Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  We are back to running as a family . . . Cross Country started this week and Coach Amy (snicker) is back in action!  I really prefer the fall Cross Country season over spring track, and there's nothing wrong with a 542 calorie burn for the night!  Ignore the time and pace . . . I had it on the whole practice.  Now the trick is not to eat back all those calories!  Nom, nom, nom.

2.  Speaking of running, let me take a moment to brag on some local celebrities, I mean my children.  Clearly they get their running genes from Getzy me.  They are fast little suckers . . . mostly because we run them like Kenyans at practice.  The P.E. teacher (shout out Ms. A) from their elementary school asked if she could write an article for the local paper about our kids.  She wanted to feature them because she has never had another family where all the kids qualified to be "Torch Runners."  Uhm, yes please!  And voila, we got printed!!

3.  A couple of weeks ago, Getzy and the boys went camping, so the Princess and I had a Mom and daughter day of fun.  We dressed up fancy and went to the American Girl store to use a gift certificate she had. 
She chose the "Feel Better" kit . . . it was actually pretty cool and came with crutches, casts, finger splint and an ace bandage.  Too bad her doll Josephina was past her urgent care abilities and had to be sent off to the hospital . . . creeptastic!
And the Princess selected our lunch destination . . . she is a self-proclaimed cheesecake addict so this was the perfect spot for her!

4.  They boys are into shooting stuff . . . thankfully it's just with Air Soft guns and targets . . . nothing too terrible.  And it's clearly better to shoot stuff with your friends.  The neighbor's boys asked our boys to help them make a fort so they could hide inside it and shoot each other from across the yard . . . all with proper safety gear mind you.  I say brilliant!  Kudos for creativity and building sh*t!  And yes, it looks like they could all be brothers.
5.  I love, love the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain . . . it's always the weekend after Labor Day.  My girlfriends and I have been going for several years now, and we lucked out with beautiful weather today!   The one thing missing was our friend who moved to New York . . . she knows we love and miss her, mostly because we taunted her with texts about our day!

 Enjoy your weekend . . .

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