Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday . . .

Here's what made me happy this week . . .
Ignore the wrinkles . . . it came in the mail!
You know you want one. 
{One}  Y'all know I love me some Petey . . . a couple of weeks ago my friend texted me a picture of a "Petey" sweater (shout out LS).  Note:  That is what we call all things Boston Terrier in our family.  For example, "Look Mom, there's a Petey dog."  Or, I just bought myself some Petey shoes.  My friend told me it was at Kohl's.  I had a 30% coupon and meant to go buy it for myself on Sunday, but I ended up not getting around to it. 

Sooooo, Getzy brings in a random package from the mail on Sunday.  I emptied the mail box on Saturday so how it was there on Sunday is a real mystery.  Magic, maybe?  Mom magic for sure.  When I opened the package, it was that very sweater I meant to get myself.  My Mom purchased it for me in Virginia and mailed it to me as a surprise.  She literally made my day, my weekend, my week.  I felt so loved and special in a way only mom's can make you feel.

Yeah, I can't read that either.
{Two}  Very few things get Getzy excited so when he treats himself to something, that makes me happy.  It also justifies all the sh!t I buy myself and alleviates any residual guilt I may, or may not, have.

Getzy's mixed drink of choice is a Manhattan.  He was introduced to these at a family reunion back in 2000 by his Aunt Deb.  We enjoyed afternoon cocktails at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, and he's been hooked ever since.

He thought it would be cool to age his own Manhattans so he purchased this oak barrel online.  Go get you one here!  He's such a huge genealogy nerd fan that he had the signature of the first Getz to arrive in America burned onto the front.  Balthas Gotz arrived in Philadelphia in 1751.  Clearly he thinks his family was a bunch of boozers.  It's been aging for a month . . . he and a friend have tried it twice (shout out JS) . . . apparently it's a little strong.  They are happy to keep testing.

Ignore the crazy hair and breakfast of champions!
{Three}  The Rainbow Loom.  If you haven't purchased this delightful little bit of plastic, then you and your kids are really missing out.  Amanda got it for her birthday and became a bracelet making machine.  Apparently it's cool no matter what your age or gender because both of my boys are 'googling' You Tube videos on how to make different styles.  And the sweetest part?  All the kids make them for each other and to give away to friends.  Happy heart.

Look out below . . .
{Four}  I love it when my children get creative and put down their electronic devices.  Recently they decided to have an egg drop competition.  I wasn't super excited for them to use my Eggland's Best eggs for dropping off the deck, but I caved in the name of science. 

They each created their own design.  Amanda's was a gluey mess of cotton balls and construction paper.  Fail.  Kyle's was two plastic bowls filled with cotton balls and then duct taped together like it was his job.  Also a fail.  Ryan created his own snug little box out of cardboard, filled it with cotton balls and made a parachute.  Winner!  I'd call it good clean fun, but it really wasn't clean.  Just fun. 

Those eyes . . . what is she trying to tell me?
{Five}  Abigail.  This girl melts my heart.  For whatever reason today, she would not leave my side.  It almost worried me because while she usually stays close, she doesn't often join me in the bathroom.  I sat down for a minute this morning and she was right there laying her head on my leg.  (Note:  This picture was from the kitchen table, NOT the bathroom.  Just thought I should clarify.)  Maybe she thought I needed a little extra love today.  Or maybe she did. 

Tell me something that made YOU happy this week!

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  1. Awwww.............
    I don't have a whole lot to share so here it goes:

    1) YOU.... your continuous optimism/enthusiastic giving heart <3

    2) At the 6th grade dance I found a girl standing alone in a corner crying. I approached her to see if she was OK. She said, "I didn't know that we were supposed to bring money." I brought her to the concession stand(no pat on my back) and told her that I would pay for her to get a drink and a snack. She slowly seemed to calm down/open up. She approached me again later on and sort of hinted that she may have wanted another water. I gave her $1 and told her to purchase it. About 20 minutes later she came up to me with the biggest smile, with the water bottle held against her cheek and said, "I think that I really like water now."
    3) My boys remembered to put down the seat and flush the toilet!

    1. OMGosh - I love the 6th grade dance story . . . I bet that little girl will remember that forever and one day she'll pay it forward to someone and think back on what you did. Heart happy. And yes, put the darn seat down. In fact, in our house, the whole lid goes down after every use whether boy or girl . . . we are equal opportunity flushers over here! :)

  2. I'm in Spain visiting my mother-in-law. Her vision is poor and she has not been able to read a book in a long time. I checked out an audiobook for her from my public library's website, which she plays on her iPad. She is obsessed with the story and feels like she has part of her life back. THAT made me smile. -- AF