Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And when the daylight comes . . .

Mama's still got to get up and be a responsible parent.  Damn.  Especially after a ladies night out to Lakewood Amphitheater to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.  Holla!

I love a concert.  You need a concert friend?  I'm your girl.  I'm not even that picky . . . I'll try anything once. 

I have major lady love for Kelly Clarkson.  And Adam Levine is well, Adam Levine.  Swoon.  I'm not even fond of tattoos, but seriously?
You're welcome.
So my ladies and I ditch the family and head out for a few preconcert nibbles.  We didn't have reservations any where, nor did we even have a dinner plan, so we did a little free stylin' . . . that means we took a random exit and drove around until we found something that looked interesting.

We ended up at Brewhouse in Little Five Points.  Very smoky and I wanted to have an intervention with the girl trying to get her passed out boyfriend to take a sip of Red Bull  . . . through a straw . . . at 5 p.m. on a Monday.  Honey, he's got bigger problems than you are equipped to handle.  Move on.  Operative words:  wanted to, but didn't.
Any who, we all shared a couple of fancy pizzas, and I enjoyed a Guinness draft . . . because I'm a bad ass like that.  We sat outside and had a lovely time.  I want to go back and explore a little more in the area.

We head to the concert . . . ended up getting stuck in some Atlanta traffic but really, after paying for VIP parking because well duh, we are clearly VIP potential, we got to our seats just in time for Kelly Clarkson to start her show!
Let me just say, my home girl rocked it out!  I absolutely loved the lighting effects, and the humongous screens behind and to each side of the stage made for a great view  . . . especially since I'm pretty sure I had the tallest dude at the concert in front of me.

Kelly sounded very natural . . . I just love the deeper tone to her voice.  Her interaction with the audience was awesome . . . she made you feel like you were having a conversation.  She recently got engaged, and her diamond was craze amaze.  Like huge.  My only little criticism was that she didn't really have any dance moves . . . y'all know I like me some dancing. 
Crappy picks but it's my proof I was there . . .
My favorite song of the night was towards the end . . . "People Like Us."  The stage appeared to glow in the dark, and there were 3 drummers on stage rocking it out on giant oil drums.  The drummer in her band was outstanding . . . he joined in with the other drummers and the bass was amazing . . . I felt it in my chest.  Love.

And then . . . enter Maroon 5!  Hey Adam.  How you doing? 
Take it off Adam!!
I just love their music, and it all sounded amazing!  Adam had a lot of energy, which caused him to sweat a lot, which caused him to take he shirt off.  Shame.  Except not.  A little confession . . . I adore when Adam sings, but honestly, his "talking" voice is rather high and slightly squeaky.  OMG.  Did I just say that?  I feel like a traitor.  I still love you Adam.  But hush up and sing.

They played for almost two hours and rocked the house!  They did an acoustic version of "She Will Be Loved" and oh my.  My favorite song of the night had to be when they played "Daylight" as the last song . . . what a perfect ending.

Sad side note on that song . . . makes me think of my old man Petey.  I heart him so much and never want him to leave me . . .
So handsome . . . he's my love.
Geez, bringing it back up . . . we made it out of the crowded parking lot in record time thanks to my bad ass friend Ami working her NASCAR skillz.  And having eaten dinner on the early side, these mamas needed some late night snacks.  Are you ready for our fat girl shame?
Three out of four of us had never partaken of the Krystal burger . . . so Cindy said it was time to deflower us.  Classy ladies ordering up four originals in the drive thru . . . $4.00 total.  That is where the shame started . . .

Yes, we kept going . . . and this is where it ended . . . we were loco for sure.  And I'm pretty sure we got ripped off at $5.56 for four because I did NOT have sour cream on my taco. 
And now that it's out there, I'm locking down this dirty little episode of late night munching in the vault of shame, and we will never speak of it again.  And I vote for the Krystal burger.  And we were all like this . . . so good.
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