Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nashville Part Deux

Day 2 of the Nashville adventures . . . we rouse the troops from their hotel slumber and pack up the family truckster.  We voted to eat breakfast outside of the hotel, mostly for the sake of adventure.  McDonald's (and any other fast food chain) are banned on our mommy adventures, unless they are the last resort.

Our plan was to head to our first Nashville tourist attraction and find some eats along the way . . . given that we were clueless and impatient, Ami the co-pilot, looks for a diner on Yelp. 

She located the Nashville Biscuit House . . . it got a pretty good rating so we were all in . . . until we got there.  Ami offers to go "get a menu" which translates to go inside and make sure it's not too disgusting!  

Turns out, it was fabulous!  We had the cutest waitress who I'm sure is going to be a country star one day!  It was greasy breakfast food, so tasty . . . we also smelled like grease for hours afterwards!  Bonus.    

We leave with full bellies and head to The Ryman Auditorium . . . the 5th home of the Grand Ole Opry and the most famous.  
The Ryman housed the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 until 1974 and is known as the second best place to hear music in the nation . . . next to the Mormon Tabernacle, at least according to our tour guide!  Look at these yahoos trying to sing . . .
The theater was so cool and intimate . . . I would love to see a show there!  The stage was replaced in 2012, but the lighter section up front are the best boards salvaged from the original stage . . . how cool is that?
We opted for the Backstage Tour because really, the other would have been a waste.  No photos were allowed in the dressing rooms, but we did see some cool exhibits featuring Johnny and June Carter Cash and of course, my favorite, Minnie Pearl!      
And on our way out, after the gift shop of course, we have one last photo opportunity with Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl.
Since Ami and I are American Pickers fans . . . blame it on our mothers . . . we couldn't resist hitting the Nashville store for Antique Archeology.
The old building was cool, and it was fun to see items picked from episodes I've watched on TV . . .
But unless you want Antique Archeology merchandise, I'd tell you to skip it.  Shhh, you didn't hear that from me.  The store was super small, lots of "NFS" or Not For Sale items and way too many t-shirts and other 'logo-ed' items.  Whomp.  Whomp.

It's now time for lunch, and we were originally headed to the Wild Horse Saloon until . . . we met two delightful segway cops and asked their opinion.  Guess where they suggested?  A very classy joint . . . Dick's Last Resort!  A mostly inappropriate, but hysterically funny, spot for the children! 

Why is it inappropriate you ask?  Well, each of our kids was given a "hat" by the rude waitress . . . that was part of her schtick, and the kids thought it was so awesome.  And they got a giant vat of fully caffeinated soda . . . score! 
And I may have met a very interesting man in the bathroom . . . but I like Getzy better!
We leave the restaurant and as we are walking down the street, Ami and I get the wafting scent of leather.  I look at her . . . she looks and me . . . we shrug at each other and say, "When in Nashville . . ." so we head into the Nashville Boot Company . . . and after some deliberation . . . voila, proud cowboy boot owners!
We had to head home, but there was so much to see and do on the main drag in Nashville . . . we can't wait until next time!  We're thinking a girls' weekend so we can wear our boots and go Honky Tonkin'!

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  1. Very cool trip!!! I have to say that I clogged on that very stage at the Ryman in 2003!!! Well, that was before kids. LOL!