Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Da Bears . . . of Mercer University

I had a most excellent Labor Day weekend.  Know why?  Because Getzy was super happy and in his element and that makes my heart smile. 

He works so dang hard . . . he coaches . . . he's a Scout leader . . . he takes martial arts with the boys . . . he helps with homework . . . he pisses me off a lot . . . oh wait, that snuck out . . . overall he's a pretty awesome dude who deserves to have some serious fun.  And he did this weekend.  Proof.
Why's everyone leaning?  A huddle maybe?
After a 72 year hiatus, his alma mater, Mercer University, finally has their football team back.  So many of his college and fraternity buddies descended on Macon, Georgia this past weekend for an impromptu reunion and to attend the first game. 
A beautiful new stadium . . . alumni donations at work!  Go Bears!
Since there was tailgating to be done, I farmed out all the kids to different families on Saturday by 9 a.m. and drove down to Macon with my BFF Ami . . . our husbands needed the extra night of partying so they left on Friday.  Well played fellas.  She and I would have done the same thing. 

Getzy and several friends bought season tickets.  He gave mine away to a friend since I didn't attend Mercer.  He's a sucka.  No matter though . . . Ami and I went anyway to partake in the fun and scored us some tickets from a friend.  Take that. 

The fact that we were in the stadium all of 15 minutes does not excuse him from dolling out my ticket to an actual alumni.  Ok, maybe it does.  We even missed the American flag parachuting onto the field . . . damn.

Oh say can you see . . .
Getzy says that Macon, Georgia could very well be the hottest place on the planet.  I didn't really believe him until Saturday . . . and it's true, middle Georgia is officially hotter than hell.  It seemed like we sweated so much we couldn't get a proper buzz.  Almost. 

Ami and I stayed out of the tailgating planning because quite frankly, no one wanted our help.  They are stupid.  See exhibit A . . .
Sorry ass tailgating . . .
Ok, well technically there was a big grill and some side dishes, but no one really had an appetite given the heat.  And the only plates and utensils were the ones Ami and I threw in at the last minute.  So we drank our lunches and hung out with sloppily dressed undergrads . . . they were nice though . . . might have been our easy up shade and flowing beverages.  Ami and I are convinced it was our winning personalities and sharp wit.   
So after suffering through watching the game for a bit, Ami and I headed over to the campus bar, Margarita's.  It was air conditioned, the food was great and our waiter called us chicas . . . we were happy.  Cheers!
Nothing hotter than an old lady in a campus bar!  No seriously, I was hot.
We manned our zone all night and folks came and went.  It was awesome to have Ami there because then Getzy could hang out with his friends, catch up on old times and not worry about me.  The added bonus was that I could say, "Hi, nice to see you!" and run walk away before the stories of yesteryear got into full swing . . . because I've never heard any of those before.  Winky face. 
A great time was had by all . . . and it was worth the chaos and favors extended to find sitters for my kids.  I sometimes forget how much I like Getzy . . . getting away for some quality time with each other and our friends without kids was awesome . . . I highly recommend!   
It should also be noted that Getzy got the unofficial award for aging well . . . I must say my man is, and has always been, a freaking hottie.  Date up ladies . . . life's too short to settle.  Fact.
Ami and I can't wait for the next game and the opportunity to tailgate with flair . . . Mercer colors are orange and black . . . the ideas are endless. 

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  1. Replies
    1. You are funny . . . this totally made me giggle out loud! Join us next time! Just a little road trip . . .

  2. If it was so hot, why in the world are you wearing a sweater, sweetheart?!?

    1. Totally not a sweater . . . it's just a light weight 3/4 sleeve cotton shirt . . . keeps me from having to use so much sunscreen! ;-)

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