Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Turning 40

It's no secret that I celebrated my 40th birthday in July, and I must say, it wasn't too bad! 
If I'm honest, I was kind of dreading turning 40 . . . I mean, is life halfway over for me?  How many people really live past 80?  And FYI, I can't find an accurate answer . . . I tried.  I like the numbers. 
Turns out awesome friends and a pretty cool husband make it a freaking fabulous experience.  So Getzy surprised me with the Fur Bus Fun . . . and I got some of the best presents ever . . . it's like my friends totally know my material love languages!

Honestly presents are just a huge bonus . . . I certainly didn't expect them . . . it really is just awesome to have a birthday since the invention of Facebook (feel free to like my page here), but man did I feel the love.

I'm a sunscreen professional . . . it's really a necessity given my fair skin . . . if you've ever been anywhere near the sun with me, I'm slathering on the sunscreen.  So my two best ladies got me this . . . note the SPF level.  They mock me.  I still love them.  Shout out beotches . . . you know who you are!
Then one of my most favorite friends . . . who left me last year and moved to a land far away . . . sent me a goodie box in the mail . . . really, is there anything better than getting packages at your door stop?  I think not. 

She's the friend that taught me the fine art of coffee consumption . . . in my late 30's.  She had a Keurig and flavored creamers . . . it looked so warm and cozy to sit around with a mug of hot Joe, and all those buttons on the Keurig were so tantalizing!  Some of my best memories are of the two of us sitting on my back deck and chatting with our mugs of coffee.  Her gift meant a lot to me .  . a coffee Pandora charm and a "personalized" wind chime for my deck!  Check it out!  Puts me in a happy place!  Love and miss you DA!
I need music in my life.  I feel it.  And my friends get to benefit from my overuse of the iTunes so sometimes they indulge me with an iTunes gift card.  I literally get so excited and cannot wait to redeem the code to start downloading more music . . . I almost always have a list of songs I need on my phone.
The same awesome friend who's willing to indulge my iTunes addiction also did a little sneaky late night decorating, or maybe it was her ninja like husband?  I woke up to this on my birthday . . . it was too high up for me to "fix" but Lordy, Lordy . . .  you get the picture!  I felt loved . . . an outed!  Shout out LP and the ninja!  

Clearly my friends know I love the Pandora charms . . . each one I add to my bracelet has a special meaning to me, and I love to tell folks about my charms.  My sweet friend secretly texted Getzy to confirm my favorite color . . . and voila, a red poppy Pandora charm with infinity spacers.  It matches a dogwood charm my Mom gave me recently, and I love it.  It's perfect!  Shout out KH!
Another one of my most fun friends surprised me with a "Getz Girlon Fire" cake . . . we had a good chuckle at the cake decorator's interpretation of my moniker! 
I can't remember the last time I received a birthday cake with my name on it . . . how special is that?  I almost felt like a kid again!  So thoughtful!  And as a bonus, she got me a pair of fabulous red earrings . . . she didn't even know red was my favorite color.  Or that I've been wanting a pair of red earrings and haven't found the right pair!  Love her.  Shout out SF!
Everybody is a winner in their own right, but some of us really like to win, no matter what the prize.  So how fun was it to receive some scratch off lottery tickets for my birthday.  I never treat myself to these so it was fun to take a gamble . . . and lookey here, we have a WINNA!!!  Thank you for the fun gift LR!
I love a bracelet . . . my wrists never seem to expand when my waistline does . . . check out this super amazing and awesome Alex and Ani (+) ENERGY bracelet my fabulous friend treated me to for my 40th.   
I had not heard of this company before but fell in love.  Alex and Ani offers "eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit ". . . do you love it?  I thought so. 

But my friend melted my heart when she told me the message behind my bracelet . . .

"In the beginning of a marathon, your head keeps you focused with the notion that all dreams are possible with the right state of mind. As the journey progresses, the sheer will to succeed must move you forward. At the most challenging moments, your heart will undoubtedly take over. Adorn yourself with the It's Not a Sprint Charm as a reminder that life is the ultimate marathon for it's the moments that make up the journey."
. . . and she got it for me because she said that is how I live my life.  OMG . . . she had me at hello.  This makes me so, so happy.  Thank you BM!

And I must send a shout out to one of my long-time friends . . . EVERY year, without fail, I receive a birthday card in the mail from her.  It's to the point now where I would be so disappointed if I didn't get one . . . it's been going on for that many years.  And I've kept every one.  I am a card hoarder . . . if you send me one, you can bet I've kept it for posterity.  Have I been as consistent with sending them to her over the years?  Hell no.  But she doesn't seem to care . . . she is a wonderful and faithful friend and remembers me anyway.  That is true friendship and love.  Thank you AF!   

See what I mean?  How freaking awesome are my friends?  I am so blessed and grateful beyond measure for the kindness and generosity of others . . . thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

OK, so those are definitely some of the ups of turning 40, what could possibly be the down?  Oh, just my now annual mammogram. 

A little "selfie" or "OOTD" (outfit of the day) picture for your viewing pleasure . . . and yes, you're welcome!
These were some fun little colorful "pasties" I got to wear to "mark" my nipples . . . no tassels though.  Disappointing really. 
And let me tell you, this imaging center was swanky . . . I felt like I was at a day spa.  Real robes, fancy changing rooms, lockers to store our belongings . . . but the waiting area was the best part.  It was decorated like a Fifth Avenue apartment and had a snack bar.  Do these people want me to stay?
I had to bring the Princess along for the ride because well, it's illegal to leave her home alone.  She, in fact, thought it was a fabulous trip with her fancy hot chocolate and cheeks full of snacks!
Overall, I'd say the whole mammogram experience was really more of an up than a down . . . I was treated like a queen, spent some time with my Princess, had some free snacks and got felt up.  Not too bad.

Now to all of you out there that are "afraid" to get your mammogram done (I'm talking about you JW), I highly recommend . . . and I'm happy to go with you just to hang out in the waiting room and enjoy the swag!

And the best news . . . my results were clear!  Another day, another victory! 
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  1. Your friends are amazing!!! Seriously.
    And I know I've asked before, but how old are your kiddos? Your princess is a doll baby! I want her! ;)

  2. The picture of the pasties! Hahaha! Hope everything turns out great :) p.s. in honor of your bracelet. You should set a goal to run a marathon ;)