Monday, September 9, 2013

My family is whole agan . . .

Well, temporarily anyway.  Ruby, my long lost guinea pig love, came "home" for a visit.  For those of you who don't know Ruby the Home Wrecker, you can go here and here, oh, and finally here to check out her story.
I missed you!
Since I sucked at blogging this summer, I guess you didn't hear the "rest of the story."  So I nursed Ruby back to health and devoted my time to fulfilling all her guinea pig dreams. 

I really wanted to make her our permanent pet . . . and I actually got parental rights from the teacher.  I thought long and hard about keeping her, but I decided her life would be better with a bunch of 5th graders showering her with attention than home alone when my own kids went back to school. 

Getzy declared me nuts for putting so much thought into her future . . . oh, and he also said, "No, HELL no" on keeping her, but who are we kidding?  When do I listen to him?  I had to decide on my own what was best.  And I did. 

We had a 12 day vacation to Maine on the calendar, and I was afraid to leave her with a pet sitter for fear of her dying without me.  So, I drove her and all her gear to the teacher's house the day before we left. 

I showed up with her cage, new bedding, special food, and her medicine.  I gave a laundry list of instructions as well as her likes and dislikes . . . basically more instructions that I usually give to an actual babysitter of children.  Mind you, this family has owned many a guinea pig over the years.

I hugged and kissed her (for reals, I did) and turned her over with nary a tear shed . . . I had cried enough over her near death experiences.  I knew she was in good hands. 

I emailed with the teacher over the summer about Ruby's progress . . . it should be noted that she offered to take Ruby back when she was sick, but I wasn't going to quit on her . . . I'm loyal if nothing else!  I told her that Kyle would be scared to have her for his teacher if Ruby kicked the bucket over the summer. 

Fast forward to the beginning of the school year . . . guess who Kyle has for his 5th grade teacher?!?  Et voila, Ms. G and her sidekick Ruby.  So the first day of class, she looks at Kyle and says, "Ruby made it . . . you're going to be ok!"  Cracked me right the heck up!

So this past weekend another student was meant to take Ruby home . . . but something went awry, and it was a happy accident I was standing right there.  I put Ruby's purse over my shoulder and texted the required warning to Getzy and brought home my little bundle of sunshine for the weekend.  Puts my in a happy place . . .

Ruby's ridin' dirty and having a little outdoor fun!

Why the towel in the lap?  Ruby is an equal opportunity 'pee-er.'  She's not exactly potty trained . . . but we still love her.  Here's to another great year of guinea pig visitation! 
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