Monday, July 1, 2013

Perfect storm for starting fresh . . .

Ermahgerd . . . today is like the first day of the rest of our lives . . . I mean seriously . . . not only is it a Monday, it's July 1st and it's the first day of the last half of the year . . . Boom. 

I've been pretty slack lately in the working out department . . . and by slack, I mean not doing a damn thing except going to camp, eating and traveling. I didn't sign up for my boot camp's summer session because I was going to be in and out so much and I'm lazy.  My plan was to keep running and do some work out videos at home.  Apparently I needed not just a plan, but a plan of action.

So since my slightly OCD self likes a fresh start, it's time to make some noise in da houze . . . with Jillian Michaels that is.  Or as the Princess calls her, "Jilly-Ann." 
Since I don't feel comfortable leaving my kids at home alone while I go workout (and Getzy is at the office), I need something I can do here.  And it's freaking hot outside so it's nice that I can do it in the A/C.  

A couple of other blogging mamas that I enjoy reading are doing the 30 Day Shred challenge . . . Holly and Amber.  Those two are crazy enough to post before and after pictures . . . I'm not sure the world is ready for me to bare my midriff so I'll spare you the photos.  

I usually get bored with a 30 day challenge, quit and then feel like a failure.  I've decided that instead of getting all worked up over potentially quitting, which hasn't actually happened yet, I'm just going to be excited about starting.
Yeah, what Socrates said.

I've also got a plan to log all my food into My Fitness Pal over the next couple of weeks before we head off on a family vacation . . . trying to undo any damage I did the last few weeks and prepare for the future vacation damage.  Solid plan, I know.  I think I just need to keep this in mind . . .
Anyone care to join me on a new workout adventure?  I love having a partner in pain crime.  You can do your own thang or pick up the Jilly-Ann video for less than $10 at the Walsmart or Tar-jay!  Do it.  I need someone to remind me to get up off my arse. 
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  1. I totally just finished the 30ds or I would do it with you! I'm going to start RI30 next week, but only 2-3 days per week.
    I like working out at home bc of the kids too. Plus it's a 20 minute video and I feel it's just as effective!

  2. This is my first week of the kids' summer vacation without going to the Y :( So, I busted out my favorite workout videos that someone awesome (aka YOU) gave me!! Yip-pee! I'm with you!

  3. Did you start this yet? I need to do this.