Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five on Friday . . . errr, Sunday

So this post was supposed to happen on Friday, but it didn't . . . so it's the Five on Friday . . . Sunday edition!

1.  Steak-umms.  Say wha?  Well, Getzy loves to tell the story over and over of how he and his brother used to make themselves Steak-umm sandwiches after school back in the day.  No parents.  Just a couple of brothers and a frying pan . . . and delicious "steak" sandwiches.

So while strolling through the grocery aisles, I heard angels singing and saw a bright light shine down on the freezer case . . . and bam, Steak-umms.  Getzy was so happy when I brought them home . . . I told the boys to give them to Daddy and ask him to "show you the way!"  Some provolone, white hoagie rolls and Steak-umms . . . a greasy delight!
2.  Every year, without fail, I order myself an official White House Christmas ornament.  As soon as the catalog arrives, I call (yes, I speak to a real person) and order my new one! 

I lived in Washington D.C. from 1995 to 1999 and had friends that worked at the White House.  Every year they would place a big ornament order for friends and family, and that's when I started collecting.  I've ordered all the way back to 1981 and have one for every year since . . . Happy times!

3.  Any one else feel the need to organize when their life feels crazy?  Oh good, I'm not alone.  Showing off your messy pantry feels almost like being naked . . . I'm admitting to my mess and my eating habits.  Please don't be too judgy. 

It felt so good when it was done . . . I kept walking back through the kitchen and opening the door for a peak!  Kyle was the most impressed . . . made me feel like a rock star. 
4.  Remember the creepy American Girl doll that needed to visit the hospital . . . check out her before picture here.  Well, she was returned in the mail, and it was fabulous!  She came with all her limbs attached, she was clean and her hair was coiffed.  Amanda was so excited to open the box and find her in her hospital gown complete with a hospital id bracelet and socks.  Worth every penny of the ridiculous amount I paid
5.  The princess is not the biggest fan of reading, which just about kills me because I love a good book.  Last week she told me the words were blurry when she read.  I would have put her off and told her to quit complaining, but I tried that route with Kyle a few years ago and turns out he needed glasses.  Whoops.  So I make an eye appointment and sure enough, she needs glasses for reading.  She chose them herself . . . obviously. 
And there you have it folks . . . here's to a great week!

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