Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rapunzel cuts her hair . . .

It is decidedly much worse on me than the Princess when it comes to cutting her hair.  She's been asking lately, but I keep stalling . . . I love it long which could be why she's had maybe 3 or 4 haircuts in her 8 years.

She is super tender headed (like her mama) and loathes to have her hair brushed . . . not the ideal trait for keeping long hair.  But really, is the hair flip not the best way to express how fabulous you are?
So this week I caved.  Here are some before pictures of her gloriously long hair . . .
And here's what I have for the after photos . . . 
I took her to Pigtails & Crew Cuts, the same place she's had her hair cut previously, knowing that Ms. Gwen, my favorite lady, no longer worked there.  We just went with whoever was available, and that was a BIG mistake.  Huge.

Let me say this . . . the lady cutting her hair was super nice . . . she just seemed to suck a 'hair cuttery.' 

She said Amanda didn't have enough hair for Locks of Love (10 inches).  I disagreed but didn't make a scene . . . I measured it my own damn self before we went, and I've decided she was straight up crazy.  Amanda donated her hair a few years ago to Locks of Love so I kinda had a clue about the process.  Bitter over, moving on . . . we opted to donate her hair through Pantene Beautiful Lengths (8 inches). 

My next clue was her hacking off the pony tail and leaving the actual ponytail holder IN HER HAIR.  Hair donating 101:  the holder is supposed to be on the side cut off.  I'm a lot freaked out, but it's not like I can yank my kid out of her chair . . . although in hindsight, might not have been a bad idea.  I also don't want to stress Amanda out so I just sort of smile and nod. 

She seemed to pull it together for the actual hair cut . . . she kept trimming and measuring and really took her time.  Amanda asked for a stacked bob and even showed the lady a picture in a book . . . so proud of her for asking for what she wanted . . . remember I was just fine with the long hair.

Originally I planned on letting her hair dry to take the after photo but once it dried, it was a hot mess in the back . . . uneven and shapeless.  Amanda had no regrets about chopping off the length and was so proud of her new do . . . until she saw the back. 

The lady taught her the old two mirror trick where you can look into one and see the back of your hair in the other.  You couldn't tell the jacked up angles when it was wet.  When it dried, it looked like she had a scraggly little duck tail . . . no bueno.

As soon as she got home she ran upstairs to my bathroom, got a second mirror and checked out her hair.  And then she came back downstairs sad, and it just about broke my heart.  I kept trying to convince her it was fine, but eventually I just told her we'd get it fixed the next day. 

According to Amanda, it was too long a drive to go back to Pigtails & Crew Cuts, so we went to the local barber to ask if they could shape it up.  Since I go there regularly with our boys, they immediately offered to help and you know what?  They didn't even want to charge me.  How awesome was that?  I paid anyway. 

And the best part . . . Amanda was so happy!  She even went a little crazy and got bangs for the first time!  I double dog love it!  Thank you Jessica!!
Now this is what a stacked bob should look like . . . I was apparently too distraught to take a picture of the jacked up original version . . . but trust me, this is way better.
And luckily my baby is down with a cool headband or barrette to sass things up a bit . . . check out this one I got at the Yellow Daisy Festival . . . I love it.
I'm pretty sure when she looks in the mirror now, this is what she's thinking . . . and that's the way it should be.
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  1. She looks like a different person! I LOVE it! And I totally hope that's how she sees herself ;)

  2. I loooooove the haircut. She is still just as gorgeous as ever! <3

  3. I hear ya! Callie has been asking to cut her hair to shoulder length and I keep stalling too. I guess I need to just do it! Thanks for paving the way...I'll let you know how it turns out! :o)

  4. Ok, she is beyond precious either way, but that bob is adorable!! Sorry she had an awful hair experience! I have had a few of my own, lol!