Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Heart Drives Away on a Bus . . .

Guess what's on this bus?
A large chunk on my heart . . . and it just drove away . . . for a week.  Mom cried.  He didn't.

My oldest is going to Boy Scout camp from Sunday to Saturday . . . what a phenomenal experience! 
Everything he should need for the week is packed away in that locker.  We painstakingly went through the checklist last night . . . it all fit, so surely he did not over pack.  I did teach him the fine art of rolling his clothes and separating them into Ziploc bags as an efficient space saving technique.  OCD at it's finest. 

I know he will have lots of fun. I know he will learn amazing new skills.  And there's something about those first tastes of being independent . . . but mama doesn't have to like it.

He won't be able to forget about me though . . . because he'll get his care package on Monday.  I like to call it his swag bag. 

Another Mom and I were discussing what we were sending, and when we were sending it . . . she started off the conversation with the fact that she had already mailed her "envelope."  What?  Lame.  I needed a sturdy box.  Shout out SF!

So I worried at first about what to send, and then it was like divine intervention . . . the ideas just started to flow, and it was hard to stop. 

Here's where you wish you were my kid away at camp . . .

And I say to hell with the possible bears . . . he will either eat it, share it with friends or secure it in the locker . . . the 'locker of shame' at this point, with all the loot from mom!  

I managed to get just about all of it into one box . . . but didn't want to smash the chips.  I sent those with him on the bus.  I topped it off with a note from Mom and Dad . . . so proud of that boy!

I was worried it was going to cost a fortune to mail . . . I mean, maybe my friend was onto something with the envelope . . . but alas, only $10.35 and delivery on Monday.  Score!

So think about me this week . . . I'll be missing my baby something fierce.  But I know he's a good boy, and we've taught him right . . . I just pray he makes it home safe and sound . . . especially after white water rafting on Thursday! 
In other news, I've seen this A LOT the past couple of weeks . . .
So in keeping with celebrating my 40th birthday all month long, Getzy and I did a little shopping . . . and I came home with this . . .
And yes, it's fun to get new "toys," however, not when they are unplanned . . . like our new hot water heater, new dishwasher, new sub floor under the dishwasher and new A/C unit upstairs, all this spring.  Seriously folks, the "fun" has to stop somewhere. 

So we'll call this a birthday present to make it easier to stomach . . . because Windows 8 is making it hard enough.  Seriously, what were they thinking?  Old ladies do not like to learn new tricks . . . at least not this kind!
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  1. Wow! Impressive haul in the care package. I heard the boys don't brush their teeth at all the whole week at camp, but since the kid is the product of you and Getzy, I bet he'll be the exception to that rule. :-D

    I'm jealous of your new laptop. It almost makes me want to turn 40 so I can get one. Almost, but not quite.

  2. Can I please be your daughter away at camp?? I want that care package!
    And awesome on the new laptop! I haaaated my old one, but got an iPad instead.

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