldest went off to his first sleep away camp, and I feel like I'm missing an appendage.  I cannot believe my sweet little boy is going to middle school this year.  Will he be home tomorrow?  Yes!  Am I making the two hour drive there anyway?  Hell yes! 
2.  I seriously have the funniest friends.  My best girl friend was off visiting her grandmother at a nursing home and sent me this lovely little text . . . cracked me right the hell up.
3.  My boys found a diamond at track practice awhile back, and I promised them I'd take it to a jewelry store to see if it was real.  Did I think it was real?  No.  But it looked like it could be and because they were so sweet about it, I thought I'd humor them!
Did you know they have a diamond tester at Jared's?  Me either!  Apparently they can put the tester on the stone, and it indicates diamond or not.  The gentleman at the store was so nice and even though he could tell it wasn't real, he "tested" it anyway.  Sorry the pic is a little dark.
I was very appreciative and told him thanks for showing me, and then he suggested we test my ring so we could see the difference.  It never crossed my mind to ask and for a split second I thought, "What if my ring isn't real?"  But I did see the papers after we were engaged so I knew Getzy was in the clear . . . but here's the proof!  And ignore the sausage fingers.
4.  I love that my Princess asked to go outside to cut some flowers and brought them in for me . . . and I really love her choice of 'vase!'  We are from the south after all . . .
The Princess and her Daddy both love raspberries . . . so much so that a couple of years ago they decided to grow their own.  It has taken awhile, but they are finally getting some actual fruit . . . thus the crazy 'spiderman' scene going on because the bunnies, birds and/or deer appear to love them as much as they do.  Never mind her blue mouth . . . she just enjoyed a bomb pop . . .    
5.  Last but not least, it's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A today . . . the Princess was in charge of my "costume" and Kyle got to wear my cow print apron. 
Funny story about that apron . . . I am NOT a fan of the cow print.  Getzy thought it would be so funny to buy me a cow print apron years ago . . . joke's on him . . . look how useful it is!   
Amanda made her "bellies," otherwise known as udders . . . she asked me if I wanted some . . . I declined politely!  We are a cute crew though . . . 'udderly' adorable.  OMG, that is so bad, but I couldn't resist!

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  1. I want your family when my kids are your kids ages! I love these stories and I hope I can make well rounded individuals too! ;)

  2. I actually had a colleague whose DID buy his fiancee a fake ring. He was the boastful sort, and he had a booming voice. My office was right nextdoor to his when I overheard (couldn't help it!) him talking to his jeweler, asking him NOT to appraise it along with the other items that he brought in, because it was a CZ. The now-wife is a friend, and I noticed that she stopped wearing that ring. Wonder if the jig was up...