Monday, July 29, 2013

Road Tripping

Phew . . . we had a hella long road trip this weekend!  We drove home from Maine to Georgia on Saturday and Sunday . . . the traffic was a hot mess and there was some road construction so suffice it to say, it was not our best trip ever.  Boo. 

However, it was Ah-Maze-Ing to come home and find this . . .
Yeah, my bestest friend snuck into my house with her key and left me a homemade pasta dinner ready to bake, garlic bread, milk, bread, cut up fruit and veggies and a whole pile of salad fixings . . . OMG, can you stand it? 
Seriously, this was like the most awesome and thoughtful thing ever . . . it kills me that I didn't think of it first and treat her to the same thing after her long vacation.  Like I've said before . . . she's mine, and I'm not sharing. 

So last year we rocked the whole Maine to Georgia trip home in 19 hours straight!  The kids were awesome and voted to keep driving until we made it.  It should be noted that Getzy drives the whole way . . . he does not "enjoy" it when I drive because he's OCD and a control freak.  Honestly though, it takes one to know one.
Back to this year . . . we had a great ride on our way to Maine!  I found this little lovely at a Cracker Barrel in New Jersey . . . makes me totally happy combining two of my favorite things . . . road trips and Tervis Tumblers!
We did 15 hours from Georgia to Connecticut the first day and left at the butt crack of dawn the next morning so we could be in Maine at the same time as Getzy's brother's family . . . no competition there.  It should be noted that they flew, like literally, as opposed to what it felt like we were doing on the road. 

So the first thing Getzy must do is enjoy an Italian from Amato's . . . they are pretty tasty . . . just not so healthy.
And said Italians must be eaten at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth right next to the ocean on the rocky cliffs . . .
And here's some proof that Two Lights is a requirement . . . shout out to my sis-in-law for the awesome collage . . .
We then headed to J's Oysters in the Old Port to eat some more . . . raw oysters this time!  Technically the other adults ate the raw oysters . . . I enjoyed a package or two of oyster crackers

Did I mention that I don't eat seafood?  Yeah, I pretty much hate it all, expect maybe an occasional tilapia fillet.  I can't stand the texture of any crustacean.  And that fishy flavor . . . eeeewwwwww! 

So we shop around a bit and enjoy a beer at Gritty's
Getzy loves a t-shirt so he had to "shop" at Gritty's before we head out to another family favorite dining experience . . . Street & Company!
So if I'm honest, this is not my kind of place . . . fresh and overpriced seafood.  I know it's popular as you have to get in line early to get a seat, and it's on all the top lists for dining experiences in Portland . . . but $20 for Fettuccine Alfredo is not my idea of a "worth it."  Everybody else was happy so that makes it worth it!
And I'm embarrassed to even write this . . . we left dinner and treated the kids to ice cream . . . MORE FOOD!  I feel fat just thinking about it . . . but I'm happy to report I did NOT get ice cream.

We finally headed to Freeport for the night to bunk up with the Maine cousins . . . it was so awesome seeing them again, and we were all getting excited for our week at the lake!
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  1. That is a loooong carride! I couldn't do it! But your friend is so so sweet, I love it!

  2. You were in a Cracker Barrel in NJ!! Close to me! :) Glad you had a fun vacation!